My Son’s First Single it Out on iTunes!

Spindell Funk Loop

Spindell Funk Loop

I am not planning to be online much this weekend – as I mentioned, Lisa is off all weekend and frankly … that is a rare thing and I plan to enjoy it! Being offline and present is a great practice that I keep advocating … now I need to do it!

Anyway, my reason for posting is that my younger son Chris has released a single and it is up on iTunes! It is ‘electronic dance music’ and in my unbiased (:) ) opinion it is lots of fun! Check it out here.

You can also check it out on:

Here is an early mix to preview:

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

10 thoughts on “My Son’s First Single it Out on iTunes!

  1. Hopefully it doesn’t make it “un cool” to have an old guy like your music, but that’s a great track. I played it in the background to get me through a work assignment I’ve been procrastinating forever, which in my world is a pretty big compliment for music to inspire me in that way.

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