2014 Half-Year Running Summary & Review


Can you believe that we are already half way through 2014? Neither can I … but we are! We are already to the point where our days are getting shorter (but still hotter), which is just weird … but there it is.

Last year at this time I was doing loads of doubles because I was traveling every week to Kentucky, so I would alternate between work, Facetime home, and running morning and night. Overdoing it? Probably – but I came through it stronger and never got injured, which is good. This year I am home and really enjoying maximizing family time – which is easier when I am only working 5 miles from home again!

I wanted to talk about the second quarter (April – June), as well as a full half-year summary. Here are my thoughts on the last three months:


Every now and then as a runner there is a ‘moment’ … and I had one as I was running the waterway in Houston, and on the last morning there were a lot of people out running – at least two dozen I saw over my 9 mile run. And you know what – I was running what I considered a fairly ‘easy’ pace … but I was the fastest one out running. Now don’t get me wrong – I am slower than most of the people reading this – and much slower than some!

But that moment put the ‘where I have come in two years’ thing into perspective for me. I am running a solid volume and at a pace that feels pretty good to me. Yay!


No races – I had hoped for one 5k and one 8k (5 mile) race, but neither worked out schedule-wise … and really? No stress! I look at it this way – Lisa’s work schedule this year has been brutal, so in the choice between some 5k and time with her? There is no choice.

My biggest issue is I had to skip one Ultra due to our vacation, and the OTHER one I was wait-listed for said we should hear by the 24th of June … yeah, nothing yet.


Last fall I had two doctors (primary and cardiologist) tell me that I am ‘not underweight … but don’t lose any more’. That was at 185 lbs. When I last looked I was at 180 … and I am pretty sure I have been hovering between 175-180. Oops. I am continuing to work on maintaining, but the reality is that I am running more, sweating more and my ‘daily activity’ level has increased – we go for walks, I look forward to mowing the lawn, and so on. As always … a work in progress.

Food & Eating

This past two years have been amazing, and I have continued to learn so much about food. This year in particular I have really made progress, and I am so appreciative to Laura and Michelle and Megan for all of their help and ideas and wisdom.

I have said that my cooking and eating tends to wander between Vegan and Paleo (with the occasional moster ice cream as shown yesterday, and of course plenty of wine) on a regular basis, and that works very well for the whole family.

I am really happy with my fueling and hydration … but I know I need to eat more to sustain my weight with my activity level.

Everything Else

I have been much happier with blogging than I was at the end of the first quarter, when I was clearly in a funk. I really love so many of you guys, and you inspire me in a million different ways. There are people from their early 20s up through their mid-50s I interact with, from pretty much every demographic I can imagine. It is just awesome.

My work life is continuing to go very well, with occasional annoyances but generally a rich and satisfying set of projects and great people to interact with every day.

And of course my family … they are my everything, as I so often say. The boys are really men at this point, and I was laughing with Lisa that I have no worries about the future because they are great kids and I love spending time with her.

Second Quarter Running Summary

Once again I decided to take my weekly summaries and chart them up. Here they are:

Miles Q2 2014

Overall I am very pleased with my second quarter. By the numbers:
– Total miles – 812 miles (713 miles Q1)
– Average weekly miles (55 Q1)
– Half-year total 1525 miles (on track to break 3000 miles)
– Longest run 23.5 miles
– Shortest run – 6.75 miles

I have kept up with ‘runs with purpose’ throughout the period, which were mostly brutal hills, but also some speed work. I have still not hit the track … but I will at some point this summer.

Again, considering my goals for the year included staying injury-free, breaking 2000 miles, and running a couple of races … I am doing well on the key items.

Third Quarter Goals

From now through the end of September, here is what I would like to do:
– Keep my weekly volume between 50-60 miles (I honestly think 65-75 is too much and don’t want to do something stupid)
– Hit the track for some speed drills at least once or twice
– Sign up for at least one race this year … regardless of distance.

How was your second quarter of running? How has the heat impacted your workouts? What plans do you have for the next few months?

34 thoughts on “2014 Half-Year Running Summary & Review

  1. Heat has made me slower and I honestly don’t want to go out 😦 every time I take my dog on a walk I want to just melt! My plans are mainly to stick to my training plan as much as possible even with the heat. You should totally come sign up for a race in Toronto 😉 not being bias or anything!

    • Yeah, the heat is definitely brutal right now … even the mornings are quite warm. We went to the Toronto area on vacation a few years ago and had a blast. Buffalo is only about 3 hours for us, so it isn’t too bad.

  2. The heat has been pretty brutal lately–hot, sunny and humid. I’m taking a break this week after my half since I’ll be traveling, but I’m excited to get back out there and get some early morning runs to beat the heat next week!

    • I was so happy to see your recap, even if is WAS a brutal slog with the heat! You did it! I’m sure it will be great to get back to just running casually 🙂

      • I’m already getting so pumped to start back up, but taking it slow. My right hip and foot have been a little niggly since Sunday and I don’t want to jump in too fast 🙂

  3. Great bookeeping! I am not nearly as organized with my running. I have a general sense of what I’ve done but never really look at all the numbers. I should start keeping better track, although the blog seems to inherently help with that.

    Funny how I had been complaining about the heat, but after taking a couple of days off and then a couple of days of short runs (4ish miles) I am feeling a lot better, and faster, in the heat. I think that definitely shows that it takes more out of me than I realize, which means I need more rest/recovery over the summer. I’m pumped to start mapping out a good training plan for philly now.

    I don’t think you need to stress too much with your weight/food especially if you’re feeling well, not undernourished and have plenty of energy. The fact that you never get injured also speaks well of your general nutrition and work/recovery balance I think.

    • Michele – you have to remember what I do for work – statistician and measurements engineer 🙂 So needless to say that wasn’t the only graph, and I had to banish myself from charting daily run details LONG ago … haha

      Definitely agree on the heat – I keep up with everything, but last weekend I slept more than 8 hours BOTH NIGHTS! That is practically unprecedented!

      And I know in my head everything you say about weight & food is true … but given my history of obesity you understand why it is a constant challenge. 🙂

  4. Your quarter sounds happy and awesome! Rock on! Mine was disappointing, but I was out injured for much of it and am still trying to get back to normal. Hope for the third quarter anyway!

    The heat has definitely impacted my workouts… I hate running in heat and humidity. I go much slower and have hardly any happy “I love running!!” moments, which are rare anyway. It becomes less about pushing myself to see what I can do and more about doing whatever I can to not faint/puke/collapse/etc. I love the summer, but I’m already looking forward to cooler fall workouts!

    • haha – definitely true but also hilarious! One thing in Houston was that buildings were TOO air-conditioned, so no matter what the outdoor temperature, there was a ‘wall’ you walked into going outside! That doesn’t help!

  5. Well, you know that I think that you are bad ass, and I think that this post proves it. I had a “runner moment” during my first ever race–a 4 miler in VA. I always thought of myself as a slow runner. Little did I know I was running 8-8:30 miles and finished 9th overall. I. was. floored. And then i started to realize that I was rather speedy, and then people started telling me! And then I was finishing in the tops of races and as the top TC finisher for the women. Last year, if not for my ITB issues, I am pretty certain I could have BQ’d my marathon. EXCUSE ME???? I’m not going to break a 1:30 half, but hot damn, if I could BQ? Never thought I’d ever consider the thought!
    Every time I look at your stats and think of how well you balance your life, running, family, and your running life, I am amazed. Seriously. I am your Padawan learner.
    PS I kind of want to run the Disney Star Wars Half. TC is sending some people. I don’t know if I can raise the money, but how amazing would that be???

    • Thanks Suz! You are really awesome with all that you are juggling – I still never got over the ‘getting to your car’ stuff 🙂

      I think it would be awesome running one of the Disney Races … and Star Wars, you KNOW I would be all over it … maybe after the kids are through college 🙂

  6. This post made me log on to garmin connect and actually run a report for this year. I’m just shy of 800 for the year, which is a mere quarter for you! But totally normal for me in a year without a spring marathon.

  7. You are having such a great year so far and I can’t even tell you how happy I am that you have been posting a little more often. For awhile I was afraid you were going to take a big break and that made me sad because I enjoy reading your words so much. 🙂

    The heat has definitely impacted my workouts, but I’m trying not to complain too much about it because I complained so much about winter. Soooo I feel like I have to pick a side. 😉 My goal right now is to get healed up and run pain free again. I hate that I keep going through this. Maybe one day I won’t be so injury prone.

    • Thanks Lauren! Yeah, reading my 1st quarter summary I was definitely at a cross-roads, but making some choices and doing a few ‘cleansing posts’ I have really become much happier 🙂

      A couple of big things is focusing on blogs I really love, not stressing if I can’t comment on every post, and not worrying if I don’t post every day (heck, I didn’t even do weekly summaries every week!).

      And I already gave people crap for complaining about both summer AND winter, so I won’t shame you here … but really, when the temperature and humidity get high enough it is definitely acceptable to whine about it! 🙂

  8. Wow, you are killing it with mileage this year. I am always impressed how you balance work, so much running, and quality family time and make it seem so easy and seamless. I loved your AHA moment, I always tell people speed is really relative. Some people think I’m speedy but then I have friends whose warm up paces are my fast pace, but as long as we are happy with where we are and are making progress towards our goals, we are succeeding! I have to add up my mileage, but honestly, I haven’t been logging a lot of miles post marathon and just focusing on more cross training via T25 as you know, so I am looking forward to running a bit more once this training cycle is over, but I won’t get near your 2k mark! Great job and I can’t wait to hear how you surpassed the 2k mark, which is an INCREDIBLE accomplishment!

    • Thanks Sara – having older kids is definitely liberating in terms of weekend miles and so on 🙂 As for ‘seamless’ … like everything else it is a work in progress and I am happy with all aspects rigt now!

      I think you should be thrilled with what you are doing – it is so well balanced and seems to really work best for you.

      Thanks again!

  9. Your running has been awesome this year!!! I love your recaps because they remind me that you really enjoy the run and do it for that reason alone. So glad you’re in a good place with your nutrition, too. And of COURSE I was happy to see the race sign-up in there! Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Megan … yeah, it really is all about the love of running – and fitting in with the other things I love! I do hope to squeeze in a couple of races – here’s hoping! 🙂

  10. Very cool to see the half year at a glance. Your volume is incredible.

    Every now and again I have a similar running “moment”. Delaware Park is sort of THE place for runners in Buffalo. A little under 2 mile loop, lots of soccer/basketball/tennis/golf, borders on the Buffalo Zoo, jam packed with runners all summer long (and lightly populated with crazy runners in the winter because they salt it to be ice free-ish). Every now and again I’ll reflect on the fact that I haven’t had anybody pass me at the park in weeks. I’m certainly not the fastest out there, but I think the people that are faster are either (A) better at slowing down or (B) at the track.

    • haha – definitely! I have recounted feeling oh-so-good about myself and having someone just cruise on by. By no means am I fast at all, but I am happy where I am – and in the progress I have made! 🙂

  11. I really love this summary–thanks for sharing! I admire your choice to choose family time over a race. It is always good to ‘check-in’ every once in a while to remind yourself what your priorities are. There will always be more races, right? Looking forward to following you as you strive for and reach your third quarter goals! You have inspired me to set some of my own 🙂

    • Thanks Abby! Exactly – there are always more races, but with two kids on the cusp of graduating high school over the next two years, these moments are precious.

      And it is funny – Megan had a post about planning vs. going with the flow. As I commented I tend to do both … and I guess this type of post shows that!

  12. Absolutely love your positive attitude and ability to sit back and have some perspective on everything. You live a nice balance and I think it is a great way to show so many others that it can be done in a happy, healthy way. You can run, eat good tasting things, and have a family all while having a lot of energy and overall happiness. Fantastic!

    • Thanks Sarah – I have really worked hard to try to integrate my running into my larger life-view, because that makes all of it work so much better!

  13. Saw this through Carina’s blog. I’m relatively new to (serious) running & am amazed you’re running such high mileage when not training for a particular race. Shows you just really love running for the sake of running. I’ve been doing a running streak & also finding out how much I love running.

    • Thanks Jennifer! I do love Carinas blog as well! Yeah, I really just love running – and am very much taking advantage of the great weather. I had started the streak, but can’t seem to bring myself to do the ‘1 mile day’ thing, once I am out the door it is hard for me to do less than 5-6 miles.

      Thanks for connecting 🙂

  14. Wow, again your mileage is impressive. My second quarter was a lot of racing and lower overall monthly mileage. I think I liked it better with more training miles and less racing.

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