Hey – Wanna Streak With Me?

Runner's World Challenge

Runner’s World Challenge

In not-so-timely fashion, I just got an email from Runner’s World this afternoon about a ‘running streak’ challenge – basically run at lease ONE MILE per day from today (May 26th) through July 4th.

And while I am pretty happy with my current routine, I thought … what the heck?!? So I joined … and while it didn’t seem to accept my manual workout as an entry, who knows. I will try to get something in every day.

If you are post race training and looking for a challenge – this might just be the thing!

Here is the challenge page.

So what do you think – are you in?

12 thoughts on “Hey – Wanna Streak With Me?

    • Yeah, and I tried entering manually on the mobile app as well, since my Magellan Echo doesn’t share to MapMyRun, but no luck. Guess I will self-track, which is fine!

      Great you got in so much family time!

    • Cool – none of my stuff seems to be getting accepted (which makes me feel like it is a bit of a slimy sales push for MapMyFitness), but hey, I’m out there every day!

  1. I did the Winter Streak in Nov and really liked it. As much as I’d like to do this one, I just know I won’t run everyday with doing a few other workout programs right now, but I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!! Good luck!!

    • I think you are being smart mixing things up the way you are right now … I did a streak at the end of 2012 into 2013, and it was wild what you can learn about your body!

  2. I did the winter streak and it was so much fun! I wanted to do this one, but with tired legs and a wimpy hamstring it just isn’t in the cards. I’m doing a stretching streak instead, and I look forward to reading about your streaking adventures. Have fun!

  3. As a person who is more likely to push myself unhealthily (real word?) hard rather than ease up when needed, I have to skip the streak challenge. So far I’ve been able to keep myself healthy and motivated with 5 days of running, two days of cross training (one that overlaps with a run day), and one day of full rest. Maybe some day I’ll try a streak, but for now will have to enjoy it vicariously.

    • When I did the last streak, my shortest run was 4 miles over Thanksgiving with my brother … I averaged 7.5 – and really needed rest by the end! Probably very dangerous how I did it … and why you are very smart to stay away. I think these running streaks are very questionable for many runners.

  4. I’m in! I tried doing this last year, but work got in the way and I was too drained. Now running takes priority in my life 🙂 I have my first marathon this Saturday, but I’m sure I can still do a mile on Sunday… and Monday… and Tuesday…
    I’ll do this for myself (and the little team here), I don’t want to sync my device to MapMyFitness – it’s already in one of the “clouds” out there and it’s enough.

    • Awesome! And agree on the ‘cloud overload’ – I have my Garmin, then was going to also use Wahoo Fitness app on my iPhone, which also syncs to Garmin and other sites, but not MapMyFitness, so oh well, won’t worry about it. Just honor system!

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