Throwback Thursday – Hitting The Slopes for the First Time!

Skiing 20093

This morning on Facebook the local news station posted some interesting information – they were discussing how because of the record cold weather this winter (averaging 15F below normal so far all winter), we have not focused on the snow … and we have gotten more snow already than the last two winters COMBINED!

That news made me think of our first winter here five years ago, when we took advantage of some local programs and headed out skiing at Greek Peak.

Neither of the boys had ever been skiing, and neither Lisa nor I had been skiing since we were teenagers. We thought it would be a fun day – and it was! We took some beginner lessons, then headed to the ‘bunny hill’ and beginner slopes. We made a good run of it on a fairly cold day before heading back to the hotel where we’d booked an overnight as part of the deal.

Danny decided to try snowboarding because he was into skateboarding. He learned that the two are not the same, and unfortunately the instructors were neither patient nor thorough, so he didn’t get much out of it and struggled through the day.

Skiing 20092

Lisa and I had fun, falling and crashing and helping each other up and having a lot of laughs all day long. There aren’t any pictures of me around … because I had my smartphone taking shots of everyone else.

Chris was our ‘snow-bunny’ – he would get to the top of the hill, point down and just tear up the slopes. The picture at the top is one of the rare times he was slowing down. That is how he ended up on the ski team the last four years!

Oh, and then there is this person who is wondering if it is time to head in for hot cocoa yet?

Skiing 20091

Have you ever been skiing? What do you like or dislike about it?

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Hitting The Slopes for the First Time!

  1. I thought I would be an awesome skier. I love exercise and figured it would just be another way to get move. But alas, I got to the top of the first little hill and froze. I was terrified. I lost both my big toenails from digging into the front of my boots so hard. My knees killed me from staying in a “pizza” position the whole time and I literally cried every time I had to get off the lift. Still…I had a blast. I love skiing, I just suck at it.

    • It’s funny – we never really know what things we will connect with and which we’ll struggle through. Love the story! And heck, you’re an Ironman on top of it all! 🙂

  2. I love the pics! That’s so cool that Chris is such a natural at it. I tried snowboarding one time and was like a giant bruise from head to toe.

    I used to ski a lot though and I loved it! The last time I went was in 2006 out in Mammoth, CA. It was my first and last west coast ski experience and I learned that I like east coast skiing much better. Yes I prefer skiing on sheet ice over powder. There must be something wrong with me. That day I was the one sitting outside the lodge drinking hot chocolates while my boyfriend and the time was out on the slopes. I got the worst sunburn! (That was the most fun part of the day…we were skiing and it was 70 degrees!)

    • Great story … I have friends who prefer east or west – but most just ski where they live. I couldn’t imagine skiing in such warm weather … I’d definitely rather be running.

      I have been reading recently about snowshoe running … looks really crazy, maybe next winter I’ll give that a try!

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