Weekly Recap and Spill It Sunday – Book Edition

Long Run Saturday2

Yet another crazy week – I mentioned on Wednesday that I had taken two days off because I had been edged off the road intentionally by a pickup truck and what was level snow on top of the side of the road turned out to be a 3″ drainage area. My back was tight and a bit sore, and worst when I woke up. It has gotten better each day, and I didn’t even notice it yesterday when I got up for my long run.

Because of all the work for Christopher’s birthday and also my day-job work, I didn’t feel I took advantage of our all-too-short warm-up. So on Saturday I wanted to make sure I got in a long run – Lisa had to be into work in the afternoon, which gave us time to go through bills and upcoming stuff for the kids and so on.

I headed out without a clear idea of exactly how long I would go, but I knew I wanted to do my ‘double hill’ loop at least. That would be very challenging and at least 14 miles. As I came down the other side of the hill I made the choice to head around the airport loop. I passed a guy I know on Facebook running the other direction – he is just coming back from injury, and apparently not much after I saw him he was doing more walking than running. I reminded him to take it slow, but it is hard on a day like that!

This picture is from the large hill, and while it is hard to see, the water flowing down through the snow has formed white caps because of how it was rushing down! Several places it crossed the road and I ended up with soaked feet … not that I am complaining!

Long Run Saturday1

Here is my weekly summary:

Sunday: 25F and snowy – 13.75 miles
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: (Unplanned) Rest
Wednesday: 18F – 7.5 miles
Thursday: 18F – 9.5 miles
Friday: 35F … 7.5 miles
Saturday 48F and very windy, did 20.5 miles

So that was my week – another 58.75 mile week that ended with the longest run I’d done since the Wineglass marathon! When I got home I was greeted with ‘wow, you went for a much longer run today!’

Sadly after this great warm-up we are rapidly plunging towards sub-zero temperatures again! Definitely not liking what I see on the long-term forecast! Oh well, as Little Bear sang, “we’ll weather the weather … whether we like it or not!”

Blog Love

A colleague I worked with for many years when I was at Shipley (which was later bought by Rohm and Haas, which was more recently bought by Dow) and she was at semiconductor equipment company Therma-Wave has a great blog where she details some great hikes she takes outside of the Bay Area. She is also a skilled photographer, and between the descriptions and pictures I really feel I am there – which has been great during this cold winter!

Check it out!


And this week over at Arman’s site, the ‘Spill It Sunday’ is ‘Book Edition’ – more fun questions to answer!

1. Favourite novel of all time?

Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

2. Favourite genre (e.g. Crime, Thriller, Biography, Fitness etc)

‘Literature’ – I know it is a bit non-descript, but my favorite authors include Dostoyevsky, Joyce, Faulkner, Sherwood Anderson, VS Naipaul, Camus, Sartre, and so on.

3. Favourite childhood novel/Favourite teen novel?

Encyclopedia Brown – I loved these detective stories, figuring out what was going on and then the reveals. It was fun passing them down to my kids!

4. Favourite Series?

Foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov – while later entries as the series converged with the Robots in the 80s were weaker, the original trilogy from the 50s remains some of my favorite science fiction, moreso because it isn’t purely sci-fi, but rather character and human studies.

5. Which book would you hope future generations will continue to consider a classic?

Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain – for many reasons people try to ban this book or revise the language or remove it from classes. But it is an amazing piece of art, and captures a spirit of Americana in a way that few authors have ever managed.

6. Worst novel to be written?

I tend to stay away from stuff that is supposed to be bad, so I haven’t read the Twilight books, or 50 Shades of Grey, and so on. But I have read a few books in the Star Wars expanded universe that were truly awful. Those would be probably the worst I can recall reading all the way through.

So what about you? How was YOUR running this week? Did you take advantage of better weather (did you HAVE better weather)? And how about YOUR favorite books?

Hope everyone has a great week!

13 thoughts on “Weekly Recap and Spill It Sunday – Book Edition

  1. Thanks, Mike — I enjoy reading about your adventures, and especially admire that you run all year with much more extreme weather than I experience in California!

  2. Thanks for the very thoughtful comment!

    An almost 60 mile week? Good for you! I am endlessly impressed by people who can get so many miles in. I’d be happy to hover around 40-50 if I had more time these days, but getting to 60 just seems like too much for me, at least right now! Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Crystal – I really wasn’t expecting to even hit 50 miles this week, and generally ~50 is my weekly goal. But since it was SO nice on Saturday I just went for it. I can’t imagine two years even thinking about such a running week – so I guess what we all learn is that it is all perspective.

    • Some of the older books use such delicious language that you can’t help but get drawn into it … and then come off sounding like a dork. Which is fine, really – all part of growing up! So long as it isn’t like HP Lovecraft … where you answer for 20 minutes when someone asks ‘how’s it going’ and they end up wanting to kill themselves! 🙂

  3. The white caps in the little river along the road are definitely visible. I had the same experience on my long run this weekend, granted the rivers were eroding away the soil in a public park in the city rather than neatly contained where runoff generally belongs. I savored in the nicer weather, only to don the ski goggles and ninja mask once more to hoof my way through 4 miles in a blizzard today.

    • haha – I know! I was totally annoyed when I headed down one road and the wind had me pushing hard, and was really cold on my face!

      I also saw a guy out sump-pumping his driveway this weekend … water pretty much does whatever it feels like and there is little we can do to change that! 🙂

      • Yeah, that sump-pumping outdoors guy was pretty much me this weekend. So much water was coming into the basement, I went down the street clearing all the storm drains, chopping through the ice dams with an ax. I got some crazy looks from a few people, rightfully so, but somebody has to drain the neighborhood. WIthin an hour of my chopping, the water stopped and the entire block had barely any standing water left. And I bet nobody gave any credit to the crazy guy swinging the ax when their basement dried up 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness, I’m SO sorry I missed the news of your accident. I’m not sure how that happened and I feel terrible for not sending you well wishes earlier! I’m SO glad you’re feeling better … and WOW, that week! You are truly amazing!! You MUST get in a marathon before your scheduled one in July … seems like you’re ready! And yes to Huckleberry Finn … an amazing classic! I’ve never read Twilight, 50 Shades of Gray, Star Wars, etc., but I do love Harry Potter :).

    • Thanks – you might have skimmed it on Wednesday because … well, you were in Brazil or something else trivial like that 🙂

      But it really wasn’t a big deal – I just had to avoid the moron who thought pushing the runner off the road would be fun. And because of the snow what looked level was really a drainage ditch … ugh. So it was a jarring step down, but mitigated because it was through snow. I had only taken 4 days off in 2014 so I took one Monday, and decided Monday night that I would rest a bit more on Tuesday. All good at this point … if not my 20+ Saturday would have killed me 🙂

      As for a marathon – that is ‘southern thinking’! 🙂 I found ONE marathon ~2.5 hours drive away in mid-March – that is the closest and soonest. If you look at the distribution of races – there are more done indoors or on snowshoes in my region at this time of year!

      I have some pretty good Star Wars books and some really, really awful ones!

      I read the Harry Potter books aloud to the boys – we started when they were too young to read them, and it became a tradition. Later my wife tried, but they told her she couldn’t do the voices correctly! The low-point for me was reading Goblet of Fire … THAT book needed a good pass from an editor, especially the Quiddich World Cup. Not bad reading it myself later, but aloud it was just dreadful…

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