Going Old School – Modifying Running Shoes

Another ‘must read’ post from Harold – I am not a ‘shoe modifier’, I leave my tinkering for technology 🙂 But if you are dealing with minor shoe issues – especially with the way brands constantly mess with things – here are some great thoughts for adapting shoes to YOUR feet!

3 thoughts on “Going Old School – Modifying Running Shoes

  1. This was an interesting read. Like you, I don’t want to modify my shoes, if they don’t work for me anymore, I find a brand that does. I have never had to do anything drastic (other than go a 1/2 size up for any shoe I’ve owned!) It’s amazing the lengths people will go to–I never really thought about that before!

  2. This is crazy! Not in a bad way… Just in a I never would have thought to do this kind of way! Like you and Sara if my shoes don’t work I replace them with another pair that does, but it’s pretty cool that he can modify them to suit his feet!

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