Friday Five – Blog-ospheric Inspiration and Love


OK, so while I noted I wouldn’t writing as much, that hasn’t stopped me from reading. And while I complained a bit a couple of weeks ago about what felt like ‘post fall-running hangover’ hitting lots of blogs with the ‘blahs’, and last week about some lazy link-ups … this week has been brimming with great stuff! To the point where I am quoting stuff below and feel bad because there is so much more great content out this week that I left behind.

As for the image at the top, it might not really seem fit with my theme – but it was in an email I got from Megan at The Lyons Share today, and she said “This quote is just SCREAMING “Michael”!!!!!!! Couldn’t help but think of you! Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂 🙂 “. It was an amazingly kind and thoughtful thing to do while I was sitting at my desk scrambling to get a ton of stuff done before heading home … and was so very much appreciated!

What I wanted to highlight was some of the amazing things I have been reading this week – there are just so many awesome people in our community that have important things to say. So I will start with posts from my two ‘Most Inspiring Runners’ and go from there:

1. T-Rex Runner – Eating Disorder Recovery

I have repeatedly recommended Danielle’s ‘Life with ED’ series as ‘required reading’ for anyone who needs to eat food, and last night she posted her last entry, about trying to normalize her relationship with food and her body especially in the wake of having had both major and minor surgery this year. Here is a little bit:

Eating disorder recovery isn’t linear, and it isn’t easy. I will probably never call myself “recovered;” I’ll be perpetually “recovering,” at least, I hope, since that is better than relapse. It’s a process and something that takes a lot of hard work. No one can do it for me. While some days it seems hopeless and that I’ll never be able to change the way I think about myself, some days are days like yesterday. And then I think, “Maybe not today, but one day.”

2. Gluten Free Treadmill – Falling in Love

Speaking of essential series, I really want Laura to re-publish her series from her ‘And This Is Thirty’ blog, but that is an entirely different topic. Right now Laura is doing a ‘Best of 2014 Series’, and the other day looked at her resolutions and bucket list. If you follow her you know she had a relationship earlier this year, so I loved reading this:

8. Fall in love. I did, and then fell out. But it was totally worth every second and I’m a better person for it and really ready for the next time.

And of course this one as well:

4. Be awesome and all-around hard-core. Obviously.

There is a ton more, and the rest of the series is great. And, oh yeah – she’s running ACROSS THE COUNTRY next year. So there’s that.

3. Fit Fresh and Funny – Loving Life While Facing Challenges

I have always enjoyed Laura’s blog, because she has had to deal with serious medical issues – and handles them honestly (i.e. they suck) but is always funny and up front with them. Recently what she thought was a migraine turned out to be viral encephalitis (in other words, swelling of the brain caused by a virus). If that sounds like serious shit – it is. But that didn’t stop her today from taking stock of all of the fortunes and happiness she has in her life:

Because I am exhausted, have a brain infection, and a relapse going on that makes me sorry I pushed myself the last week. But I also have a husband upstairs cooking me dinner while singing to the Violent Femmes at the top of his lungs.

4. Paleo Running Momma – But I Don’t WANNA!

I like to give Michele at Paleo Running Momma a hard time about being linear and structured – and she says it wasn’t always that way – but I also know how my wife doubled-down on structure and organization as a stay-at-home mom with little ones. It just works that way … or you get even more chaos! (heck, we still have a wall calendar with everyone’s stuff on it in our kitchen that we live by!). But yesterday she wrote about how without the rigor and schedule of a training plan in support of a marathon goal, she is floundering a bit finding motivation. I love that even as she is working hard to build her brand and coaching business (btw – she is doing special coaching deals right now, hit her up for details), she beings out some totally honest posts like this one. Check it out:

Because every morning I have been not wanting to get up to run. Like there hasn’t been even one day I just got out of bed without hesitating, it’s a struggle every day.

This really sucks! It’s amazing how I will complain either way. Which is it? Do you like getting up early or do you wish you could sleep later? Meh, I think it’s both. But right now I’m wishing I was happier with early. It makes for a much less rushed and stressful morning.

5. Fueled By Lolz – Body Image Insanity

Hollie can be totally hilarious – but she is often also quite pointed in what she is saying. Her post about signing a wedding dress waiver earlier this week is one such post. Because the need for a waiver is fairly new, and is based on the whole ‘bridezilla’ thing coupled with the trend of associating body image with a size number (which is why they say that the old store ‘5-7-9’ would now be ‘0-3-5’0! And so rather than think ‘I want to look my best on my wedding day’, it is ‘I am wearing a size 4 for my wedding’. See the problem for dress shops? Hollie takes it further:

It takes me back to this straight forward point: no one knows or cares what dress you are. No one cares your weight. At your wedding, people notice how happy and how glowing you are…not your damn dress size.

I used ‘bonus’ because I am sticking to ‘Friday Five’ as a theme and then cheating by adding two bonus items. So there are seven.

Bonus #1. Running Out of Wine – Phantom Technology Woes

I love when Lisa, who always comes across so structured and organized in her posts, lets things wander about with a ‘Thinking Out Loud’ that is true-to-name. This was one of those weeks – and what she said had me cracking up:

My Garmin keeps buzzing in the other room right now and I have no idea why. And I am too lazy to go check/go make it stop. Its also continued to do whatever it wants on many of my runs. Like the map will make it look like a ran through the harbor. I swear I’m not that talented.

Bonus #2. The Lyons Share – Own Your Feelings

I alreadu mentioned Megan for the quote at the top – which was an awesome event today. But I always love her posts – she is mainly doing a ‘Motivation Monday’ and ‘Foodie Friday’, but makes them all worth reading (such as this or this). Here is a great quote from her post about dealing with your feelings:

Even while there is a time and a place to put on a happy face, though, it’s not healthy to bottle up all of your emotions inside and pretend that you never feel anything but happy. I talk to my girls at Girls on the Run about the fact that emotions might be “comfortable” and “uncomfortable,” but they are not “good” and “bad.” Being angry, frustrated, sad, overwhelmed, or anxious might not be the most pleasant way to feel, but those feelings are valid and should be expressed rather than smothered.

How about me?

Well, if you follow me on social media you know I have had some good stuff happening in our family, which is exciting – more on that later. But aside from that it is just the normal wonderful life I enjoy – Lisa, the boys, the dogs and cats, great job, nice home, and so on.

What thoughts do YOU have to share?

26 thoughts on “Friday Five – Blog-ospheric Inspiration and Love

  1. As always, the blog love is mutual! This time of the year, it’s easy to get bogged down, sick of winter before it even begins, and then the inevitable holiday hangover. Being aware that those things can happen makes it easier to consciously focus on the positive-because so many of us have much more positive than negative in our lives. It’s just remembering that the stuff we DON’T complain about is so much more of an effect on us than the negatives that eventually drift away.

    • Absolutely agree … and this weekend we just had something hit that might add a bit of stress and it is up to me to mitigate it before it can do so. It always feels like there are these things, and this year we felt we’d set ourselves up for a great time. And I don’t plan to let anyone mess with that 🙂 Because it is all about focusing on what matters, what is important – and for us that is Lisa, myself and our two boys.

    • Thanks Michele – and I love Megan for sending it to me. I was smiling when I saw the title of your post, and chuckled throughout. We all end up there at some point 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah … and they really are. As are you – you had some awesome posts this week (like the Britney one!). I had to stop quoting all the great stuff … which meant leaving so many out 😦

  2. Aww, thanks for the highlights! Reading over my email makes me seem overly enthusiastic, which I guess I am ;). But I really do think it’s just the perfect quote for you! Love some of these others, as well. You really do highlight a lot of great ones, and I’m honored to be included!

  3. These are some great highlights from the week, and thanks for mentioning mine! I would have loved to share the map of how my garmin made my run look but then people could figure out where I live- but seriously the map was crazy!!
    And that’s a great quote you shared in the beginning!

    • True on the Garmin map – I think it is really important to maintain a level of safety, both in terms of being a woman running, but also for everyone because it can allow your house to be a target.

    • Totally agree with you Suz – we have such a great community, and I have developed a habit of joining a day late to read all the awesome comments, like one you had on T-Rex last week that was totally great 🙂

    • Thanks Hollie … I always think back to the crap you get on GOMI, and sometimes you and grammar have a rocky relationship – but don’t EVER let anyone tell you that you don’t make insightful comments on important stuff!

    • Thanks Judith (I guess I didn’t realize I was lacking a like button because I get ‘like’ notices 😦 ).

      And with everything else … I appreciate you stopping by 🙂

  4. I really appreciated this post. Sometimes it’s easy to get a little discouraged by the seemingly image focused nature if the blogword, and I needed a reminder that these are all my very supportive friends! Most of all, you.

    So happy for everything happening with your family. Hard work pays off, and it couldn’t have happened to better people.

    • Aw thanks! These are some great people, and sometimes it is easy to get bogged down with all of the crap that goes on in the blog world. That has been a big thing for me – focus on all of the great people whose stuff I love, and weed out those I find myself gritting my teeth reading.

      It is sad when some of them are people I used to have good blog-relationships with several months ago. But as I have mentioned – I want people to call me on my BS and I plan to do the same … and it doesn’t always end well. Some people claim otherwise but are actually very happy in the insular world of all positivity 🙂 Personally I welcome constructive criticism.

    • It is always a difficult thing – because we always want to find great new people, but sometimes when we’re struggling to manage the list we have, getting loaded up can be more difficult than inspiring! haha Enjoy!

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