Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day1

No post today, and no run today – there are more important things going on.

Today is Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate the Mother’s in our lives. I know that ALL of my readers have mothers, and some ARE mothers, and some are married to mothers. So to all of you – thank your wife and/or mother, and if you are a mother, enjoy your day.

I am taking today to celebrate the center of my life for this past quarter century, the love of my life Lisa. She has been at my side through good times and bad, and together we’ve lived the roller-coaster of two wonderful teen boys.

Our plans are pretty simple – tea and berry scones for breakfast, the new local mini-golf place has opened and we’ll be playing, then stroll down market street for some shopping, then grab some goodies at Wegman’s for a nice picnic and enjoy the 75F weather.

The picture at the top is from 2010 when we went to a nice tea place for brunch. It was a blast!

What are YOUR plans for Mother’s Day?

Five Things Friday – Random Fun Weekend Thoughts!


Happy Friday! Today I am taking a rare vacation day – and even more rare a solo vacation day – and heading away for the weekend for my fraternity 150th anniversary celebration as I mentioned yesterday. In fact, as you read this I am probably close to Troy or already there. As I noted to a friend on Facebook, in contrast with past visits this will be the first time I ever went running in Troy, and there will be much less alcohol consumed than when I was young! But I am anticipating loads of fun!

So I wanted to just blast out a few random things on my mind – and hope everyone has a great weekend!

Invisible Fence1

1. Invisible Fence

If you have dogs and own your own home, Invisible Fence is definitely something you should know about – it is a system comprised of a collar with electrodes and a buried wire that runs around the perimeter of our property. When the dog gets close to the boundary a high pitched been starts, and when they cross the line they get a shock. It might sound a bit nasty, but generally the dogs will stop even before hearing the sound after a bit – and the result is they have free reign of the yard!

We’ve had the system since just after we moved to New York, and the dogs love it because they can run around outdoors, bask in the sun, and generally watch the world go on around them.

Well, we’ve been on the annual battery plan (new batteries every quarter for each collar), and kept putting off replacing them, first because they were still working, then because of various other things … then we got lazy!

We have seen them start pushing the boundaries and a couple of weeks ago when Lisa and I were going to go for a walk without the dogs Rosie followed right along. But neither ever left the property … so naturally on Thursday Rosie decides she’s going on a great explore of the neighborhood. Lisa texts me about the adventure getting her home then I get an alert from the Whistle app that she already met her activity goal (Whistle is like Fitbit for pets).

Fortunately it all turned out fine – we made a priority stop to get new batteries, and the dogs quickly readjusted to their borders. Whew!


2. Mark of the Unicorn

Way back in 1985 I took my first electronic music class at RPI, and the software we used was Performer from MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn) running on a 512k Mac. After using it in the lab for all those years, when I bought my own Mac, naturally I grabbed Performer, which was probably version 2 or 3 by then.

I kept upgrading until version 6, when MOTU end-of-lifed it and replaced it with Digital Performer, which brought in video and audio capabilities. I upgraded THAT a couple of times, but then let things lapse for a number of years.

After moving I never made sure I had all of my registration info, so when I recently decided to get my studio back together, I searched everywhere physically and electronically for the information … to no avail.

So I send an email to customer service with my name, the last address I THINK I used to register, a couple of potential emails, and the versions I thought I had. Total crap-shoot … but they came back in minutes with my info, and when I asked about versions for older PPC and 040 Macs (I might be getting an old one back after many years) they said they’d send an installer CD for those as well as the brand new version.

Oh, and they even sent me the digital registration for the newest version – so I was able to quickly get things going again! It was pretty awesome! Great, great customer support!

Walk and Rings2

3. Wedding Rings!

I think it is a very common thing to twirl and twist your wedding rings – and they tend to spin on their own as it is. The problem – particularly for someone wearing multiple rings (engagement, wedding and anniversary bands) – is that all that spinning translates into wear on the rings. This is exactly what happened to Lisa’s rings – the prongs holding the diamond in place were worn, and the channels were wearing down and the channel stones were starting to get compromised.

Last year she had a mall store jeweler look at the prongs and they ‘repaired’ it – but not all that well. Fortunately we have a good jeweler in the area, and this week they replaced the setting, repaired everything and soldered the rings together. The channels are still very worn down (amazing contrast compared to mine!) but things are safe and secure and it buys us more time.

Speaking of which – since our 25th is coming in a few years, it seems like an opportune time to possibly replace the entire ring set … and we saw a cool set that we will keep in mind. But for now we are just so happy to have Lisa’s set safe and looking better than ever.

The big thing for us is the sentimentality – these have been part of our lives for a very long time (just past 23rd engage-aversary), and it isn’t about the money or value or size or carat weight or whatever. It is about us, and the meaning of these rings. Hopefully our current set will last for a while longer, but we know it won’t be forever. On Instagram Megan mentioned having done hers already after 2 years, and I encourage everyone to consider it.


4. Bringing Back the Garmin

For some reason this week I wanted to get my Garmin back out and start using it again – actually I know exactly why, Garmin launched a new version of their connect site with a separate app for syncing up your device.

It was fun getting the FR-10 back into service, having to sit it on the windowsill as I put on my running shoes to link to GPS, and so on. The fit and feel are great, but one thing I noticed after having used many other devices over the last several months? The elevation was considerably ‘off’ from the rest, and there was a patch that was installed that … you guessed it, dealt with making elevation more accurate!


5. Nutri-Bullet!

So yeah, three weeks in and I continue to use my Nutri-Bullet every day. Generally it is breakfast and dessert – which makes for such a great way to get an ice cream-like dessert that is much healthier.

People at work have taken an interest – one friend was thinking about it for her and her husband, so we were talking, then another person in that group got hooked in, and another … it is kind of crazy. But it is a really fun way to mix things up!

Oh – and thanks for the recipes and pointers! I have used some of them and variations of others … great and yummy stuff!

Bonus: Walking Season!

The picture at the top is from the end of a walk Lisa and I took with the dogs this week. The weather has just started to warm up to the point where we can go for evening walks – the dogs love it, it is so much better than sitting down after dinner, it feels great, and is a great way for us to get to chat even more!

So … what are your weekend plans? Do you like going for walks with spouse / friends / family / pets / alone / etc?

Spill It Sunday ‘Protein’, Weekly Running Recap, and ‘Who Wore It Best’?

Weekly Update 4

Happy Sunday – I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! What an incredibly crazy weather week we’ve had – started and ended near 40F … but had a snow and ice storm and wind chills of about 15F in the middle! I was hoping that this would be the first week without a sub-zero run … but alas Friday was really cold in the morning (and broke 50F in the afternoon)!

The top picture is my Saturday run gear – single layer and light gloves and my Saucony Kinvara 4s. Wait – what?!? That’s right, I brought out the retired shoes again – why? Because I was feeling like the New Balance Minimus were getting played out, so I tried the Kinvaras to see … and sure enough the Saucony felt better. Only 600 miles or so on the New Balance. Not exactly happy when I have been getting more than 1300 miles on the Saucony and Nike shoes.

Here is my weekly summary:

Sunday: 17.75 Miles
Monday: 22F … 8.25 miles
Tuesday: 18F … 6.75 miles
Wednesday: 39F … 7.25 miles
Thursday: -6F … Rest Day!
Friday: -2F Wind Chill … 7.25 miles
Saturday 45F, did 9.1 miles

So another pretty solid week with 56.35 miles – obviously my long Sunday run helped the total. I hadn’t planned to take Thursday off, but I had run 10 days straight already … so it wasn’t a bad choice. Friday I was annoyed about how cold it was – and I knew there was no way I would get out in the afternoon, so I pushed it a bit harder in terms of distance and pace. And on Saturday it was a matter of threading the run in between National History Day and the marching band playing at the St Patrick’s Parade in town. I dedicated my run on Twitter to #RunForJane, for the young single mother who was killed recently while out running.

As you read this a two day cold snap is descending on us before returning to more seasonal temperatures. Who knows – THIS might be our first week without a sub-zero morning!

Who Wore It Best?!?

Poor Megan, she has to take abuse two weeks in a row! A few weeks ago she did a review of Natural Energy Rush eBoost, and one of the items she got was a hat that wasn’t really her style. She said whoever made her laugh most in the comments won the hat – and that ended up being me!

This week I got the hat … but also so much more. Here is what I found when I opened the box:

Weekly Update 1

There was the hat, of course, and also the promised shirt – but also a bunch of goodies … raw, natural, organic goodies! And also a wonderful note! Check it all out:

Weekly Update 2

We have already tried out some of the snacks: the Go Raw pumpkin bar was great, as were the flax snax; the Tanka Bar was a bit ‘jerky-ish’ and that isn’t something we generally eat so it was less of a hit. We haven’t tried the rest – but there were some great things in there we’ll definitely be checking out. And for pricing context, you can get 10 of the Go Raw pumpkin bars for $11.90 at Amazon.com.

But the REAL reason we are here is for the ‘Who Wore It Best’ challenge. Let’s start with Megan:

Megan Hat1

And here I am (sadly you can’t see my ‘live long and prosper’ sign). The joke here is I won for talking about how ‘gangsta’ she could look in the hat!

Weekly Update 3

One final thing – looking at how huge the hat is on Megan compared to knowing how small it is on me (I had to adjust it larger) puts the relative size of our melons in context!

So … ‘Who Wore It Best’ – Megan or Me?!? Let me know in the comments!


And this week over at Arman’s site, the ‘Spill It Sunday’ is ‘Protein’ – one of the most important things we put into our bodies.

1. What is your favourite protein source?

I would have to say nuts – I have peanut butter on my toast at breakfast, or sprinkle almonds on my oats or yogurt, keep pistachios in my desk for snacks and so on. Yeah, nuts.

2. What is your favourite meat (If you eat it)

I rarely eat it (less than once per month), but steak.

3. Which protein receives unfair flack? Which protein is most overrated?

Red meat is unfairly criticized. I say that because all of the studies showing how bad it is included bacon and sausage and other processed crap under the ‘red meat’ category. A good, butcher trimmed lean grass-fed piece of red meat is about the best source of protein available.

In terms of over-rated, I’ll go with Protein powder. Why? Because there’s no need to consume processed food in order to meet your protein intake goals. Obviously everyone has to make their own choices, but if your dietary choices (as opposed to health-related restrictions) has you eating things make in labs and factories, then please don’t claim you are a ‘clean eater’ or that that you only eat ‘whole foods’.

4. Link up a favourite protein rich recipe (it can be your own or another bloggers!)

I always mess around with recipes, but this Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili is one of my faves. The sweetness of the potatoes makes if less of a chili, but I totally love this and could eat it every week (not so for my family … see comment about sweetness).

5. What is YOUR perception of this macronutrient?

Protein helps keep me full and fueled, and is incredibly important to me.

6. What benefits does PROTEIN play in YOUR personal eating habits?

As a runner it is incredibly important, helping to rebuild and restore my body, including bone and muscle tissue. Since it fills me up, it keeps me from snacking too much or getting cravings that I might fill with junk foods or empty carbs.

So what about you? How was YOUR running this week? Did you have better weather this week? And how do YOU feel on the subject of meats and proteins?

Hope everyone has a great week!

Spill It Sunday – ‘Reality TV’ Edition and Weekly Running Recap

New Merrell AllOut Rush1

OK, so I have already complained enough about the cold … not complaining anymore (this week). Also, today was just gorgeous outside – 25F when I started and 30F by the time I got home. That allowed me to try out my new Merrells … and they were fun to run with. Definitely stiffer than the Minimus, not surprising since they are trail shoes. Can’t wait to put them to the test on actual trails!

Here is my weekly summary:

Sunday: Rest Day!
Monday: Still warm at 18F … I did 8.25 miles!
Tuesday: Back to cold … 6.75 miles
Wednesday: ~0FF … 6.75 miles
Thursday: -8F … 6.75 miles
Friday: -17F … 6.75 miles
Saturday 30F with variable winds, did 15.1 miles

Surprisingly I managed to break 50 miles this week (50.35) – I say surprisingly because I felt like I had to REALLY push to get anything going this week. The latest Polar Vortex after that warm-up really killed my motivation, and I was very moody about my runs by Thursday and Friday. But hey, Saturday was awesome, so it is all good, right?

This week we are predicted to get snow followed by more sub-zero cold before finally warming up to ‘normal winter’ late in the week. Hopefully it will last this time.

Blog Love

I have linked out to Laura’s ‘This Is Thirty’ blog before, but since she is now 31 she decided to switch up the name to go with her focus. I always enjoy her stuff, and you should definitely check out her new site!

Check it out!


And this week over at Arman’s site, the ‘Spill It Sunday’ is ‘Reality TV Edition’ – and this is going to be tough since I’m really not a fan.

1. What is your favourite Reality TV show?
Iron Chef / America – the multitude of ways things are made on each show, how ingredients are paired and so on – always learn something. We watch Chopped more often, but this one is always educational.

2. What competition reality TV show do you think would be your best shot of winning?
Chopped – I am a pretty decent cook and perform well under pressure. Not that I WOULD win … but I think I could do okay.

3. What is the worst reality TV show competition out there?
That is a tough one, because most of them don’t last 5 minutes on my screen … but the Rachel vs. Guy show is totally obnoxious and only reminds us that the ‘Next Food Network Star’ show also needs to go away.

4. A reality TV show you’d never admit to watching but secretly enjoy?
Cheaters – we only come across it occasionally, and it is one of those shows that is always the same, and generally awful, but occasionally there are moments that really make us laugh.

5. Which reality TV star do you find has accomplished something?
I think Iron Chef Michael Symon has done a lot – as a representative of Food Network he is a teacher, advocate, and constantly involved with cooking for improvement.

6. Worst Reality TV show?
Based on cultural impact alone it is hard to choose between Jersey Shore and Kardashians.

So what about you? How was YOUR running this week? Did you have better weather this week? And how about YOUR favorite reality TV shows?

Hope everyone has a great week!

Do NOT Trust Apple’s Weather App For Wind Chill Information!


When I was a kid, the concept of ‘wind chill’ was new; the National Weather Service didn’t start reporting it until the 1970s, and it took a while longer to become popular with news viewers. Now it has evolved into ‘Real Feel’ or ‘Feels Like’ rather than just ‘Wind Chill’. Either way, Apple’s Weather app doesn’t have a clue.

As you see above, the temperature when I grabbed this screen was 25F. The next screen shows the wind and the ‘Feels Like’ temperature – and although the wind speed is 9 MPH, the temperature apparently shows no impact.


Of course, if you know anything about being in a cold wind, you know that 16 MPH winds have a VERY significant impact on how things feel! Here is the calculation used by the National Weather Service, with T as temperature and V as wind velocity:

Wind Chill = 35.74 + 0.6215T – 35.75(V^0.16) + 0.4275T(V^0.16)

Based on that calculation, 25F with a 9 MPH wind feels like 15F. Which is about right, according to the Weather Channel app:


Here is the full NWS graph:

It is funny, because I noticed this effect before, and in particular as we had a fire alarm at my work yesterday afternoon – the temperature was 39F and everyone was remarking how warm it was … until we had stood in the parking lot for 20 minutes with 22 MPH winds (Wind Chill 22F, or according to Apple … 39F).

So if you are trying to check for wind chill – don’t trust the Apple Weather app!

T-Rex Runner Launches Ramblen, Resource for Traveling Runners


You know how when a friend does something you are proud and want to help promote it? Well, that extends online to people you’ve never met but know through interaction. Danielle the T-Rex Runner’s site was one of the first personal ‘running blogs’ I really started following last year when I started getting serious about running. Of course, anyone who has visited her site knows there is not much she doesn’t use a path to humor, but there is plenty she takes seriously.

Earlier this year she left her job to launch a new business, but couldn’t say what until it launched. Well, now that time has arrived, and she revealed in a post this week that the new venture is called Ramblen. Here is the description:

Ramblen is a digital media and mobile platform that will allow health and fitness-focused individuals to maintain their workout routine and healthy lifestyle while traveling in an unfamiliar city. It will offer recommendations and mobile curation of information on running trails, lap pools, gyms, fitness classes, cycling routes, group fitness classes, health and fitness merchants and healthy restaurants.

I look at it this way:

When I went to San Diego (Coronado) in May, I spent a fair amount of time looking into running routes – and STILL had some issues I had to work around. Similarly, I spent a load of time figuring out how to get the most out of all of those weeks I spend in Kentucky in terms of food and running.

Had Ramblen been around I would have learned more about navigating the Silver Strand with one-side closed for renovation of some beach areas, and the other occasionally shared with bikers. And in Kentucky I would have learned about the impact of the different hotels and areas on availability of running routes – and perhaps even that some hotels have access to the regional wellness center for an extremely discounted rate.

I checked out the Boston area on the site, and they had some cool info for trail runners on the Blue Hills. Having grown up just a few miles down the road from that area, I knew it well and appreciated what they had to say.

For folks who have to travel and want to be able to find quality workout areas and healthy food options, Ramblen looks like a site to watch. And I don’t just say that because the T-Rex Runner site is often hilarious and one of my favorites.

You can also follow Ramblen on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Health Myths That Won’t Seem to Go Away

Woody Allen Sleeper

It is funny looking back at how much of the food and health information we learned as kids and young adults in the 70s and 80s turned out to be wrong – it makes me feel like Woody Allen in Sleeper! Over the last couple of days I have seen this Lifehacker post cited in a number of places, so I figured it was worth talking about!

But before we get to their list, it is interesting looking back at one bit of health mis-information in particular: sugar as a healthy weight-loss supplement. There are great sets of ads at Buzzfeed here and here. The ones I love the most are how they try to demonstrate that eating a few spoons of refined sugar is a better choice than an apple or a grapefruit!

That seems silly now (at least I HOPE everyone recognizes it as laughable!) … but at its core it is the basis of all of the advertising based misinformation about food and weight.

OK, here is Lifehacker’s list with my comments in between:

Myth 1: Eating Fatty Food Makes You Fat

In the 70s when people started gaining weight just as ‘big sugar’ started pushing corn sugar as a great additive, they came upon a stunning realization: the same word described a component of foods as described a condition of beign overweight – FAT. That made life easy – blame fat for everything! Fat makes you fat! This idea has continued to have considerable traction as we gobble up ‘chemical soup’ Fat-Free foods.

Of course, saturated fats can cause higher cholesterol and lead to heart disease and other health issues – but natural fats and oils from plants and meats are actually beneficial.

Myth 2: Eating Carbs Makes You Fat

You know what foods are high in carbs? Oatmeal, beans, veggies and fruits. ’nuff said.

But #1 and #2 are reminders – if we eat a box of donuts and a bucket of fried chicken while sitting on the coach watching a Star Wars marathon … the results will not be good. Having a donut with fruit and yogurt for breakfast and piece of fried chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli for dinner and keeping active … there is no issue.

These things always bring me back to one of my favorite Bloom County comics:


Myth 3: MSG Is Bad For You

I know people who have a sensitivity to MSG, and others who don’t notice anything. I really have no clue about what triggers that reaction, but I know it isn’t universal. There seems to be some alarmist bad science on the ‘MSG is poison’ side, but ultimately I really don’t know.

My advice here is to listen to your body when it comes to food sensitivity. As an example, after Chowder-fest many years ago, my body suddenly decided ‘no more clams for you’. A few years after that we were at Nauset beach and Lisa wanted a clam roll, so I got onion rings. Of course, it didn’t take long before my body knew they were fried in the same oil. Lesson learned.

Myth 4: High-Fructose Corn Syrup Is Worse Than Sugar

With all of the press you’d think that HFCS is some sort of demon-spawn. But as the sugar lobby likes to point out, it is no worse than any other refined, processed, high fructore sugar source.

The problem isn’t that HFCS is worse than table sugar … it is that HFCS is EVERYWHERE! Salad dressing? HFCS. Ketchup? HFCS. Pasta sauce? HFCS. Want a few more? Lender’s Bagels, Souffer’s French bread pizza, Pepperidge Farm stuffing, Fig Newtons, Wheatables, Jack Daniels Marinade in a bag, and on and on.

The problem with HFCS is that it has become one of the dominant components of the American diet.

Myth 5: Gluten-Free Foods Are Healthier

This is absolutely true … if you have Celiac disease. Otherwise, not necessarily. This came up originally because in order to deal with Celiac, people had very pure, natural, essential diets – which ARE healthy. But like anything else, as soon as companies discovered where they could cut corners it became the same crap … but without wheat products.

Myth 6: Everyone Needs to Poop Daily

On average everyone in our house poops daily. As individuals … it is all over the map. And that is just the way things work – Lisa’s system seems to react almost instantly whereas I can’t tell before breakfast how my system reacted to last night’s dinner …

Myth 7: Microwaving Kills the Nutrients in Food

As noted in the article, certain nutrients in broccoli are lost … but are lost no matter what. Peeling potatoes has a bigger nutritional impact than microwaving. And it doesn’t impact humans at all … so long as you are wearing your tin-foil hat! 🙂

Myth 8: You’ll Lose a Pound of Fat for Every 3,500 Calorie You Burn

There are so many variants on this thing … bottom line is that if you burn 3500 calories you lose a pound. The make-up of that pound depends on many things – and whether it is offset by those chips and beer is an entirely different issue!

Myth 9: Spot Training Helps You Burn Fat in Specific Areas

Spot-reduction is a great myth – you can WORK specific areas, such as arms or legs or abs … but if you are trying to lose loads of fat, it needs to be through global weight loss.

Spot reduction

Myth 10: The Scale Is a Good Way to Help You Manage Your Fat Loss Progress

The scale is your enemy! The old truism that you can tell what is going on through how you feel and how you fit into your favorite clothes is very much true. The scale can go up or down based on water, how much is ‘in your system’, and doesn’t discriminate between fat and muscle.

BMI is every bit as bad, if not worse! There was the case of the teen athlete who got a ‘you are overweight’ assessment sent home due to BMI. As it turned out the height used was incorrect, but in general BMI is just a way of scaling your weight to your height. I look at our family – Chris is tall and built slender, I am in the middle and Danny has very broad shoulders. We are all within an inch of each other, but would have vastly different BMIs based on weight – and none of it takes our body type into account.

So … what other myths are out there? There are tons, here are a few I’ve heard about lately:
– Colon cleanses: your body has got the situation covered. You don’t need to ‘flush your undercarriage’ – it might make you feel lighter, but it is totally unnecessary and can be dangerous according to some! A better alternative is to do your own ‘detox’ by just eating right.

– Muscle turns into fat when you don’t exercise: just like water doesn’t turn into rock, muscle doesn’t turn into fat. If you are not active your muscle tone will decrease, and if you gain weight you will build fat. But the two are unrelated.

– Eating after 8/9/10PM causes weight gain. Bottom line: nothing magical about the time, it is the content. If you have already eaten all of your calories for the day, and then go back for ice cream / pie / chips / whatever (because at 10PM is probably isn’t an apple or a few grapes), then you will probably have a caloric excess … in other words, weight gain.

– More meals is better: this comes from the theory that your body burns slow and constant and that whatever you can’t burn between breakfast and lunch becomes fat. That has been debunked as well.

Bottom line on weight loss is pretty simple: you burn calories all the time. Exercise increases that amount – and high aerobic activities like running or biking increase it exponentially. You need to increase food intake to fuel your workouts – but there is the danger of too much fuel … which then becomes weight gain.

Here is my favorite quote on health and eating, from Michael Pollan (author of the Omnivore’s Dilemma):

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
Oh, and here is the full Woody Allen scene:

Everything Clicked … Until it Didn’t, But That Was OK.

This was just one of those amazing mornings … I woke up before the alarm with time to snooze, then woke up a few minutes before the alarm and was able to get up feeling peaceful and ready.  I quickly got everyone fed, the dishwasher emptied, coffee made, checked emails and then was ready to go. 

The weather was great – it was dark (no moon) and a bit foggy, but in the low 60s and not too humid.  I got in 9 miles and was home in time to wake the kids up for school before 6.  But from there it seemed like I was a step behind.

We have an ultra-efficient water heater, but it has an issue with restarting properly.  As a result we get faults and need to reset the system nearly every day.  Sometimes it just doesn’t want to reset properly – and this morning was one of those days!  As a result I got a hot shower, but one son used all of the hot water and the water wasn’t warm again before the other son had no choice but to deal with it.  So I was late getting breakfast and ended up feeling rushed out the door to work … what a shame.

But in the end, everyone got clean, everyone got breakfast, and I even got to drink coffee with Lisa.  Combine that with an awesome run, and it was a great start!

Welcome to My New Blog!

Why after all these years did I want to get started with another blog?  I mean, I am happily writing for Gear Diary and have a busy enough life that there is little extra time.

But still … I have found myself posting longer things on Facebook about my running and other experiences.  That that make no sense on Gear Diary but that I wanted to write about.  I realized that once again I needed a purely personal place to tell MY story, similar to what I did a decade ago when writing for GamerDad and looking for a non-gaming outlet.

How much will I blog here?  Who knows … but I am hoping for a daily entry.

What will I talk about?  Everything and anything!  Daily runs, family stuff, cool new music, my personal aspirations and frustrations, foodie things and recipes – whatever comes to mind!

So thanks for stopping by and enjoy!