Throwback Thursday – First Family Picture With Santa

Kids With Santa1

Last week at Bri’s blog she talked about how her daughter wanted nothing to do with Santa … and it really brought me back. Back in 1997 Danny was just over a year old, and had already done one picture with Santa when he was about 6 weeks old.

We wanted to head to the Burlington Mall and get a bit of shopping done, and get a picture taken with the Jordan Marsh Santa while we grabbed our annual Lenox family ornament. As it turned out there was quite the snowstorm going on – and where we lived northwest of Boston we got pounded on a regular basis! But since we just wanted a quick trip, neither Lisa nor I were really dressed – I hadn’t even shaved!

So naturally after standing in line for a while we got to the front and Danny decided he wanted nothing to do with Santa! That is why he has such nice rosy cheeks – he was all out of sorts, but with us sitting there and a solid grasp on his candy cane, he took the picture. And that is how we ended up with a family picture with Santa!

That was 1997 … and in 1998 Christopher was born, so I can’t help but share this picture, because … CUTE!

Kids With Santa2