Parent Brag Moment – NYU Tisch Film School Bound!

All The Broken Little Leaves

Last week I promised to share some good news with a little tease, and noted that those who follow me on social media already saw it. So for those who don’t, here is the news: our older son Danny applied ‘early decision’ to New York University and specifically the Tisch School of the Arts in the film program.

And … he was accepted! Not just that, he got what my wife called a ‘BIG ASS SCHOLARSHIP’ that meant rather than the expected tense sitting around the table with computer, pencil and slide rule trying to squeeze out enough money to get him there … last week were able to simply say ‘you’re going’, click the ‘Accept Offer’ button (which naturally comes with a good sized ‘deposit’ requirement) and that is it … he is part of the NYU class of 2019.

If you asked me a year ago when we were going to be now … I wouldn’t have known what to tell you. He was getting solid grades but his study habits were atrocious, and in one of his AP classes it was having a significant impact, and so we got him involved in a special ‘study plan’ that involved the teacher and guidance office. We did that for a few months and while I would like to say it helped, I think that simply maturing, having older friends graduating and heading to college and having his own aspirations are what mostly got him back on track.

It has been an amazing transformation – he has grown up and matured so much into an amazing young man, with an incredible artistic vision and deep and insightful way of looking at the world.

When looking at colleges it is one thing to look on paper, another to see it in person. So while he had an interest in RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), he pretty well hated the campus. He liked the University of Rochester Campus, but not the programs. His other schools he liked for both academics and the campus were Syracuse, SUNY Purchase, and Boston University. But NYU … there was just a palpable difference … this was totally his place. There was no question – it was a great fit.

I want to share his portfolio video that he submitted (and wanted to get his permission, which he gave me yesterday), but first wanted to share some images from our trip:


This was taken from the window of our apartment where we stayed for the week.



Couldn’t have asked for a better place!



Washington Square Park – NYU surrounds this, calling it ‘their unofficial quad’.




In the bookstore … these were the books they were looking at …



… not these. I was looking at these.



Filming a jazz combo playing in the park.



At Alice’s Tea Cup on the upper west side



Central Park selfie!


It was a great vacation, and more importantly we came away with the school that was far and away his top choice … and will now be where he is living starting in Fall 2015. Here is his portfolio video (note – there is NSFW language and difficult themes):

40 thoughts on “Parent Brag Moment – NYU Tisch Film School Bound!

    • Thanks Sara – we are so proud. I wrote during my ‘Gratitude’ series about seeing your kids not only doing things that make you proud, but that are beyond your abilities … and this was certainly one of them. We were (and of course always will be) worried about him in NYC, but it was such a great match for everything about him …

  1. Congratulations to all! To Danny for such an incredible academic accomplishment, and to you and Lisa for fostering an environment and family to get him there. Don’t be worried about him in NYC–he is a smart kid, and as long as he uses his head, he will be a-ok. You know he is going to be in my old stomping grounds! Let me know if you need any fears assuaged, or have any questions about city life–I would be happy to help!

    • Thanks Suz … and while we’ll always worry, being where NYU is located and with how great of a fit it is, I actually worry less than if he was in Syracuse … And yes, I know that is right in your old area – hopefully no birds will be decorating his cap 😉

  2. Woohoo!!! Congrats Danny (and you and Lisa), what an incredible way to go into the holiday season! And this is SO very brag worthy and amazing on the scholarship too! I loved the video, but it threw me off at first with his friends calling him Jordan! He clearly is very talented and I can’t wait to see how he takes on NYC next year (and beyond!)

    • Thanks Sara … watching that video and knowing the kids so well was definitely interesting – moreso because I was home for some of the filming, hearing it from the other room 🙂

  3. Congratulations to your son! I watched the film clip, very sad but effective, and very well done. If that’s what he does now I can’t wait to see what he does after his degree! Great that he got funding too. NY must be a great place for a young person to be, especially in the protective environment of a university. You must be so proud!!

  4. I can’t get over how incredibly awesome this is! Tisch! What?! I can’t imagine how incredibly proud you are. And a scholarship? Phew! I watched that video and he is a real talent. Beautiful and thoughtful, right down to the choice in music (gets me every time; you know that). So mature. Congrats to you all.

  5. What a wonderful holiday for all of you!!! Congratulations! Tisch and a “big ass scholarship”–WOW

    I know you are proud of him—and I am proud of you! Rising a kid isn’t easy, especially during the teen years, As a parent, you try so hard to do it right–second guessing, back-stepping, stepping up, etc. Having the acknowledgement by someone /or somewhere else that your kid is as great as you know he is—is a great pat on yours and Lisa’s backs, too!
    Way to go!!!

    • Completely agree Clare – it is a weird distinction to make, I mean, we all think our kids are wonderful and want them to have endless opportunities, but with each year it is as if the infinite number of doors start to close and they need to deal with what they can really do. And as parents it is hard to be objective, so yeah it is great getting that type of feedback!

  6. That’s great news! What a relief to have the decision made, getting in to first choice, not having to worry about the financial bulk of it, and to now just get to celebrate and plan. So exciting for all of you!

  7. Ahh! This is amazing that he got accepted AND got that scholarship! Congrats to him! I hope this means lots of trips to NYC in your future! It’s such a great city! 🙂

    • Thanks! It is only 4 hours away for us, not too bad. We prefer Boston, but really the Soho area where NYU is located is the most ‘Boston-like’ part of the city. And it was such a great match for him!

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