Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day1

No post today, and no run today – there are more important things going on.

Today is Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate the Mother’s in our lives. I know that ALL of my readers have mothers, and some ARE mothers, and some are married to mothers. So to all of you – thank your wife and/or mother, and if you are a mother, enjoy your day.

I am taking today to celebrate the center of my life for this past quarter century, the love of my life Lisa. She has been at my side through good times and bad, and together we’ve lived the roller-coaster of two wonderful teen boys.

Our plans are pretty simple – tea and berry scones for breakfast, the new local mini-golf place has opened and we’ll be playing, then stroll down market street for some shopping, then grab some goodies at Wegman’s for a nice picnic and enjoy the 75F weather.

The picture at the top is from 2010 when we went to a nice tea place for brunch. It was a blast!

What are YOUR plans for Mother’s Day?

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