Five Things Friday – Olympics, Rape Culture and Coffee!

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine’s Day if you are celebrating! I have to confess buying flowers for Lisa while I was out getting a few groceries (we had set a $0 budget) … and she also bought me a chocolate heart. Not budget-busting as <$15 was spent in total … just fun. 🙂 I have been veering pretty 'heavy' with some of my links and topics, and will do so again today, but want to make sure to mix in some lighter stuff as well.


Are you enjoying the Olympics? I love them, but always find that the further away they are in terms of time zones, the more the US network hosting them struggles to balance coverage of live events with what to hold back for 'Prime Time'. I was reading a friend on Facebook ranting about being home with a sick child and trying to find the halfpipe snowboard race live … but due to the ratings pull of Shaun White it was held until later – when we all knew the outcome already (again because of Shaun White).

So with that – off to the links!

1. Olympic Viewership – And let’s start up top with a very timely infographic looks at how people are watching the Olympics. This is from Arnold Worldwide and I found it at the Economist, and as you can tell from the left side it is largely marketing-focused.

But it also has some cool info about Olympic viewership habits. Here are some of the quick stats:

– More than 8 out of 10 plan to watch: 82% will or might follow Sochi Olympics – 47% will watch, 35% might follow the games
– Multi-Screen Consumption: 74% of Sochi Olympics followers will consume content on multiple devices/screens
– Live access everywhere on any device key: 64% say it’s important to watch it live
– Social sharing on the rise: 62% likely to share Olympics content via social media
– Most popular platforms: 35% to use Youtube, 34% to use Twitter

Personally I have been keeping an eye on things on my phone and iPad and watching stuff on TV. It is too easy to ‘spoil’ things by knowing the results, so knowing Bode Miller was going to end up in 6th made watching the endless (and commercial-laden) runs dreadfully boring.

Oh, and on the subject of Olympians, over at Kitchen Daily they have a great article which looks at diet staples of more than a dozen olympians at Sochi!

2. Rape Culture – OK, so right back to the heavy stuff! 🙂 I definitely have a sensitivity to gender, LGBT and women’s issues, and appreciate all of the great comments I have gotten about highlighting these topics.

As I’ve noted, I definitely fall into the ‘people of privilege’ bucket – white, male, relatively affluent, middle class, conservative-looking, and so on. Police cars wave to me as I am out running rather than looking at me with suspician. So I am always affronted when I see a girl who has been sexually abused torn apart in the public eye while there is much hand-wringing about ‘the future’ for the white middle class football player kids who raped her.

Over at Buzzfeed there is a great article that asks ‘What is Rape Culture’. It is a pointed and direct look at our society and makes some uncomfortable points. Definitely worth reading – here is the thesis:

“Rape culture” is a culture in which sexual violence is considered the norm — in which people aren’t taught not to rape, but are taught not to be raped. The term was first used by feminists in the 1970s but has become popular in recent years as more survivors share their stories.

3. Appeal of Top Artists by Gender – If you think about the audience for The Who or Eminem, chances are you are thinking mostly men; for Bette Midler or Justin Beiber you are more likely to think female. And while as listeners we don’t – or at least shouldn’t – care, if you are an artist or producer you really should. Which is any this article at Music Machinery is interesting, including this graphic:


So … why does this matter? Well, if you are a musician it should be of obvious importance. Sure you want EVERYONE to like your music, but as you are trying to target your marketing, where to put up posters and so on, whether the people most likely to enjoy what you play are male or female could matter to you.

Similarly, if you are a DJ or providing music for an event, understanding what type of music your audience is likely to prefer can make a big difference in how well you are received.

If you just like music … it is an interesting curiosity to see how you fall compared to the statistical trends.

4. Crisis Hotlines in the Texting Era – imagine getting a text that said “He won’t stop raping me. It is my dad. He told me not to tell anyone. Are U there?”. That was one of the motivating events that kicked off Crisis Text Line.

We have always taught our kids that when it comes to dealing with an issue, face-to-face is best, followed by phone, then written forms of non-anonymous communication. BUT central to that is this: when there is an issue, communication is key. Our kids send thousands of text messages every month, and my wife and I handle loads of random daily exchanges by text – there is no doubt about how vital and useful it is.

But in the past, agencies couldn’t really DO anything with a cry for help via text like was shown above … and that is a shame. Im my opinion, that request – in any format – should trigger immediate action. Fortunately now we are starting to see that happen. I just hope that the word gets out quickly so that kids who are afraid to call can send a quick text and get the help they need.

5. The Best Time To Drink Coffee … according to science! – The site I Love COffee has a fun infographic that looks at the science of when caffiene would best work with your system. Here is the first section:


To see more you have to head to the site! But it is definitely worth it!

Bonus. Facebook Recognizes Gender Diversity – similar to how they have relationships beyond just ‘married’ or ‘single’, Facebook now allows members to describe their gender status as something other than ‘male’ or female’. Here is a look at their new gender selection screen:

Facebook Gender Options

According to coverage at TechCrunch:

Facebook has just updated to let users choose the gender pronoun they associate with. Aside from the usual “male” and “female” options, users can choose up to 10 different gender definitions to describe themselves out of more than 50 options, including “cisgender,” “transgender” and “intersex.”

They also allow you custom options on who can see your gender status, giving you control to prevent some people from seeing it for whatever reason. I think this is a great move – it recognizes the non-traditional gender roles that have been around for ages but always hidden until very recently, and allows people do control how it is viewed to avoid abuse or harassment.

Double Bonus:

2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday – Olympics, Rape Culture and Coffee!

    • Coming from an older generation I am accepting of it to a larger extent, knowing that for most people it is out of ignorance rather than malice. But it is also important that as they are informed, they change to more respectful ways of addressing people.

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