Family Hiking > Blogging, and My Weekly Summary!


See that water WAY down there? THAT is the destination!

Hey everyone! Thanks for all of the awesome comments and blog posts … my intent was to get in some reading and commenting this weekend … but I didn’t. In fact it is late and quiet here Sunday night as I finish this post.

We had talked about possibly going kayaking on Sunday, but had decided to hike the PA Grand Canyon instead. The last time we’d hiked it was back in 2008, and the last time we’d been there … well, a year ago this weekend for a little race.

We hiked along a different trail near where the marathon was held, and as we crossed by where the start/finish line was … Lisa commented ‘my memories of this place are not so great!’ Haha – they were driving in the dark and torrential rain to find a place that wasn’t marked and that basically no one in town knew about!

I look at it this way – what better way to follow up a nearly 22 mile run than with a nearly 10 mile hike on a narrow, steep and challenging path with my family – including our terriers?!? Well – here are some fun pics!


The zig-zag narrow path down


Looking to one side of the stream at the bottom


And back up the other way … past fallen logs


At the base of the gorge … the dogs had a blast!


Riley, of course, went swimming … but the water was COLD!


The rather steep ascent that faced us on the return trip!


Came across a geocache site!


Wellsboro was shut down by 6PM, but we found a place for a sweet treat!


And to end the night? Fruit Smoothie, of course!

My Running Summary

My goal since returning from vacation was simple – miles and mix-it up! I wanted to mostly just rebuild my base, but also mix up how I did things and include some speed, fartleks and so on while still doing my normal courses. I was very pleased with how I did – I did just over 45 miles across 5 days the first week, and kept up my 9 mile average this week!

I also wanted a long run … and a hill run. And repeats. So yeah, that was Saturday. Let’s take a look:

Sunday: Rest day
Monday: 9.25 miles
Tuesday: 9.5 miles
Wednesday: 9.25 miles
Thursday: 9.75
Friday: 9.25 miles
Saturday 21.55 miles

My weekly total was 68.55 miles! The thing I mentioned was how great it felt being ‘marathon ready’ … now I just have to get ‘Ultra Ready’ … I am hoping to hit the track this week if time allows – Lisa has work travel and we have a trip to Syracuse to check out the film school on Friday!

Do you ever do challenging hikes with family/friends? What is YOUR next race goal?

23 thoughts on “Family Hiking > Blogging, and My Weekly Summary!

  1. Incredible running week! How did you feel running 21 miles after 5 days of 9+ miles? My legs at that point would explode, I’m sure of it! You were built for running long distances clearly. Great hiking pictures too! We managed a short nature walk this weekend with the kids but the little ones tire out quickly. I think if you keep it up you’ll definitely be ultra ready soon.

    • I felt great – and even felt good on Sunday after the week. I tend to go with the flow – these were all moderate runs – I have about 400ft of hill built-in every day, and I let my pace vary as needed – but I have only so much time before I have to be home to get ready for work.

      When we did the PA Grand Canyon before, we did the ‘easy’ trail – the kids were younger and it was a more comfortable walk. Now the boys are basically men and so we were able to do the trail with all of the warnings (wish I grabbed a picture of it!). But when they were little, we had the same thing 🙂

  2. You’re amazing!!! Great running week!!! Yes – I love hikes, although Dallas isn’t really hiking material. That’s why I need to get to Colorado more often ;). And I hear you on the family > blogging … I actually think it’s a big step that I can realize that sometimes, rather than the it’s-on-the-list-so-I-absolutely-must-do-it mentality. Have a great week!

    • Thanks Megan – it felt great!

      I am so glad we did this hike, and that we all went (no longer a sure thing as the kids are older).

      I think that blogging has actually helped me keep perspective even better – last year I had Kentucky travel to remind me to maximize my family time, but the year before I was pushing hard.

  3. I’m back tracking and reading recent posts first because of the weekend so HOLY CRIPES an ultra! I love hiking, as long as I am ready for it and have everything that I need/I don’t feel like I’m going to die. This weekend was definitely a blogging on hold one–I haven’t even thought about responding to my comments yet…oops.

    • Thanks Suz! Glad you guys got a great mostly offline weekend yourselves! This trail was a challenge – barely wide enough to walk on at points with steep falls if you mess up … really tweaked the protective husband/father in me … 🙂

  4. I have never wanted to go hiking so badly in my life as I do looking at these photos! So long overdue! It would be a matter of convincing Mr. Salt to come with me though (I don’t think he’s ever been hiking before). I LOVE that you had your pups with you and I think it’s a great way to shake out from that 22 miler. 🙂

    Oh and that ice cream? YUM.

    • Thanks Lauren – best hike in a while, and very non-touristy (the gorges in Ithaca and Watkins Glen are very busy this time of year). For us that was a great benefit moving out here – so much natural beauty and things to explore!

    • On this type of hike you have to stay engaged because it can get very dangerous if you don’t … my older son tried to take a shortcut and ended up sliding several feet on his butt! 🙂

  5. I had friends in that neck of the woods this weekend doing both the half and full marathons. They said it was beautiful 🙂 Joe and I have talked more than once about getting into hiking. We went over Easter and had a wonderful time disappearing for a few hours 🙂 Hopefully once he’s done with the academy and feels like doing stuff on the weekends we can pick that up again. I really liked it 🙂 and my next race goal is to hit 3:30 in my fall marathon!

    • Good luck with your fall marathon!

      The PA Grand Canyon is beautiful. I was chatting with the guy who owned the ice cream place, he was a volunteer at the race and had done a water stop last year as well (the trail is barely accessible with only 2 spectator areas a very long drive from civilization). He remembered being ankle deep in muck last year … which is pretty much what we ran through! haha Interesting looking at the results and seeing that the top finishers didn’t even break 3 hours – shows what type of course that is! 🙂

  6. Wow awesome running week! That 21 miler sounds intense!! Glad you had a great week and that hike looks beautiful, hiking is one thing I need to make more time for!

    • Thanks Sara – it was intense, but ‘controlled’ because I knew what I was getting myself into, y’know? We have a blast hiking – something Lisa and I did starting from even before we were dating. 🙂

  7. My last really challenging hike was Mt. Hunger in Waterbury, VT. “Only” two miles, but very, very steep, and with some minor rock climbing involved. I was sore for days afterwards!

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