30 Days of Gratitude – Day #12, The Quest for New Noms to Nom


Continuing with my 30 Days of Gratitude, I am thankful for the never-ending assortment of new foods to discover and enjoy!


It is absolutely stunning to think about what we eat in our house today in the context of what both Lisa and I grew up with in the 70s, and even what we were cooking together in the early 90s! We always strove for ‘healthy eating’, but our understanding and palate has broadened dramatically.

This week for breakfast I have been enjoying something I wrote about here back in January and haven’t had since that first bag of Bulgur ran out a few weeks later. It is called “Crunchy Peanut Butter Bulgur with Berries”, and well … here is a picture!


And just to break it down:
– Bulgur – never had it until 2014
– Greek yogurt – switched over in 2013 and it is a total staple now
– Peanut butter – ‘high fat’ food we got for our kids but otherwise I hadn’t really eaten since the early 80s.
– Fresh frozen fruit – another new discovery this year!

And since I have ‘gotten serious’ with running and nutrition, the amount of great new stuff that I have eaten is just amazing … things like: spaghetti squash, quinoa, kale, pistachios in my desk for snacks, chia, flax, and on and on! We have added things like parsnips and fennel and ALL the sweet potatoes to much more frequent rotation, done loads of ‘Meatless Monday’ and Vegan and Paleo and other types of meals.

Food is really awesome. I can’t wait for my next new discovery.

Food. Discuss.

And a couple of great food related videos:

11 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude – Day #12, The Quest for New Noms to Nom

    • Well, we can only do what we can do. As I have talked about, I am lucky to be able to eat just about anything, but most people have to deal with more limits on what they can eat, and also what they like to eat 🙂

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