Super Long Run and Dating Dealbreakers Fun!


Well isn’t the weekend just flying by?!? I had planned to take some time on Saturday to finish a post for Sunday morning – but that didn’t happen. So instead I am doing a quickie fun post and we’ll get back to things on Monday.

Long Run – Marathon Ready

If you follow me on Instagram you already know this, but Saturday I wanted to do a long run, and some hills, and some hill repeats … and of course make sure I was ‘half marathon ready’ as always – so I did it all!

I did my normal ‘mega hill route’, which makes for a minimum of 14.5 miles … but then I took a detour up a steep hill (in the picture) and did three repeats … and as I was going down the steep down-slope my legs felt like jello! But I still had a long way home!

I ended up with 21.55 miles, with the last mile or so with the sun beating down, sunscreen long gone, and just ready to be done. But at the same time I felt great … the rest of the day I spent hydrating, got a little headache and was tired by the time we hit bed. As Lisa said ‘no kidding … you pretty much ran a freaking marathon!’

So as I sat by the fire last night I felt good knowing that I am more than just half-marathon ready, I could run a marathon pretty much whenever and at least finish with a time I would be proud of.

Dating Dealbreakers

OK, now it has been a few years since I have dated (more than 25, stretching ‘few’) … but when I saw this post on Neatorama, I thought … let’s have some fun! So the set of images below is the ‘don’t message me if’ list from an OK Cupid user … for real.

Here is my thought – let’s make up our own set of absurd ‘don’t message me if…’ lists. No rules or boundaries – they don’t have to be running or health or eating related.

Absorb this greatness … then I will start the ball rolling!







OK, so here are a few:

Don’t message me if:
– you’re a runner and have never lost a toenail
– you are a zombie and want to eat my brains
– your idea of being active is walking around the shopping mall (nothing against the shopping part!)

How is YOUR running going? What would you do for a funny/serious ‘dating dealbreakers’

25 thoughts on “Super Long Run and Dating Dealbreakers Fun!

  1. Oh no! So many things wrong with me! Thank goodness I got married years ago ( to someone else who wouldn’t survive the list)😊 not sure if I’m entitled to post this as I’ve never lost a toenail………

    • haha – I have lost exactly ONE toenail, which I lost at 46 after 23 years of running! haha it just seems like such a common thing I seem to always read about I had to put it in there.

      I don’t think any person alive would meet the criteria … including the guy who wrote it!

  2. Good stuff. I think I should have put a few more of those dealbreakers out years ago to weed out the crazies and saved myself some serious headaches/heartbreaks.

  3. Sounds like this guy wants someone who doesn’t exist in real life. What the heck is wrong with yoga clothes? I like to be comfortable! Such a funny list 🙂

    That’s quite a run! You are marathon ready if you want to be for sure!

    • It is hilarious if you don’t take it seriously. I had friends back in college who had ‘lists’ that were pretty silly as well – and always seemed like excuses why they wouldn’t date anyone rather than helpful items.

  4. Wow great run. I’ve done a few 20 milers but hilly ones are another level.

    That list had me loling. Name dropping near random strangers…I’ve heard that a few times.

    • I know, I heard Bart Yasso saying something about that (see what I did there?!?)

      Thanks on the run – and I was very pleased how my legs felt on Sunday (i.e. great)!

  5. I’ve lost my share of toenails, including .75 of one today — and it had been holding on since the San Antonio marathon in November! With the help of a friend, I once made a written dating list. One page long and I think it was good in helping me avoid going-nowhere relationships, though there’s something to be said for going out with Mr. Right Now, even if he had no chance of being Mr. Right. Mine had requirements (including one of OKCupid’s: doesn’t spend more than earnings) and bonus points. Bonus points I remember (that my husband gets): dances at weddings, eats vegetarian meals w/o complaint, and deals with bugs (and he usually tries to catch and release instead of killing, which was a sub-bonus-point).

    • Funny stuff – I don’t think it is bad to have a ‘no go list’ … especially if we have habitual blind spots or feel like we’re meandering … but when the purpose exclusionary rather than protective …

      And it is funny, because neither Lisa nor I spent more than we earned before, but after getting together and saving for wedding and then house … we proceeded to spend more than we earned in a wild spree 🙂 We learned that it was best to have money auto-funnel into various savings accounts before we knew it existed … something we still do today. Always nice to pay for vacation, Christmas and birthdays, etc with cash 🙂

  6. That run is so impressive! I usually feel like I am half marathon ready. This is actually the longest in a long time that I’ve gone with running no more than 11 miles (since April). I can’t imagine just going out and running 21 miles!

  7. I am a bit late to this party since I was off this weekend, but what an amazing long run MIke, you should be so proud! I don’t know if I would do that distance if I wasn’t training for a marathon! HA!! You constantly impress and motivate me with your running!

    Now, the list. Wow, that was quite an extensive list! I don’t know if I could come up with that many things! Your list is much more reasonable and I am happy to say that just about a month ago, I lost my very first toenail, so now I can email you 😉

    Hope you are having a great week so far!

    • haha – I really have never been a ‘deal breaker’ type, that seems silly and foolish (except things like honestly and faithfulness, which are hard to assess before some dealings). But people talk about toenails as a ‘rite of passage’, something that had never happened to me until a couple of years ago … like bloody nipples, I guess. Well, for guys.

      Glad you are feeling better – I saw you were ‘off’, but didn’t know HOW off! haha

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