Three Generations of Fathers and my Weekly Running Summary

Today is Father’s Day – and I wish the very best to any dads reading, and also the husbands (and fathers) of all the great ladies reading! I don’t know what my family has planned for me, but I know I will get the one gift that I always want and that trumps all others – plenty of love! 🙂

I figured what I would do is walk through a number of pictures of four generations of Andersons … my boys, me, my dad and both of my grandfathers. I have one picture of my great-grandpa Murphy (who really did carry a flask of ‘holy water’) but I wanted to focus on cross-generational aspects. So here we go – starting more than 50 years ago …

My beautiful picture

At my parent’s wedding 1962, my grandmother, aunt Chrissy, mom and Grandpa Dew

Father's Day 19691

Grandfather Anderson with my dad (on his right), uncle Roger (left), grandmother, and aunt Judy and uncle Dave – from military retirement in 1969

Fathers Day 19741

My dad in 1971 with Karen, me and John

My beautiful picture

The only picture I have of just me and my Grandpa Dew …

Fathers Day First Communion1

My first communion 1974

Fathers Day Grandfather A1

With my grandfather Anderson on my birthday in 1978 … you can practically FEEL the 70s oozing from the page!

Fathers Day Me and Crew1

Me and my crew in 2014!

My Running Summary

I have said before I am not a fan of random running recitations, and that definitely includes these. I feel on the one hand like they need more context, and on the other that they are STILL just a list of miles I ran. Yay … zzzzz. This week I’m keeping it short, but next week I will see what I can do.

This week was the first week of Megan’s Abs Challenge, which has been fun and loads of work! As a result I kept my route fairly consistent most of the week (except Wednesday where I changed it up again) so I could get in the Abs work!

This week was my first ‘plank’ – which is really hard to do and sustain … I managed to break 2 minutes by the end of the week … but it is definitely a struggle increasing by 5 seconds each day!

Sunday: 14.5 miles around the airport loop.
Monday: 9.25 miles, Abs, 1:00 plank
Tuesday: 9.25 miles, Abs, 1:13 plank
Wednesday: 10.10 miles, Abs, 1:54 plank
Thursday: 9.25, Abs, 2:06 plank
Friday: 9.25 miles, Abs, 2:11 plank
Saturday 10.5 miles and ‘5 minute abs’ workout

It was another great week – I ran all 7 days for a total of 72.1 miles … and honestly I can feel it! I stopped the Runner’s World Streak – but have run 13 days straight since! Adding the abs has made me more tired and sore – but I am loving it all, though I know I will need a day off soon as I am getting more exhausted!

My pace this week was all over the place, and the weather was warm and wet – the morning temperature was normally about 65 and humid, and I got rained on nearly every day, though most days the heavy stuff stopped before I went out. Only Saturday was cooler – in fact we had a development-wide yard sale and it was only a high of 55 for most of the day! Great for running … but chilly standing there for 7 hours of the yard sale!!

Thanks for all of the awesome comments on the last couple of posts – your insights affirmed for me how great the blogging community and why I do this! I have one more post in the ‘blogging introspection’ series that will come tomorrow, then I will put all of that behind me. Thanks again!

Oh – and I know Laura is running the Manitoba Marathon today, so good luck to her – and also to anyone else racing today, and I hope everyone has a great day whatever your plans!

What do you have planned for Sunday?