Wordless Wednesday – One Picture of Me

10 Day You Challenge

Today is the last day of my ’10 Days of You’ series … and the theme is “One Picture of Yourself”.

Well … I decided to cheat. Sure I will use one ‘picture’ – but I decided to make it a collage. Rather than just me, I included many views of myself, as husband, father, worker, runner, crazy-cold weather endurance runner, dog lover, and someone for whom family absolutely comes first. Here I am:


Again I want to thank everyone for the amazing support and comments throughout the series – I have learned loads of things about all of you as well as myself, and this ended up being much more fun and more rewarding than I ever could have expected.

I was just looking at that picture again and realized something – there is NO ‘Fat Mike’ picture … does this mean I no longer count that as part of my core identity? Now THERE is a great way to end this series!

What would YOUR ‘one picture’ look like?

Wordless Wednesday – Snow Day!

Snow Day1

I don’t know why I have an exclamation point at the end, not like I get the day off or anything. Oh yeah, I got to run in unplowed snow and get to go out and shovel before heading into work! Works for me!

Apparently someone plowed our road so we only had ~3″ on the street – but no one had driven on it yet. So I was in for a surprise when I hit the main road and encountered 4-6″. It was thick enough that it was work running through it – but as I have said before there is just SOMETHING about running in the fresh snow.

And even more than the last storm I was alone – the picture at top is from a cup-de-sac in the development next to ours where the road was untouched except for me. And below is a shot from the other side of our development where nothing had touched the snow. Well, until I messed it up a few seconds later.

Snow Day2

Also, did everyone know that as part of the 10th anniversary of Facebook you can head to your own ‘Lookback’ and see a summary of your activity through the years. For me it has been nearly 7 years, as I joined soon after it became available to the general public.

Check out your own Lookback, or you can even view mine if you want to lose a minute of your life you can never get back!

So – how is your weather today?