My ‘Paleo Journey’ Guest Post, and ‘Six Places’


Last week I had two guest posts on my weight loss and running journeys at The Gluten-Free Treadmill, and the response was … well, just incredible. I can’t thank Laura and all of the amazing folks who commented both here at there on the post. But guess what … I’m back! Today Laura is hosting part #1 of what I called the ‘Paleo journey of our omnivore family’. Check it out to learn how we worked on changing our family diet to adapt to Lisa’s allergies and intolerance issues – and for all of us to eat better.

While we’re on the subject of diet, the whole subject of Gluten has become a mess. Someone decided that cutting out gluten helps you lose weight, and suddenly being gluten-free went from being a way to deal with allergy and intolerance to a trendy fashionable thing … like this (NSFW language):

Anyway …

10 Day You Challenge

Day 5 of the ’10 Day You’ Challenge is ‘Six Places’. This is easy and hard – easy to pick great places, hard to choose six. I left out my homes in Stoughton, Acton, Townsend MA and Horseheads NY, and also my workplaces through the years. I also left out MOST of the vacation spots and even a number of great work destinations I have visited. It made me realize that while not a world traveler’ to a huge extent, I have been to plenty of places and had amazing times!

Day Five: Six Places

1. My college fraternity – even though it is a bit weird going back now, the years I spent and the things I did and went through built who I am today.


2. Antigua Honeymoon with Lisa – we were so young when we got married (though older than any of our siblings and most of our friends), and it was really weird suddenly being someplace filled with OTHER people with your exact same wedding date. We had so much fun, and saw so many different types of couples, including many who seemed to build their days around not spending any time together … wonder where they all are now … ?


3. Wherever the roads may take me – this picture is from the trails at 8500ft in Park City, Utah … which was an amazing trip paid for by Hyundai in late summer 2012. I also had one from San Diego, and some from everywhere I have run these past coupe of years. As I noted before, running for me is now part of my way of exploring new places … and gives me new perspective on old places.


4. Washington DC – we seem to have great memories from every vacation we take – which I think is because we work hard to make it all fun, even if things don’t go as expected. This vacation everything seemed to click, and each day was just filled with great things – we explored everywhere and had an amazing time.


5. Cape Code & Boston with the family – I have already talked about how much we love Boston and the Cape, and wanting to be retired along the beach … I have so many Cape Cod memories since camping there as a little kid to our vacation in 2012.


6. Anywhere with Lisa/strong> – Yeah, I KNOW! But it is true – whether it is coffee on the porch, a fancy dinner, or whatever … we find and make our own fun. This picture was in the big chair they have out front where we went apple picking last year. Sure it is there mostly for kids to play on … but who says WE can’t be kids as well?!?


So what is YOUR diet like, and what are some of YOUR favorite places and why?

20 thoughts on “My ‘Paleo Journey’ Guest Post, and ‘Six Places’

  1. Like that you chose some places with a particular time instead of just picking cities, which definitely would have been my instinct. We had a similar honeymoon experience — meeting others who had been married the same day, kind of funny. We’ve only been married 5 years (and 1.5 months) so I certainly hope they’re all still together!

    • I hope so … but the reality is that there is almost always some marriages that last <1 year. Looking it up we see 5% of divorces occur after <1 year, 6% <2 years, 7% ❤ years, and 8% <4 years … with 50% of divorces by 11 years.

      I guess that like 'things' travel is nice, but without the context of a shared experience it is just a place. Great places, but still just places.

  2. Cape Cod is one of my favorite places too! My family has been vacationing there every summer since I was little, and I’m headed there tonight after work! 😀

    • I know! I was so jealous reading that on your blog … if it wasn’t for our recent trip and the need for college visits for our kids all summer I would definitely have pushed for a trip there again!

  3. You always have the best answers–“anywhere the road takes me” and “anywhere with Lisa”–it makes me say awwwwwwwwwwwwww everytime you talk about her, because it is so inspiring, the love that you have for your family and your wife. I love the giant adirondack chair pic 😀

    • Thanks Susie … yeah, I’m a sappy shameless old romantic 🙂 I love that pic in the chair as well – why grow up when you can have fun?!?

  4. The huge chair is awesome, you two look like little overgrown kids. I love things like that, simple concept that delivers large entertainment value.

    My favorite place is a waterfall buried deep in the rain forest mountains of Costa Rica. My wife (gf at the time) and I went on an excursion that begins up on the mountain top and you hike through the jungle seeing all sorts of natural beauty. It ends with this 100 foot waterfall that spouts out of the cliff side and you go swim in the pool it forms. Costa Rica doesn’t have the same kind of liability laws like the US, so you can pretty much swim right under it if you can take the water pressure. So the gf and I swim up as close as we can handle, and sitting there under this thundering water fall, the mist forms a circular rainbow around the other person. Holding each other right there, we knew it was time to get married, something we had been putting off for too long.

    • Love the sound of that waterfall! Exploring off the normal spots is definitely something we love as well … and the romantic moment, well, it gives me the warm fuzzies 🙂

      And I agree on the entertainment value – our kids wanted nothing to do with it, oh well – we have fun 🙂

  5. You have the best family pics!! I love the one of Lisa and you in the chair and her and the boys with the DC Zoo sign! (Which we just saw the other day! Such a cool zoo.) It’s funny…I had those same thoughts about other married couples when we were in Turks & Caicos for our wedding and then honeymoon. There were even several girls I ran into on the property in their wedding dresses that day as we all were in our separate scrambles to get last minute things done! I hope they are all having as happy marriages now as I am. 🙂

    • Thanks on the pics – we love getting the pics, and the boys tolerate it! 🙂

      It saddens me thinking that probably close to half of the people at the rest with us are divorced, and many have gone through two or three marriages by now (we won’t even talk about the number who are no longer alive, because THAT is even more depressing!). I am a hopeless romantic, so that knowledge makes me sad …

    • Haha – with so much emphasis on the meat aspects, I could imagine someone explaining it and the other people thinking ‘WTF is with all of those veggies, I expected to hear about the bacon, steak and rib sandwiches’?!? 🙂

  6. One of the reasons I love your blog so much is because the LOVE you have for your wife and kids is so wonderful-the way you describe your wife mad kids is just Amazing!

    I love the cape…I would live there if I could!!

  7. Umm … YES on gluten being so trendy these days. I do think that gluten-free works for many people, but I hate that so many people think they’re being healthy by going to town on gluten-free cookies (which often have more sugar or additives). Tough one!

    • One big thing with me is how when it becomes trendy, it becomes a pain for restaurants because suddenly you have all of these people asking for nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free whatever, when for the majority it is just a trendy weight loss thing … it makes cooks cynical, which hurts those with real allergy and intolerance issues. A month or so ago Lisa and I went out and thought we were really safe but something bugged her – in spite of telling the waitress about nut and apple allergies.

  8. What great pics! I love how happy your family is and its clear the love you and Lisa share, it always makes me smile. I love the pic of the two of you in the oversized chair, and I agree…why can’t adults enjoy it as well? I believe that once you stop having fun, what’s the point?

    • Thanks Sara – I think it all goes in cycles. Kids in their early 20s like to show that they are adults, and from there the path can be set where they aren’t much fun anymore … or they get over themselves and keep having fun. I always joke that Lisa has three boys to deal with … but the reality is she is always right in hte mix having fun!

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