What I Wish I Knew- Running With Asthma

I don’t take for granted how fortunate I am to simply go out an run without injury, joint issues, heart issues, or other health concerns. I love Laurelle’s post on running with asthma … check it out!

To a 5k and beyond!

Now that I’ve been running for a year, I’m going to share some things I wish I would have learned a long time ago about running with asthma.  

  1. The doctor is your best friend.– If you have asthma and aren’t working with a doctor to make sure it’s controlled, you need to drop everything you are doing and make sure you get seen ASAP!  Whether you have allergic or exercise-induced asthma, there is something to be done.  There are rescue inhalers for emergencies and maintenance inhalers for daily use.  Your doctor will figure out the best plan for you.  Since I started allergy shots and using a maintenance inhaler, my lung function improved dramatically (as seen in my pulmonary function tests) and I rarely use my rescue inhalers now!
  2. Stop the excuses.– I am still working on this one but for the longest time I let asthma…

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3 thoughts on “What I Wish I Knew- Running With Asthma

  1. I had very severe asthma as a kid (underweight from strain of breathing, notes to get out of gym class, parental fights with school administration about my being permitted to carry my inhaler with me, nebulizer that my brothers called “the machine”) and so I never thought I could run because I still have it as an adult, though it and my allergies have subsided some. But then I tried running, and she’s right, with the right doctor and the right pacing, it was totally possible. I use my rescue inhaler before every single run (unless it’s a double, then I can sometimes skip). If I happen to forget, I’m a wheezing mess in less than a mile and I have to walk back to get it. But running really is something I never thought I could do.

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