Bad Workout Advice!

Bad Fitspo

I remember back in the 80s when Inspirational Posters became all the rage on corporate walls. Stirring images with moving slogans sought to motivate workers and organizations to reach new heights. Of course, almost immediately we also saw De-motivational posters, with one of my favorites being a shipwreck near shore with a slogan about how perhaps your purpose in life is to serve as a warning for others!

Similarly, all over websites and blogs and Facebook we see images meant to inspire you to get moving or control eating or any other number of positive changes. In some cases these are twisted to support unhealthy goals – these are things such as ThinSpo or FitSpo … Rather than healthy eating or exercise, these are supporting anorexic habits or unhealthy exercise habits in support of unhealthy body weights. Some of these seem to mean well, but on further analysis support an inherently unhealthy lifestyle.

If you read exercise, dieting or other health and fitness blogs, you will find plenty of opinions about pretty much everything. Many of these sites are run by people with no medical or exercise physiology background, but who speak with authority on any number of subjects. Some of the advice is incomplete, incorrect and even dangerous! Much of it is based solely on personal experience yet is presented like sound medical truth.

I had written a post a while ago called ‘What Works for Me … Works for Me’. To sum it up quickly, because I managed to lose a considerable amount of weight quickly and get myself on a rigid and rigorous running schedule without incident or injury … some people looked to me as an ‘expert’. Ha! I am barely an expert on ME, let alone on what anyone else should be doing.

So when I saw this list of ‘corrected’ fitspiration posters at Buzzfeed, I wanted to highlight the one about injuries in particular. I know WAY too many runners and running bloggers who have been sidelined by injuries of one sort or other this year (not to mention a certain wife of mine!), so it is worth remembering and reiterating that being safe and smart and listening to your body and being patient in pacing yourself are all INCREDIBLY important as you workout and train.