30 Days of Gratitude – Day #27, I’ve Got the Music In Me


Continuing with my 30 Days of Gratitude, I am thankful for the ability to express myself musically.

Day #27 – Playah gonna play, play, play!

Last week the boys had things going on and Lisa had to work late, and after all the running around I was ready to relax. So I set up my iPad on the kitchen table, grabbed the iRig Keys Pro that is an external (piano) keyboard that plugs into the Lightning port and also grabbed my guitar and the iRig Pro (this isn’t a sponsored post … if you do mobile music you should really be using some IK Multimedia stuff), sat down, noodled around on the keyboard and guitar for a while. Not really anything specific in terms of writing, practicing or exercises – just nodding around and jamming. It was glorious.

Music is a major part of my life – it is never just ‘something in the background’. As I have said, I have never cared much for vocal music, I am always focused on the *music*, not the words … not better or worse, just a different way of listening. I am a huge consumer of music, constantly listening to various genres, mostly instrumental and improvised music, but I do try to keep up with pop culture as well (yes we have Taylor Swift’s latest on our iTunes library as well as Mary Halvorson’s new project released the same day).

The ways in which music rewards my mind and soul and spirit remind me very much of running. Just like I could head out on Thanksgiving night at 10PM for a 7.5 mile run and get so much from it, so can I get great enjoyment just playing around on a keyboard for a while. It is a cathartic experience for me, a great joy. And while I got some solid accolades from playing music as a younger person, at this point I am strictly a hobbyist.

Do you plan an instrument?

I failed to get some of my old songs digitized and up to SoundCloud in time … but when I do I will share them.

15 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude – Day #27, I’ve Got the Music In Me

  1. We love music in this house. My husband plays the guitar and I have my mom’s old one. I tried teaching myself some chords for awhile but lost interest. We do listen to music a lot around here and my husband is always surprised by my broad knowledge of music. He and is his brother asked a random question the other day in the car and it turned into a lengthy discussion about music and history. They both wanted to go to an opera by the time I was done 🙂 I can’t believe we haven’t visited the Lincoln Center Opera in all of our years in NYC.

    • Awesome – great stories … I also wish we had taken more advantage of our proximity to Boston to see more stuff back then. But hey, you do what you can, right?

  2. I used to play the piano when I was younger. I think I took lessons from when I was about 8 until 13. I wish I had continued but at the time I guess I became a lazy teenager who didn’t want to spend the time practicing. Now I don’t remember how to play at all. Thanks for getting “Shake it off” into my head immediately when I opened your post!:)

  3. I’m the opposite with music because I’m very into the vocal part of it and sang all the way up to college with various choirs. Music will always be a huge part of my life and I do still play the acoustic guitar a bit but don’t make a lot of time for it anymore. The great part about singing is that you can do it while you do everything else! And anyone who’s ever lived with me knows I sing almost constantly. There’s always music playing in my head so it’s hard not to.

    • Sounds great – and when your kids get older I am sure there will be even more music in the house.

      And it is funny you talk about singing anytime … because I think in notes and rhythms I will always have a beat, bass line or harmony going 🙂

  4. I love music. I played several instruments (mostly upright & electric bass, clarinet, and sousaphone, but also dabbled with guitar, piano and viola) when I was younger. A really persistent and painful case of tendonitis in both my wrists caused me to stop playing stringed instruments and keyboards, so these days I’m much more of a consumer of music. I think one of the things I love about music is that it is a passion that can grow with you as your needs and wants change over the years.

    • So true about the lifelong passion! I love my little studio in our basement, and also having an iPad full of music apps to work with!

      And sorry you had to stop playing … I am glad that I can still manage it, even if not with the skill I had 30 years ago 🙂

  5. I do love lyrics, but since I started running I noticed that catchy beats really help. I used to goof off on the piano but could only play 2 songs and they were of the heart and soul variety. I still have an acoustic guitar but never really learned to play it. I recently noticed that my cat had actually chewed through one of the chords- she hates the guitar. Or maybe she just hated the way I attempted to play? I’m really more of a listener. 🙂

    • Funny stories 🙂 I definitely notice that people using beat-based music for running and gym workouts. Funny about your cat – they DO have a way of making their opinions known 🙂

  6. I really think I am tone deaf, which probably partially explains my lack of interest in music. But Christmas is my favorite musical time. I love carols, and I do love my New Kids Christmas CD!

    • Loved the New Kids CD pic on your post … we have a great variety of CDs from Partridge Family, Sing Along With Mitch (Miller), and a bunch of kids stuff – though mostly we put on Slacker Radio at this point …

  7. I sing, and I used to play guitar a bit, but I think I was too young and just didn’t have enough motivation to practice and improve. I’d like to eventually learn piano 🙂

    • It took me a couple of times for it to stick …so glad it did. I love that I can walk up to a guitar, bass or keyboard (or drum set) and have basic skills 🙂

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