Throwback Thursday – The Easter Keg

Easter Keg1

This weekend is going to be crazy busy – both boys perform at the NYSSMA school music competition, Danny has his girlfriend’s prom, the SAT’s are the following weekend, closely followed by AP exams for both (e.g. loads of study time), there is a concert for both boys on Monday, Lisa has an important work trip next week she needs to prepare for … oh, and I’m going back to my alma mater for the 150th anniversary celebration for my fraternity.

I’m a member of Theta Xi, which was founded at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) on April 29. 1864. The national fraternity (there are chapters all over the place) hosts a national conference every two years in a different location. A few of us went to one in Scottsdale AZ in 1986, then I went to Washington DC in 1988, and then I actually went to the 125th convention in 1989, which was held in St. Louis due to costs of holding it on an off-year. This year the celebration moves to glorious (not glorious) Troy, NY! I have been back to Troy a few times through the years, the last time in 2009.

The big thing for me is getting to see loads of friends from throughout the years, some of whom I’ve not seen since I lost weight coming out of college. I am very much looking forward to having fun, relaxing, seeing the house, getting to watch it get entered into the New York State historical buildings registry, and just spend time sharing stories.

The picture above was from Easter 1986, and is really pretty self-explanatory – Easter weekend we had a keg party, and some of the more artistic and architectural types created this exoskeleton – which of course also had to keep the keg cold! Fun stuff!

Happy Thursday! Were you in a fraternity/sorority? Do you still keep up with your friends and chapter?

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – The Easter Keg

  1. I love that you still go to these conventions! I am an Aloha Phi, and still in contact with some of them. It’s crazy who becomes your best friends after graduation – and it’s not always who you think it’d be during school. One of my favs is my “big sis.” I’ll do more with the alumni association once I’m graduated (and have $$)!

    • Time and distance definitely make keeping up with old friends harder – so I am relishing this weekend. I hate leaving Lisa to deal with things by herself, and always like to be there for stuff with the kids … but every now and then we need some ‘me time’ 🙂

  2. It’s so funny you ask…I actually mentioned this in my post today. I was in a sorority (Phi Mu) and yes I still do keep up with some of my sisters. 🙂

    Your weekend is going to be CRAZY busy! I hope everything goes well for your guys and that Danny has a great time at his prom! One of my brothers has been working on his SAT prep too. Good luck to them on that!

    • Social media DEFINITELY helps – I saw that in action with how many people knew about my running exploits! I waved to Schenectady as I headed past 🙂

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