Weekend Musings – Perfectly Unplugged

I had mentioned that I planned to be mostly offline to enjoy a full weekend with Lisa – no running plans, no blogging, and very little ‘screen’ time. And that is exactly what happened – relaxing coffee, nice family breakfast on Saturday – followed by too much time we had to spend on finances and groceries. On the upside we’re now all set for everything leading up to vacation in a coupe of weeks. And by Saturday late afternoon we were relaxed and had a great time the rest of the weekend.

Here are a few shots from what we did – the weather was gorgeous, and we made full use of it!


Saturday Night – Dinner and drinks … boys were both out


Saturday Night – Catching up on Rookie Blue and relaxing with the pups


Sunday Morning – Hike with the pups on the trails at Sperr Park (http://www.sperrmemorialpark.org)


After picking up Danny, hit a few stores including casual browsing at Barnes & Noble


Also grabbed some flowers and did some gardening


Annuals, new rose bush, and flowers for the gazebo


Cooking and Relaxing before a fun dinner with Danny’s girlfriend, followed by some board games.

My Running Summary

Last Sunday I was feeling exhausted, a little sore everywhere, possibly dehydrated … and like I needed some rest. I took off Monday and it made a world of difference. I had also planned to take off Friday … but I got home early and some extra time so … y’know!

This week was the second week of Megan’s Abs Challenge, which continues to push me and I can still feel a difference. By the end of the week I wasn’t really making gains on plant time, but I am happy that I am managing over two minutes!

Sunday: 12.5 miles, Abs, 2:20 plank
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 9.25 miles, Abs, 2:27 plank
Wednesday: 10.10 miles, Abs, 2:31 plank
Thursday: 10.25, Abs, 2:27 plank
Friday: 9.25 miles, Abs, 2:15 plank
Saturday Rest

Overall a solid week, pace up and down and a total of just over 51 miles – a great drop from the previous week and which is EXACTLY what I wanted! I think keeping in the 50-60 mile range is a better ‘steady state’ place for me, whether through lower per-run mileage or more off time.

As a reminder I am off on a trip these next few days (sadly none of my blog-friends are in the Houston area), so I have no clue what my online time will look like! Enjoy!

When was your last ‘mostly unplugged’ time?

26 thoughts on “Weekend Musings – Perfectly Unplugged

  1. Wow! It looks like a beautiful weekend. “Mostly unplugged” would be a couple weeks ago when I went hiking overnight, BUT this weekend I went on a day hike and dropped my phone in a waterfall. We retrieved it because it got stuck in a rock formation, and ever since it’s been sitting in a bag of rice. I’m waiting to turn it on later today! It’s surprising how much I use my phone, and how much less technology I use when I need to go to my laptop. Have a nice trip to Houston!

    • Ugh! The dreaded rice bag – for my older son I don’t know how many times we’ve done that! I hope it came out alive!

      It is interesting how things change between our phones and a laptop/desktop in terms of what we use and do.

  2. I try to unplug most weekends. I check work email on my phone, and sometimes I’ll work a few hours if my husband is at work, but I largely try to avoid the computer otherwise.

    • I am terrible if Lisa is at work, honestly. I will do stuff around the house and yard, but also have my laptop/tablet around all the time. That is why I really appreciated how well I did being unplugged … and that I need to be better in general!

  3. Love the first picture, and I love the last one of you relaxing and your dog, so cute. Alex and I used to be really good about unplugging on our days off (because it was our one day together). With the blog it is more difficult, I will say, and especially now that my job really revolves around being plugged in. But I do love and respect the unplugging, for sure. I think that it is critical, and I try to have one at least every 2 weeks (hopefully to share with Alex). It is my “rest” day, as it were!

    • I definitely think blogging makes unplugging harder – and for me having been unplugged and then having the Houston trip made me feel even more disconnected … and it is taking a bit to jump back in!

  4. I don’t do “mostly unplugged” time nearly enough. I might go a whole day on the weekend but then i feel like I fall behind and its hard to catch up! Good for you though- it looks like you had a great weekend! And nice job with the planks:)

  5. What a lovely weekend! Love all the pics. 🙂 You guys are so cute and so are your pups too!
    I was about as unplugged as one can get over the weekend while still Instagramming the heck out of that event. But when I wasn’t there, I was completely offline. Mike and Betty even came down Saturday and we had a nice family time! 🙂

  6. Great weekend for you and your wife 🙂 Unplugging is important and we all need to do it from time-to-time. Also having a lower mileage week, gives the bod a chance to rest a little and consolidate the gains you are making. It sounds like this week will be a busy one though 🙂

  7. Your weekend sounds lovely! I try to unplug as much as possible on the weekends, too. Leaves me feeling a lot more refreshed for the week! Your hiking excursion on Sunday looked especially nice; I would love to do that more this summer. Just need to get my butt in gear! safe travels to Houston this week!

  8. I’m plugged in during work hours. Would seem nice and compartmentalized, but since I work with Hong Kong, Dubai, London, New York, Mexico City, and Vancouver, means the whole world of time zones is covered. I treasure my unplugged time when I tell work to F off. And then go play candy crush on my ipod 🙂

    Most recent unplugged time was camping over Father’s Day weekend, hopefully this upcoming weekend will be largely unplugged with some flower and fungus hunting in the woods with the kid.

    • It is really hard to stay unplugged with a global marketplace to deal with … but you have talked before about how you try to keep things as separate and in balance as possible, which I think is great. The fungus hunting sounds like a blast!

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