Hi and thanks for visiting! My name is Mike (or Michael, it is such a common name you really can’t be picky). I am in my late 40s and a Boston guy living with my wife and two teen boys in the Corning NY area (west-central NY) for the past several years. I have been running for health since I decided to lose weight a year out of college in 1989, when I weighed at least 375lbs. Now 25 years later I am still running – and in the last couple of years I’ve become much more serious about distance, speed and healthy eating.

Since you are here, let me share my running story with you!

My Running Story – In The Beginning …

My Running Story – The ‘In Between’ Years

My Running Story – The ‘Corning Years’ Through Today

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey friend! I know that you are traveling and such, but I have a quick question for you. Shoot me an email @ Suzlyfe @ gmail.com and I will fill you in! Thankyoumuch

  2. Mike,
    For some reason your blog has just disappeared from my very small list of blogs that I follow, so I’m re-signing up.
    I had a virus take up a brief residence in my laptop and it wrecked havoc on everything that came in.
    I’ve missed you and I’m back!
    suzlyfe’s mommy, Clare

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