Throwback Thursday – The Happy Engaged Couple


Aahhh … young love, isn’t it a wonderful thing?!? The past couple of days I found myself looking back to 1991, when we were engaged but not yet married.

This week on Castle the wedding planning stepped up a bit, which was fun and poignant in how they integrated it into the storyline. At the same time there was some wedding planning discussions in my office area at work, and a few different blogs I follow are written by people who are planning weddings of their own.

I love weddings, engagements … and pretty much anything related to love and a happy couple working together.


These couple of pictures are fun and ones I haven’t looked at in a while. The top one is a ‘selfie’ from Cape Cod – back when taking a selfie meant holding a camera out in front of you and hoping it turned out OK because you wouldn’t know for a week until the prints came back!

The second one is from a visit to recently married friends Karen & Bruce who were in Pennsylvania (she was doing residency at (Geisinger Medical Center). The cat was theirs … we wouldn’t get our cat until 1995.

It is funny looking at those pictures for a few reasons:
– My haircut is basically the same as it is now, but now it is a bit shorter … and populated with more gray hairs!
– My clothes are so basic – Polo shirts, button downs, jeans, sneakers – that it could be any time since the 60s.
– Lisa’s clothes – flipped collar jean-jacket, acid-wash jeans, etc … clearly mark the era.

It is funny how men’s fashion tends to be much more timeless, whereas even the staples of women’s clothing swing with the overall trends. I wonder why that is?

Love looking back at those crazy kids having so much fun so long ago … and how lucky I am to want nothing more than to take more Cape Cod selfies with Lisa now.

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – The Happy Engaged Couple

    • Thanks! It is funny – the one on the stairs is blurry, because it is one of those ‘let’s get a picture of you two AND our new house at the same time’ things. Meaning we are way too small in the print! Lisa and I have a name for it based on someone we know who is notorious for doing it … but I won’t share that here … just in case 😉

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