Running (and Walking) for a REASON! Please support Laura and Ann!

Run for a Cause
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Doing something for others is am amazing thing, as when Lisa undertook a huge fund-raising and training campaign to do the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Throughout our lives we have always done what we could for others, and tried to support those going out in support of a cause.

Today I have two special causes to support, from two very special people. I have always been the type of person who has a few good friends rather than a large number of acquaintances … and that is how I view my blog life. I am not the most popular, nor will that ever be my goal. I don’t subscribe to #alltheblogs … just ones where I genuinely like the person and love interacting with them. So today I have a special shout-out for two of my very favoroites, one with a (VERY) short-term request, the other with longer-term plans.


Ann’s Running Commentary – 24 Hour Walk Out of the Darkness

Ann’s was one of the first blogs I found two years ago when I started reading running blogs, due to her comment and then guest-post on Harold’s blog. She is a forty something runner-parent with a family bias … so there was an instant and easy connection.

And over time I really enjoyed getting to know Ann through her blog and email, and I even did a couple of guest posts. But the last year has been a struggle for her and her family. Both she and her daughter struggle with serious depression … and as I said in a comment on one of her posts “2014 is already a in the ‘win column’ because you are still here”.

This year her daughter asked that they do the ‘Walk Out of Darkness’ together. It is in recognition of their own struggles and in support of those still dealing with the daily battle:

Over the past year Meg and I have both made walks through the darkness of depression. We understand just how hard this journey is and our hearts go out to those whose loved ones have lost the battle.

To support Ann and Megan, head here and donate whatever you can … but as I say you have to hurry because the walk is TOMORROW! (i.e. Thursday July 3rd)


The Gluten-Free Treadmill – Laura’s Cross-Country Run

I can’t remember exactly when or how I found Laura’s blog … but I am pretty certain it was due to an incredible comment on someone else’s blog (since that is how I have found every blog I follow except for Suz, that came from Laura and #mamaSalt chanting ‘visit Suz!’). But what immediately drew me in was her passion.

Even before her incredible ‘This Was Thirty’ series looking back, I was hooked … and since we both share very strong ‘social justice’ opinions as well as a love of running, it has been great sharing insights across the last several months. But now she is planning something that is mind-blowingly cool on a number of different levels!

Laura is taking the summer of 2015 and running across the country (yes – ALL THE WAY) in 68 days, as she says:

In June 2015, I will begin my run across the USA to raise awareness for Sexual Violence and Rape Prevention with a secondary goal of beaking the female record for a USA crossing.

There are a few sites to check out:

Laura has a page dedicated to her cross-country run.

The foundation she is running for RAINN – Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

Her funding page at GoFundMe – she is looking to raise $50,000 to cover all of the costs associated with the trip. Even if you can’t give right now, note the social media sharing buttons – those can help spread the word!

What Cause Are YOU Passionate About?

35 thoughts on “Running (and Walking) for a REASON! Please support Laura and Ann!

    • Thanks so much for really DOING something … I teach my boys (younger son is total social just blogger in training!), and try to influence my personal sphere … but the more people who can get involved the better, and so things like this can really make a difference. And as with Ann, this stuff can really save lives!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. This. We are leaving for the trailhead this morning but as soon as I get back I will post about Laura’s cause. Too many people are abused every year. We need to out a stop to it.

  2. Great causes. I have found that so many runners use their passion to run for something special to them. I love that there are so many different causes out there for you to latch onto. I can’t think of any other sport that offers this to such a great extent. Awesome work ladies!

  3. These are great causes! Thanks for sharing them with us. I haven’t come across Ann’s blog yet, so I’ll definitely look into it. Various cancer causes hit close home, so I am definitely passionate about raising awareness about them. Great post as always, Michael! xoxo

  4. Well, you know that I am glad that you popped over. I can’t wait for Laura to start this, it is going to be amazing.
    I also have to shout out for Team Challenge. So near and dear to my heart, and the reason I run distance!

  5. These are both great causes, thank you so much for highlighting. I am going over now to donate. I am passionate about the MMRF (Multipl Myeloma Foundation) and the CF Foundation (Cystic Fibrosis) but there are just SO many incredible causes out there to support!

  6. I’m on my way over to check out Ann’s blog now, but you better believe I will be promoting Laura wherever I can. She is such a phenomenal person! Thank you for giving me a heads up on all of this! πŸ™‚

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