Retouching Video Shows the Power of ‘Unreality’

Before After Photoshop

We all know that when we look at models in magazines or online they have been touched up, and even the actors and actresses at award shows have gone through hours of preparation specific to making them look great on camera under those specific lighting conditions. Seeing a stage actor walk off the set is a quick reminder of the un-reality of that situation.

Seeing photoshopped images next to the originals is a very powerful lesson – but we still tend to allow ourselves to believe that the ‘after’ image is real and should be our goal.

Late last year track & field athlete Lauren Fleshman walked the runway for Oiselle as part of NY Fashion Week a mere 3 months after giving birth, prompting some discussion about how ripped and toned and tanned she looked so soon after having a baby. But as she revealed in her blog … she IS thin and fit, but most of it had to do with intense prep as well as some oil and spray tan!

when my pics from the NY Fashion Week Oiselle Runway show were posted, a lot of people commented that it was pretty crazy to have my body change that much in three months. And yeah, it was a little crazy but in real life, people don’t walk around spray tanned and flexed. Out of the thousands of photos taken at the runway show after all that tanning and primping and posture-holding, one or two of them looked good. A lot of them looked pretty gnarly. Weird facial expressions, lumpy bits, zombie walks…but nobody would ever know…

I definitely recommend checking the entire post out, because it shows the REAL reality as opposed to just that one iconic image of her on the runway.

Again, we know we can’t compete with airbrush, spray tan, and photoshop, but how many of us look at pictures like that and think … well I will never look like THAT (well, aside from the whole obvious gender thing … you get my point!)

This week a new video has been making the rounds I wanted to share – it is a music video in French with the singer slowly being photoshopped over the course of a song. By the end the singer is barely recognizable as the same person from the beginning – an they do a brief flashover of the original image to drive that point home.

How do YOU deal with maintaining perspective in an increasingly unreal world?

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