10 Day You Challenge, A Great ‘Enough’ Post, National Running Day

10 Day You Challenge

Generally on Monday I do a ‘Motivation Monday’ theme, and today is a little different: I am doing three quick items, but all have a message. One is about National Running Day on June 4, 2014, the second is a great post about judgment and acceptance, and finally – a fun little challenge!

I am sure I could twist a motivational theme around them, around sharing ourselves, appreciating others as they are and getting out to celebrate whatever activity we love … but I won’t. So let’s get right to it.

10 Day You Challenge

Friday on Sara’s blog she posted on the ’10 Day You Challenge’ … and it sounded like fun, so I decided to try. Basically it is a 10-day program, and each day you focus on something new. Day One is secrets, day two is Loves, and so on.

So let’s jump right in with 10 things you might not know about me!

Day One: Ten Secrets

10. At my heaviest in 2012 I would often have a bag of peanut butter M&Ms at my desk for snacking, generally going through 2 ‘large’ bags per week.

9. I used to (i.e. into my early 30s) require at least 8 hours of sleep and (before kids) could sleep until 11AM on weekends.

8. I developed an intolerance to clams in my late-20s … right after attending ‘Chowda-Fest’ in Boston.
7. My worst habit is biting my fingernails, something I have done all my life. I have recently tried to trim them regularly, which helps – but it remains a stress habit.

6. Lisa moved back to Albany for school right as things were getting really close between us but we were still ‘friends’, and if she didn’t say something it is possible we would never have gotten together. This was due to my misinterpretation of things she had said and my still-building confidence causing a fear of losing our great friendship.

5. My vice? Soda. Sure I have a water bottle at my desk at all times, but for all of my lunch meetings and whenever possible I always get soda. It is no more than one a day at this point, but still … and NO I don’t consider my glass of wine a vice.

4. I have never texted while driving, but around 2001 had a Gameboy Advance in my bag and picked it up while driving to complete a round of Advance Wars … and went through a stop sign. Fortunately it was 5:30 and roads were empty … but the adrenaline was incredible and – lesson learned.

3. I am definitely a snob – intellectual and musical. I have gotten much better through the years, but because I place a high value on learning and curiosity, well … yeah, I am a snob. Oh – and it isn’t about intelligence, but rather curiosity and a desire to learn.

2. The only political party I ever belonged to is Republican back when Reagan was first elected – and the early 80s really DID feel different and more alive and positive. However, looking at my views on pretty much EVERYTHING now it is hard to believe … and Of course, that was in Massachusetts.

1. I have always been a tech early adopter, from my electronic music studio, early Apple computers, digital music in the car before the first MP3 players, and on and on. Oh wait … that really isn’t even close to a secret. So let me do one more.

0. My ‘social justice’ trigger has always been strong, and it got absolutely cemented when I went from fat to thin and saw tremendous changes in how I was treated by both strangers and friends. And it really gets under my skin when I see it happening now.

A Great ‘Enough Already’ Post

Two weeks ago I posted a rant about people harassing female runners (and really, women in general), and had more traffic per hour than I have on most in total most days. This is an important issue that really resonates with people.

So my passions got really ignited when I read an amazing post over at ‘Running To Her Dreams’ titled The Time. I Decided. Enough. Is F-ing Enough.

The post is excellent and really amazing how it builds throughout … but more than the great post, it has really stirred up the community, and I suggest you head over and check out the comments as well. Seriously … just do it.

June 4th is National Running Day

This Wednesday June 4th is National Running Day, which is a great way to just get out there and do the sport we love. I think we can broaden it – and just make it ‘national get out and be active’ day!


Cori at Olive to Run is having a link-up to celebrate as well which should be fun! Here is my statement:

I run because I love everything about running and it helps me be the best version of myself.

You can see more details at the official site!

So … in the comments, tell me one secret, a thought on the ‘enough’ post, and let me know what you plan for National Running Day?

20 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge, A Great ‘Enough’ Post, National Running Day

    • I decided to entirely leave out my thoughts / concerns on various regions of the country … because a lot of it has to do with regional religious and political issues, and not with the great people I always seem to end up meeting wherever I travel. 🙂

  1. The funniest post I’ve ever read about National Running Day:
    I tend to agree actually, but I’m doing a social run this year on Wed night. Usually, as in that post, it’s a Wednesday. At least for the last few weeks, in my life as a runner, that would mean boot camp in the morning, then a 3.5-4 mile run to the office, then the same run home in the evening, that whole “life as a runner” thing. Running is just part of the day. Nothing special. But given the special holiday, instead of running to and from work, I’ll drive and go do a social run where I get a free water bottle or some nonsense. But maybe I’ll meet someone new who is just starting on her running journey, and maybe I’ll get to share some useful info or provide a bit of encouragement. But probably, it will be just the same social run crew as always, and just a fun night running with friends. Oh well!
    I might try to join in on the 10 things, but I will prob be a little late, no more time to write this morning!

    • haha – so true! I will be interested to see if anything local is happening, because otherwise you’re right – just another run-day. Your mention of the run to the office makes me wish they had showers here – I would totally bike to work!

      And I don’t think there is a timeline for these ’10 things’ – it doesn’t seem wide-spread, more like meandering over the last year. 🙂

    • And just read the link – and really it is very true! I just hope that it gets outside of our insular community and some non-runners are enticed to give it a shot.

  2. I have a feeling that I will do some mobility work, strength work, drills, then run, do some more drills smile and then blog about it. Oh yeah, that is what I do most days – oops, gotta be one of the lucky ones who attempts to celebrate National Running Day, every day that I can. I know that my most recent rash of injuries really hits home how important running is to me and how much a part of my life it has become and how I feel when I can’t.

    My secrets –

    1. I get pretty snippy when I can’t run.
    2. I don’t have a lot of patience for people who act like they are all that and tend to get a little snide with them – often they are so full of themselves, they don’t “get” that I am being a jerk and acting condescending towards them.

    Typically, I am very laid back and don’t like being that way, but some people, just need to be reminded that their pooo stinks too.

    • That is a great sentiment – making every day running day!

      Harold – I think to anyone who reads your blog, #1 is not a secret! 🙂

      And so with you on #2 – we had a project lead on an earlier project who fancied himself an expert on everything, and had no respect from anyone, nor any clue that he was constantly being ridiculed.

  3. I’ll have to plan a special run for wed! Change up my route and go really easy with no pressure to do anything special, no garmin, to just enjoy being outside and moving.

    I’m boring and can’t think of a good secret. Besides that I have a secret plot to take over the world…but i think people really close to me have known that one for years 🙂 I guess my secret is that I think I’m way funnier than I really am 😉

    • Look at it this way – if it is a secret you think you are funnier than you are … then you are at least fairly funny. I know people who think they are hilarious – but they are the only ones laughing!

      Haha – you have great stories, I’m sure you have less known things to tell!

  4. Ooo thank you for letting me know about Cori’s link up! I definitely will have to plan on that for Wednesday. (I will definitely be out running that morning and I hope I see a lot of other people out there too!)

    Your item about social triggers…I am the same way and I’ve actually considered writing a post about it. Not for the weight reason, but over the past couple years I’ve noticed there is a definite difference between how Betty and I are treated in social situations (ie: a restaurant) when we are there alone vs. how we are treated if we are out to dinner with Mike (Mr. Salt). And I don’t mean in a good way either…we have literally been forgotten about multiple times at restaurants (at one place our table was given away and I’m very hesitant to want to eat there again which sucks because the food is so good). At first I thought it was just a fluke, but it happens often enough at this point that I really don’t think it is. I always make sure to tip extra well when we do get really good service.

    Anyway, sorry for my rant haha it’s just a very touchy subject for me!

    • Wow – that is really weird about the treatment. And you wonder what people think sometimes – I remember when my boys were younger and Lisa was away for a trip with her sister and niece, and we were out somewhere and one of them said something about a special time with Dad … and I didn’t realize what the other person thought until I mentioned that my wife was away, and it became clear she thought I was having a ‘custody weekend’ or whatever. As opposed to just being a dad having a great time with his kids. Ugh – THAT is a trigger for me as well!

  5. Great post! Secret: I’m extremely insecure about body image. Enough post: All the world needs is more love and understanding. People can be so so vicious and it’s extremely sad to me but I know it speaks more about them than who they’re targeting. For Running Day, I’ll probably go for a bike ride. 🙂 Not much into “National Pancake Day” “Wear Red Day”, that kind of thing so I tend to be rebellious and do the opposite. What does that say about ME, huh? The 10 day challenge seems really interesting so thanks for sharing and looking forward to the rest!

    • I totally get it on the body image … can’t believe I didn’t mention that one myself.

      And Carina mentioned the post about not getting into those assigned ‘days’ – which are often marketing for brands rather than helping anyone get healthier – and I totally get that. I can’t find anything local, so I guess it is pretty much ‘any old Wednesday’ for me …

  6. Thank you so much for the mention, I feel so honored! ❤
    As for National Running Day? It's just another day for me, except I love and feel grateful for running a little more when I am out there because I can run, I know there are some people who can't and I have been there.
    A secret huh? Promise not to hate me? I have never been on a diet in my life.
    Awesome post, I love the theme of the challenge! And I may link up on Wednesday if things go smoothly with my assignments that are due. 🙂

    • Thanks so much – your post was so very inspirational and stirring. The comments you got should make you very proud – you really touched a nerve. One, sadly that I wish no longer existed – but since it does, we need to actively work on it!

      As for never being on a diet – AWESOME! Young women seem to be taught that being on a diet is as natural as, well, other things. So I applaud whenever someone isn’t put on the diet treadmill, but instead taught about healthy living and eating. Good for you! 🙂

      • It’s soooo true that young women seem to be raised that dieting is a way to maintain health etc. I remember when my Princess was in high school and one of her friends came to dinner and could barely eat dinner because she and her mom were on a strict diet. I felt SO bad. The meal I made was healthy and wholesome, much better then any “low fat” processed food. I’ll never forget it! Although I have to say growing up “organic” was not cool, nowadays that’s changed which is a wonderful step in the right direction! 😊

      • I get changing eating for certain reasons … but when a girl in high school is on a severe ‘diet’ – whatever weight benefits there are can be outdone by the negative impact of severe restriction.

        So true that ‘organic’ carried a stigma (granola-eating tree-hugger) back when we were younger … unfortunately now that it is ‘in’, people try to see what they can get away with under the organic label. Fortunately standards are strict.

  7. Love the secrets! Wine is definitely not a vice – and very scary about the gaming during driving incident! So glad you’re OK, and thank you for being a constant reminder that safety comes first, in all forms. Seriously, very appreciated!

    • Thanks Megan – it is hard for me to believe I was so stupid, really. We all do things when we drive – drink water/soda, snack, change radio stations or CD or iPod, check GPS, and on and on – and they are all distractions. And things can happen so fast … and as my kids are starting to drive, it is a thought that is always with me.

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