Wordless Wednesday – One Picture of Me

10 Day You Challenge

Today is the last day of my ’10 Days of You’ series … and the theme is “One Picture of Yourself”.

Well … I decided to cheat. Sure I will use one ‘picture’ – but I decided to make it a collage. Rather than just me, I included many views of myself, as husband, father, worker, runner, crazy-cold weather endurance runner, dog lover, and someone for whom family absolutely comes first. Here I am:


Again I want to thank everyone for the amazing support and comments throughout the series – I have learned loads of things about all of you as well as myself, and this ended up being much more fun and more rewarding than I ever could have expected.

I was just looking at that picture again and realized something – there is NO ‘Fat Mike’ picture … does this mean I no longer count that as part of my core identity? Now THERE is a great way to end this series!

What would YOUR ‘one picture’ look like?

24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – One Picture of Me

    • Thanks so much – after doing this I really look forward to seeing it from others … and Sara who got me started needs to get caught up as well! 🙂

  1. I think mine would look somewhat the same It would have to be a collage of some sort because I feel like I wear many hats 🙂

  2. I LOVE that collage and what a fantastic way to end a fantastic story! I think it would be so hard to pick one photo of myself too. If I had to choose, it would definitely include my B and my husband. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the 10 day journey, interesting material. I have no idea what pic I’d go with, no single image that I have captures a diverse enough perspective to count as “the one and only picture”. Collage seems like the only way.

    • Thanks – sort of like how I did with music, I knew that I would regret a single picture just like I had to do something different with music …

  4. LOVE this and that collage is the perfect way to end this series. One of the many reasons I love your blog so much is that not only do you love to run, but you adore your family and balance all of your loves (including work) in such a wonderful way. I would (And will) most definitely pick a photo of Robyn, Ashton and I!

    • Thanks Sara (#blush) … I don’t think that I could have a blog that restricted me from honestly putting out all of my loves and cares. Which is also why I love your blog!

  5. HAHAHAHA I love that you cheated. And I agree with Sara–perfect way to come full circle (lolz, just realized how hard I punned there). I’m going to do a one picture soon, I hope, so you’ll have to wait for that, but I think that it is so like you that the vast majority of your pics are of your family–they are what make you, you!

    • TOTALLY cheated – and not even remotely sorry … but at least the central picture is of me, so that has to count 😉 Going to hold you to doing pictures – already love the ones you always show, some crazy cooky, romantic, fun, spirited and all else …

    • Thanks! I really didn’t expect to learn so much – sometimes these things can feel pretty rote, but this was actually good. It is not a coincidence that so many bloggers I follow share the same love of family (regardless of marital status or kids) …

  6. I love your cold weather running get-up. Nice to know I’m not the only lunatic in the world. Great pictures, I would have to think long and hard about what represents me, I think it might have to be a collage too. There are too many parts of me to express in just one photo 🙂

    • haha – yeah, though running when it was -20F plus wind chill a few times this winter is not something I really look forward to doing again this coming winter … 🙂

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