Hey PC Gamers – Want to Win a FREE Copy of The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings?


Recently GoG.com (Good Old Games) had their huge sale, and by checking in once a day you collected ‘stamps’, and getting all 7 stamps netted you a couple of freebies – a copy of the movie ‘The Gamers’, and the acclaimed RPG “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings”. Thing is – I already own the game, so I want to give away my copy to someone who wants to play.

Here is the description:

The second installment in the RPG saga about the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. A new, modern game engine, responsible both for beautiful visuals and sophisticated game mechanics puts players in the most lively and believable world ever created in an RPG game. A captivating story, dynamic combat system, beautiful graphics, and everything else that made the original Witcher such a great game are now executed in a much more advanced and sophisticated way.

What’s New in the Enhanced Edition:
– Professional mod tool – REDkit beta: The REDkit is the best way to craft vast, living worlds – shape environments using intuitive tools and adapt them to your needs! Create your own RPG adventures and do it CD Projekt RED style!
– Additional hours of gameplay: New major adventures set in previously unseen locations, expanding the story and introducing new characters, mysteries and monsters.
– New Game Introduction and Cinematics: All new animations and cut scenes, including a new, three and a half minute pre-rendered cinematic depicting the assassination of King Demavend of Aedirn. BAFTA Award winner and Academy Award nominee Tomasz Baginski brings this key historical event to life, setting the stage for the story told in The Witcher 2.

You can get more information about the game at the GoG.com page.

So how do you win? Just enter a comment below. Next Monday December 8th I will announce a winner using a not so secret formula: frequent visitors/commenters/readers who comment get 5 entries, occasional visitors get 3 entries, and first-timers get one. Since it is a random drawing, everyone has the chance to be Primrose Everdeen!

Check Out the Official Trailer for ‘The Shadow Sun’


If you are a fan of iOS role playing games (RPG), chances are you’ve been tracking The Shadow Sun for a very long time (I first wrote about it over at Gear Diary at the end of August … in 2010!). What started as an iPhone-only game now supports the iPad, and even takes advantage of the iPad Air! Today we get the official trailer!

Ossian Studios doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but the game is getting very close – they haven’t changed from the ‘Fall 2013’ launch window yet, so we could well see the release before the end of the year.

As a huge fan of their ‘Darkness Over Daggerford’ adventure for Neverwinter Nights and ‘Mysteries of Westgate’ for Neverwinter Nights 2, I have been anxiously awaiting the release of their first new game.

Check out the trailer – it is the first look at in-game combat and live gameplay!

Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition Coming November 15th!

OK, anyone who knows me know that I’m a gamer – I have been into computer games since Castle Wolfenstein way back on the Apple ][! For the longest time my preferred genre was shooters – Doom, Dark Forces, Duke Nukem, Jedi Knight, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Medal of Honor, Soldier of Fortune, Jedi Knight II … you get the picture.

But when LucasArts announced a Star Wars RPG ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ for late 2003, I knew I had to check it out! To prepare myself, I played their 2002 game ‘Neverwinter Nights’ when it came to the Mac in mid-2003, then thorougly enjoyed KotOR (which is now on iPad, by the way). After I was done with those games, and also the expansions for NWN – I wanted MORE.

Suddenly I was hooked into the RPG genre, and there were two games I played based on RPGDot (now RPGWatch) forum recommendations – Gothic 2 and Baldur’s Gate II.

Baldur’s Gate II is always close to the top of ‘best video games of all time’ lists – and for good reason. Great characters, excellent writing, ‘real-time with pause’ combat system that is a great compromise between depth and speed, and just an amazing overall experience. Between the original ‘Shadows of Amn’ and the ‘Throne of Bhaal’ expansion there is more than 120 hours of gaming … so this is not the sort of game I knock off every year like Jedi Knight 2!

The original release still works well on the PC, but doesn’t take advantage of wide-screens, higher resolutions and so on. The Mac version has long since been left behind in the sea of Apple changes including Power-PC to Intel and OS X. So now we get the news that Beamdog, Overhaul Games and Atari are releasing the game – including all original content plus new stuff – for Mac & PC on November 15th. You can pre-order here.

Check out the trailer.