Let’s Talk About Runderwear … for Men!

OK, let's all pretend that this is my body, mkay?

Let’s all pretend that this is my body, mmmkay?

It has been nearly a year since I wrote about whether or not men should cover up their running tights, getting into numerous aspects of consideration. And suddenly … here we are back in the early days of winter, with a couple dozen sub-freezing mornings and even a couple of sub-zero wind-chills already behind us. And my post from last year is getting more attention, but this year … I am prepared!

There are plenty of posts around about runderwear for women, but not really so much for men. There are plenty of resources about running shorts, but not so much about what to wear under your shorts or tights.

Fortunately there are some companies – Under Armor, Roadrunner Sports, Brooks and Runderwear among others who make boxers (and briefs) specifically for male runners … and a couple of them are specifically wind blocking!

Assumption #0 – you have decided you want to wear something under your shorts/tights for reasons of comfort, coverage or wind protection. If not, um – you’re fine as you are!

Here are things I considered buying some runderwear for myself:

1. Comfort – this was a key reason for me to look for something new: using compression shorts last year ‘worked’ but was far from optimal, as they were really meant as external shorts.

2. Fit – You are wearing something underneath *tights* … does this really require further explanation? Seriously – ill-fitting runderwear is like the worst chafing of your life just waiting to happen. Fortunately most of these things are very fitted and compressive and snug. But part of this is getting the right size – too small and they are uncomfortable … too large and you are back to chafing.

3. Tech fabric – Also because you are wearing a double layer of clothing next to your skin, it ends up being critical to get that sweat layer away as quickly as possible. Because the moisture will gather up and cause rashes and chafing – so you need a tech fabric that will deal with the moisture.

4. Breathability – This is a bit weird, but basically you want to remain warm but not overheat; to block the wind while allowing some natural radiative cooling. My heavier tights are the Under Armor Extreme Coldgear Infrared, which reflect heat back inward from the surface. So I want my base layer to provide just that – an added layer. And based on what I have read about the heavier runderwear, they are also quite breathable.

5. Wind Blocking – I didn’t end up going with the heavy duty wind blocking shorts as they seemed much thicker and I was looking for a very thin set of runderwear. But I loved reading about some of the heavier versions and might check them out. Pretty much anything with a ‘double-fabric front’ is going to provide a decent amount of wind blockage, which for me proved perfect even on sub-zero wind chill mornings. For colder weather, heavier winds, there are stronger specific wind-blocking models.

5. Price – I saw some sets of shorts up to $60 each. Um, no. Most of what I looked at was about $20 per pair, and I was able to get a 2-pack of Brooks runderwear on sale for $25 (can’t find an online link) , and after a bunch of wearing they have proven their worth!

So there you have it – we are entering the running tights season, but there is no reason to suffer wind chill below the belt, nor any reason to wear bulky shorts over your tights! Runderwear is affordable and will keep you protected, provide added warmth without chafing, and is easy to wash and quick to dry. Check it out!

So guys – how about it … runderwear?

20 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Runderwear … for Men!

  1. I wear compression shorts on 99% of my runs, so runderwear is just a part of the wardrobe. It is better than slathering that area in vaseline, which is what I had to do for so many years – before discovering runderwear. But I still wear shorts over the tights most of the time – just too modest I guess. Old habits die hard.

    • Since I only started with tights after Christmas 2012 I never got into the habit of wearing shorts on top – I always had a heavy non-tights top layer over thermals. I love the non-bulkiness of tights, but when I tried shorts on over them … no thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • we love voyers those who like to watch us run in our gear and either sneer or leer and cheer . on the sidelines I think it is safer. but from a womans perspective what do you prefer men in tights ? no tights ? shorts over and do you girls even notice even if we have nothing under. our bulges seem to distress some viewers and it seems like a little bit of manhood showing is too much. we are men we have bits and our lunch box or gear our package is there and we prefer it out and proud but many have been scared back into the almost ken doll existance of the dark ages. except back then men wore tights and women were not allowed too. cod pieces were invented to hide the free dogging loose male apendage because under wear had not been invented. I like the men in tights do you ?

  2. One of my “to do” tasks is to find one of those posts you reference about runderwear for women since my newest pair of shorts aren’t lined, which I didn’t realize before I bought them… My husband doesn’t wear runderwear (he wears lined shorts), but he doesn’t wear tights either because it’s not that cold very often and if it gets that cold, he usually opts for a gym workout. One of those fairweather runners!

    • Thanks Hollie – wish I could claim credit, but there is actually a Runderwear brand. I am not sure if I first saw the term on your blog or not, but I always think it is a fun word. ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes – comfort … and freedom from chafing!

  3. I think it’s a good idea on a case by case basis.. like if you’re only running outside and you don’t like the “underwear” go without or do your own thingโ€ฆBUT in the gym when you’re foam rolling or stretching i think it’s necessary. i’ve seen waaaaaay too many areas where the sun don’t ever shine. I just wish people would be aware that running shorts aren’t really meant for yoga posesโ€ฆhaha

  4. Okay, so I never really thought about how guys need “support” down there when they run. As a flat chested runner, support is just something that doesn’t need to be on my radar! I don’t even wear underwear when I workout, unless it is built into my shorts. I guess guys don’t have that luxury!

    • haha – yeah, it is true ๐Ÿ™‚ But as Cori said above, when you are doing yoga or floor stuff, some coverage is always a good thing for everyone! Personally I would love to just wear lined shorts year-round, but the weather dictates otherwise ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  6. I usually wear tights without anything over or under when it is cold out. But lately I have been chafing so today I wore Adidas boxer/briefs and had no issues. When I run during the summer i wear old Rono spandex shorts but they are getting too too worn and stretched out so they need to be replaced.

    I will be on the look out for some good deals on runderwear, and hopefully ones I can wear without loose shorts over them during the summer. I am not very modest but I don’t want no get arrested for running in my underwear.

  7. Nice post. I have 6 or so pair of the boxer length Brook runderwear that I wear everyday, running or not. I have worn holes in them and even sewed a pair ( I know, that’s weird). I also haven’t found an online source, but would like to know what store you found yours, as I want more.

  8. A bit late in this but i just found out today running in a thong provides the best support and is the most comfortable to wear under tights. no underwear line, no chafing and keeps everything in place.

  9. Just came across this blog entry. Haven’t tried the Brooks range, but has anyone tried products from this UK company: http://www.runderwear.co.uk? They were the best running kit purchase I’ve made this past year. First saw them at the UTMB race expo in Chamonix this year.

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