Wednesday Wandering Mind – My Like, Dislike, Will, Won’t Thoughts on Random Topics


After a couple of heavy posts Monday and Tuesday, I wanted to lighten things up. It seems that my ‘Thinking Out Loud’ posts have gotten fairly verbose rather than stream of consciousness … so this week I just chose a bunch of topics and am going to blast out quick thoughts, no more than a sentence. Let’s see how it goes!

– I have been totally in love with pears lately.
– Ditto for pistachios
– I will eat the same thing every day without issue.
– I could never be vegan, mainly due to yogurt and ice cream.
– I could be 95% vegetarian, but would want steak once every couple of months.
– We have trimmed starchy carbs very much with Lisa’s Paleo diet plan
– In fact, we have them so infrequently that the mashed potatoes last night felt like lead in my stomach.
– Clams are the one food I cannot tolerate, which I learned one year at the Chowda-Fest in Boston
– There are not many foods I dislike, and I love spicy foods – probably my least favorite thing is salty foods
– When it comes to cake I prefer the frosting to the cake … but it is easy for me to overload on the sweetness of buttercream
– My lenten goal of limiting traditional desserts is going OK so far – I had 3 rather than 2 in the past week. The fruit alternative is wonderful … but then I felt like baking …
– Aside from the taste there is nothing that makes me want to eat pizza anymore … and lately the taste just isn’t enough.
– My family had no problem with ‘meatless Monday’, but last December when I tried a meat-free week … the legumes and other components just got to be too much and they rebelled! 🙂

Cars & Driving
– There is not one day that I miss the 35-mile commute from Townsend to Marlboro
– My current commute is about 5 miles, and I would gladly run/bike if I didn’t have to travel to other facilities on a semi-regular basis … oh, and if there were showers at my facility.
– In warm weather I enjoy ‘hyper-miling’ with my Escape Hybrid, seeing how far I can get without the gas engine engaging.
– I really have no desire to drive super-fast or own an expensive car.
– I always used to have one of those pine-tree car scented things but stopped because they tweaked Lisa’s allergies.

– In college I used to head to the music wing (West Hall) at RPI and play the pianos at any hour as a very relaxing de-stressor.
– The MIDI lab was one of the pioneering digital media centers, and really grabbed my interest in MIDI recording
– I can still hop into the Performer music program even though it is the least intuitive thing around compared to newer software.
– Even though I play it less than the guitar or keyboards, bass will always be my ‘home’ instrument
– I will find something to like in any rhythmic-based, instrumental-centric music, regardless of genre.
– Likewise, I have little use for music where the emphasis is on the words and singing … which is why in spite of loving jazz, I have no use for most vocal jazz.
– I still have most of the music studio from 25 years ago, in excellent condition.
– The Roland Juno 106 analog synth I sold for a couple hundred $ back then could now pull >$1000
– In contrast, the 24-voice multi-timbral Roland JV-880 digital synth I bought then for much more and updated and upgraded … is now worth about $150.
– Both had similar MSRP … the lesson? Analog is back!

My Internet History
– I got a personal internet account before there was ‘the web’ … at that point there were 1200bps modems, email, USENET, and not much else.
– I tried AOL for a bit, and also Apple’s eWorld and Compuserve. Always went back to ‘MassInternet’, an early provider.
– I always loved USENET, and that kept me from really engaging in the web-based discussion forums that started to spring up in the mid-90s.
– I am still active on some web forums that I’ve been part of for nearly 20 years – it is amazing to see how people have grown through those years.

Marriage & Kids
– Anyone who says marriage is easy is lying
– Anyone who says they don’t fight is either lying or doomed.
– Marrying Lisa is the best thing in my life …
– The boys are the second best.
– My boys are my greatest joy, worry, frustration, fear, pride, and hope
– It is ALL a lot of work … some days it FEELS like work, other days you don’t even notice
– It is all worth it … I revel in the past and look forward to the future,.

Blogging – Yours
– I feel like every day I add at least one new blog
– At this point I won’t add a blog unless I see an article of interest on the first page.
– It is definitely a struggle keeping up with reading all of the great blogs I follow!
– I find new blogs more often than not through comments on my current blogs.
– I will not comment to be ‘first’, or in hopes of gaining clicks over to my blog
– I have unfollowed some blogs based on issues with citing sources, copycat blogging (that Arman covered so well recently), content-lite sponsored ‘reviews’ and so on.
– As I spread out more and more, I find myself asking ‘exactly WHY did you post this?’ more often than I care to admit.

Blogging – Mine
– I set up blogging accounts on Blogspot (Blogger) as soon as it was open to the public, which was somewhere in the mid 2000s
– For a while I would write posts as an outlet for when I was just doing gaming reviews, but there was never the time or drive to really keep up with things.
– For a while I was able to work some of my running stuff in with other blogs, but it was never personal
– Tomorrow (the 13th or March) is my 6-month anniversary of this blog.

Video Games
– My first non-arcade video game love was 1981’s ‘Castle Wolfenstein’ on the Apple ][+ (hot tech of 1979)!
– I have always loved playing games, and still do.
– My favorite genres are RPG and FPS
– My parents bought me a Game Boy when it first came out for work travel.
– I really got into playing computer games heavily in the late 90s
– At my peak, I did more than 225 game reviews in a single year.
– At this point, I would be happy doing a couple a year.
– In general I would rather casually replay an old favorite than play new games.

– Corning is a great company to work for in many ways
– I think in numbers, graphs and equations
– I interface naturally and easily with machines amd equipment
– Taking AP English in high school meant not taking any typical humanities at all in college.
– Writing reviews and having actual editors has helped me considerably through the years
– Taking Six Sigma training (as a statistician) did nothing for me technically, but helped my presentation and ‘elevator speech’ skills
– At my last job I really should have left in 2004, but stayed through 2007.
– My favorite project technically at Corning was the one that deserved most to be killed … and was.
– I have made a few good friends here, and still have contact with people from earlier jobs through Facebook.

Social Media
– I love Facebook within the context I use it – friends new and old, family, colleagues, and a few groups.
– Twitter I ‘get’, but cannot align its flow to my style.
– I’ve had an Instagram account since forever, but only in the last year really done anything with it.
– I have a Tumblr … really no clue. I just know my posts go there, and my younger son totally gets it.
– As I said before, I have a Pinterest with boards and pins … and I just don’t get it.
– I still love traditional web based discussions because they can be so democratic and provide great social interaction.

iPad as Computer
– The iPad is my ‘90% computer’, and goes with me everywhere.
– Recent articles continue to call tablets ‘neither mobile nor productive’ enough – I disagree.
– I use it for email, web, Feedly (actually Mr Reader), blogging, statistical analysis, social media, games, and making music
– I have the Belkin Ultimate keyboard case. It acts as a stand and has a fantastic keyboard.

– There are few things worse than bleeding nipples.
– Well, maybe getting into the shower before realizing how bad they are.
– Actually, chafing from running in general is pretty lousy.
– I AM a runner.
– I love being outside with nature in the morning.
– I will run in pretty much any weather, down to below -20F this year
– However, I will NOT run if conditions are too icy or there is active lightning.
– I have not decided what I will do for training plans this year.

The image at top is from this morning, right before the latest snowstorm came rolling through …it is the last morning this work for at least the next 10 days. Hopefully not much longer until spring arrives for real!


And again this week I am linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons!

And that is all for now … what is wandering through YOUR mind this Wednesday?!?

Wednesday Wandering Mind – Edition IV, Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

Not Drunk Just Potholes

Welcome back to my fourth Wondering Mind brain-dump! I have loved all of the comments I’ve been getting, so I will keep these coming. I will try to limit my whining and complaining about the weather, but I won’t make any promises – though since it it was a ‘normal winter morning’ I am less cranky about the cold today.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Pothole City

The image at top came from Facebook (unknown source), and has caused some chuckles in my friend group after being shared with someone I went to high school with. But the reality is that around this time every year things have gotten pretty bad – differential temperatures between roads, air and ground below result in cracks and ‘frost heaves’; freeze-thaw cycles from the occasional warm-up exacerbate the issue; plows catch those uneven spots and break apart the roads; and drivers going over the uneven areas continues to make it worse.

The result is potholes … every year. I have found this year to be especially bad, and the normally bad access road around the local mall is just out of control bad – it was laughable as I swerved around ‘tire-killer’ holes like I was on a race track.

The situation is playing out across the entire northeast like it does every year – worse than some years, better than others. It will be interesting to see how it goes in areas that normally don’t get too wintery but have been whacked this year. Feel free to comment if you are in one of those areas.

2. Wishing Away The Days

I am all about living in the now, appreciating what we have today, and not wishing away my life waiting for what comes next. So I was dismayed this morning thinking about how much time I have spent looking forward to warmer weather, and hearing everyone in my house last night saying the same thing. We are two months into 2014, and I feel like my #1 activity has been wanting it to be warmer.

Yes this has been a record cold winter, and it has definitely impacted our ability to just get outside to do things … but it is a shame to have that feeling that you are wishing away time. On the other hand, I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I’ve had with Lisa and the boys just hanging out.

3. New ‘Night Watch’ Book Coming

Yesterday on Amazon they had the digital version of the book Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko on sale. This Russian sci-fi fantasy series is one of my favorites – solid writing and characters, interesting concepts, and plenty of action. I highly recommend checking out the series if you are interested – you can get the synopsis at Amazon.

They made movies from the books, and also computer games (based on the Silent Storm tactical strategy engine). The movies were blockbusters in Russia, and the games were fun but deeply flawed. But the books have been consistently excellent.

I already own the books digitally, but what intrigued me was that there was a new addition set for pre-order and release in April. So I did.

4. Gamers Don’t Watch TV

A new survey looked at 60,000 self-proclaimed gamers and their media consumption habits, with the easiest conclusion being that TV consumption has dropped considerably.

The survey only took the information of ‘millenials’, aged 13-21. They note that people that age are playing video games more than watching TV … but spend more time on YouTube than BOTH of those (I can vouch for that!) You can check out more at the source.

Gamers Dont Watch TV Anymore

5. Pumping Gas

With weather being so cold, having to pump gas is no fun. I really don’t care much as there is a station right on my way to work that is an easy in/out. Lisa hates pumping gas, and hates the cold, so I have been routinely filling her car when needed … including this morning.

This prompted a discussion around pumping gas at work – how there are a few stations here in New York that still pump gas for you, basically none back in Massachusetts, while in New Jersey if you get out of your car at a gas station they get incredibly upset because it is actually illegal to pump your own gas. What are the pump rules in YOUR state?

6. This Is Why We’re Unhealthy

I have come to love these quick 1-2 minute videos that teach a quick lesson. Here is a quick video talking about our intake compared to daily recommended amounts.

7. A Close Shave

Last night I spent some time with my older son teaching him how to shave with a blade razor. He’s had an electric razor for a few years, but really wanted to start shaving with a blade. So this weekend I bought him his own stuff (Gillette Mach 3) and last night we took to the sink to get a good shave with minimal blood!

He did great, and could feel the smoothness of the close shave … Lisa caught some on video, which is a fun memory.

8. That Blog Post That Broke You

I really love so many blogs, and my biggest problem is keeping up with all of them rather than choosing not to read.

But every now and then I come across a blog where I like a post and start following, then there is a post that bugs me considerably for some reason. Sometimes it is an anomoly, other times the one I LIKED was the oddball. There is one recently that has been bugging me – because there was a post where the author was whining about having to share the road with bikers, and was very condescending about those who bike.

That same week I read two separate accounts about bikers seriously hurt by cars – one relatively close to where the author lived. I have considered commenting, but really can’t think of anything constructive or engaging to say, and just can’t get past it even thought there are a few newer posts.

Ever have anything like that happen?

9. Lenten Sacrifice

I am a Catholic by birth and baptism (and confirmation), though I would put myself in the ‘weakly practicing’ category. Nonetheless I like to use Lent each year to focus on something – to me it is a good excuse to work on areas of myself I want to improve. And since the time exceeds the ‘time to make a habit’ threshold … why not?!? This year I have two:

a) No computers in bed. Whether it is a laptop, tablet or a Cray Supercomputer … if I am reading/writing blogs and doing email/web stuff – it is a computer. I have done good with a ‘no laptop’ policy, but I am only keeping to the letter of the law. So … for the next six weeks – only reading and occasional gaming. I would prefer only reading, but am giving myself realistic slack here. Exception if Lisa and I are planning vacations, or actively doing work together on the computer sitting in bed.

b) No more than two ‘traditional desserts’ per week. This week in particular I have had more than a couple of days where my normal caloric intake was lacking and I compensated with oversized dessert portions. Last night it was because I really didn’t get much lunch due to time constraints with an experiment we were running, but that isn’t the only time. I eat well and want the focus to be on eating ENOUGH that eating a dessert is just a small sweet treat. I know I will want something, so I will allow myself a bowl of mixed berries post dinner.

10. Marcel Andrenson and Other Oscar Thoughts

So the meme from the Oscars is about John Travolta calling Idina Menzel “Adele Dazeem”, and Slate has a ‘what is your Travolta name’ generator. Mine is ‘Marcel Andrenson’ … what is yours?

Other thoughts:
– Liza and Minelli and Kim Novak showed the after-effects of our obsessiveness with ‘female perfection’, whereas Bruce Dern was the reminder of the double standard where men can simply age.
– I am constantly reminded that mostly these shows are boring, pre-ordained, and tightly controlled.
– And Ellen nailed it by saying ‘either 12 years a slave wins … or you’re a bunch of racists’.
– There award shows are so broadly scripted that even the fun moments seem to feature at least one person who is uncomfortable in a loosely ad-libbed situation.
– I think we could feed all of Africa for a year on the amount Samsung had to have spent buying up advertising and usage of their devices. This is typical – some award shows have Galaxy devices as the ‘envelope’.
– But it was interesting to note that off-stage Ellen was using her iPhone.
– Also, for all of the glory about Twitter and the photo retweet, when Kim Novak appeared we were reminded about the basement-dweller troll mentality of much of the internet.

11. The Hidden Truth of Ebb & Flow

It is funny that Sara asked if I was listening to her conversation when I wrote about the Natural Ebb & Flow yesterday , and while I was writing with a few specific things in my mind … today I realized that perhaps there was something in my own subconscious pushing me to write.

Some of you might know I write for a couple of other sites in various capacities. As I was on my run this morning, a few things I saw from one of those sites were echoing around in my head, making it pretty clear that I am being edged out or marginalized, or perhaps there is an assumption that due to this blog I am drifting away (which might be true) so they are planning for that. Either way it does sting because it is not being done directly, but adding up more than a few things from the last six months makes it clear that it IS being done.

12. Things to Do Right Now

I don’t think this is actually as new as the post date (probably a retread), but never a bad idea – this post at Buzzfeed details a number of useful things to do that take little time and can be beneficial. Here is one:

9. Cancel a subscription you never use anymore.

Here is my variant – cancel subscriptions that the people paying for are not using … namely my wife and I. I have had complimentary Spotify access ‘press pass’ status on and off for a few years, but that dried up recently as the company is more established in the US. But I tend to use Rdio as it has more of my genre, and as a family we use slacker – so Spotify is only for my kids. So suddenly I found my PayPal last month getting hit with a $9.99 charge – made a note to do something … then yesterday got another. The service is terminated as of the end of March.

Same thing for Netflix – got a pass to check out new features and write about them, and since then have watched exactly ZERO movies, with only my older son ever using it. The last straw was my son letting someone else use the account. Terminated as of mid-March.

Think about it – that is $18 per month that was providing no real value to our family as compared to our Hulu+ and Amazon Prime memberships we all use regularly. And just last month we spent a while on the phone with Time Warner paring down and renegotiating our cable bill. I would still like to move towards cutting cable and and line … but at the price we got it doesn’t make sense yet.

What services/subscriptions have you eliminated?


I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons again … who is in Hawaii making us all jealous!

Is this a warm-up?1

What have you been reading or thinking about this week?

Wednesday’s Wandering Mind – Edition III, Feb 26 2014


Welcome back to my another happy Wednesday as we peek inside the mess that is my mind for the third Wednesday’s Wandering Mind! Although I am a day early, tomorrow I’ll be linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons, whose ‘Thursday is for Thinking Out Loud’ series was the inspiration for my own ramblings …

… speaking of which …

1. The Soul-Crushing Demotivation of Extreme Cold

It might seem counter-intuitive after running about 60 miles each of the last two weeks, both of which had me dealing with sub-zero temperatures … but I am DONE, and really starting to feel it psychologically.

Over the last week I have fogotten to press ‘go’ on my GPS watch two times, and today didn’t even bother. I think that the warm-up really crushed my spirit as we headed back into yet more ‘Polar Vortex’ weather, with the next 10 days all forecast with mornings below 10F.

Yeah, it is winter … but when you are entering March and ALL of 2014 has been ~15F below normal … it is not fun. Even last week when it warmed above 40F in the afternoons I was running in ~15F mornings.

2. So My Wife is The BEST Thing EVER!

Like that race medal display case at the top? That was a surprise Lisa made and gave me LAST Christmas. And in case you were wondering if I keep close eye on my running bibs and medals … well, she took all that stuff for a couple of months!

But we never figured out the right place to hang it. But over Christmas break the boys and I painted the stairsway and upstairs hallways, which meant taking everything down. Lisa said ‘I know the PERFECT place’ … and so we added the medals from 2013 and hung it up on Sunday. I love it … and her. Yeah, she’s a keeper 🙂

3. I am SO done with Junk food!

I have talked about the ‘junk food hangover’ before – from eating processed and/or fried foods, and that it has gotten worse for me over the last couple of years. This past weekend we got a couple of pizzas from Papa Johns as part of a fundraiser for the kids’ marching band … and later that night I felt full and bloated and … well, yucky. I drank about a gallon of water. Not really looking forward to the next fundraiser in March!

4. Things I Don’t Get – Pinterest

So over at Loving On The Run, Sara has a ‘review’ of the Reebok ZQuick running shoes (I put review in ‘quotes’ since she really hasn’t run a lot of miles in them), and a giveaway … and a few of the items to earn entries are around Pinterest – reminding me that while I have had an account there forever … it is nothing I really ever use, because I just don’t ‘get it’.

Maybe it is because I had been digitized for SO LONG before the visual internet, that I am very much used to thinking with text files and spread sheets. Having an image list does nothing for me. What am I missing? Let me know!

5. Differences in Brain Wiring

We all know there are differences in men and women in how they respond to many things, due to brain wiring as well as societal treatment differences. We also know that these responses are distributions … so sometimes there are counter-examples to whatever ‘male-female difference’ someone is talking about. Sense of smell, empathy, aggression, whhatever.

My point? Whether or not some study says you SHOULD be good or bad at something has no bearing on whether or not you ARE. Perhaps you are, perhaps not – but don’t ever use, or let someone else use, some study as an excuse.

6. Work-Life Harmony, Not Balance

The whole thought about ‘work-life balance’ has always been important to me, because my family is my most important thing – but I also love my job and (of course) my income is pretty important to us keeping things like our house. There was an article recently that basically said to abandon the concept of work-life balance, because technology has made work part of our 24/7 existence.

I think it is the stupidest thing I have ever read. Well, not really – but one of the key concepts was this:

Build up a “hard work” bank account with your company. When the company needs you to really push, push hard. (And do it cheerfully.) This way, when you need to slow down the pace or take time off, they’ll be willing to work with you.

Anyone who works in the real world knows that when you put in an 80 hour week during a push, you have shown your company your willingness to abandon everything else and work 80 hours – you have abandoned your boundaries and principles.

Yet at the same time, we all constantly fail when we seek ‘work-life balance’. So today when I saw an article talking about ‘work-life harmony’, I was intrigued – and it is definitely worth a read:

“And that’s when it hit me — there’s no such thing as work-life balance. There’s only a series of less-than-optimal compromises.

My goal since then has been to strive for harmony between my work and personal life.”

7. Relationships Matter … Take Time to Celebrate

I make it clear that my marriage and relationship with Lisa is the very key to my life … and so I always feel great seeing couples celebrate – and this week it was really sweet when Cori had a single-purpose post about her relationship with her fiance ‘turning six’.

It is a reminder that there is never a bad time to celebrate the good fortune of having found someone we love who actually deals with our crap. It doesn’t have to be a blog post or something showy. It can be a hug, a small kindness, or just a reminder of how important they are to us.

8. Random ‘Odd Feelings’
– That feeling when you comment on a blog post along with others and are the only one who doesn’t get a reply.
– Having someone follow my blog, click to see theirs … and realizing they are the same age as my kids.
– Looking at a contact on my iPhone and realizing that it has been around and unedited for so long that it has Lotus Notes & Cadenza tags in it from when I was using an Apple Newton with Notes at work back in the mid-late 90s.

9. Folding a Fitted Sheet

OK, so this is something I don’t do well. In fact, I pretty much suck at folding – it is like that Tide commercial where the wife tells the husband “you suck at folding.” Anyway, in case you were wondering how to fold a fitted sheet so it doesn’t end up like a wadded up mess, here goes:

10. Buh-Bye Olympics

I was a total pain in my family’s collective butt with the Olympics … just like I am every 4 winters and summers on a 2-year rotating basis.

I love the Olympics, and watched at least a little every night … but by the end I was pretty much done with it – not the games, but the coverage! NBC managed to once again fall below my already low expectations with way too many commercials, too little sports, an unclear rhythm of total immersion and scattered jumping between sports.

Most intriguing to watch – Curling, because it is an amazing combination of intricate physics and totally useless skill that I just adore about the Olympics.

Worst? Hockey – there are ~175 NHL players on Olympics teams from USA to Canada to … well, everyone. Rules about who can play where are, well, bizarre.

11. Not a Fan of Blog Reviews

Chances are if you have a small blog and are trying to generate some amount of revenue, you are partnering with a large number of companies that provide you product and/or funding in exchange for coverage. What I am finding is that increasingly I see ‘reviews’ that are almost identical site-to-site without much of anything in terms of real analysis or opinion.

The latest example is a new set of running shoes. There was a review and giveaway recently, and in it there is boilerplate info and video – so I know the shoes are ‘inspired by tires’. But I don’t know if they come in a men’s style, how much they weigh, or the drop, offset, sizing, stack height, etc.

Think about it – ‘inspired by tires’. Is there anything LESS useful you could tell me?

Again, I am NOT criticizing the reviewer here, this is the required PR info, stuff that has to be put in to get the shoes and to be able to host a giveaway.

How do I know this? Because the EXACT SAME THING appears on a dozen other blogs I ran across while looking for some actual information about the shoes.

Guess what … I STILL have no technical details about the shoes!

Sadly, coming from reviewing computer games for the last 20 years and consumer electronics and technology for the last decade, I look for actual content and analysis – but more often than not what I see on running and ‘healthy living’ blogs is very sparse in terms of details and critical reviewing. Sure there are some, but in general the reviews are more about promotion than consumer advocacy.

12. Cold Today … Must Mean Global Warming is a Hoax

I have tell you my eye muscles are getting strained from rolling so much about this lately …

12. Arizona Anti-LGBT Law

Throughout our history, religion has been used as an excuse to discriminate against blacks, women, other religions, Asians, and other groups … now it is being used to discriminate against the LGBT community.

Now everyone from John McCain to Mitt Romney to people who voted FOR the law is coming out advising Governor Jan Brewer to veto it … but one of the big influences is sure to be business, with an executive at Apple reportedly calling and advising that the 2000 jobs planned for their new facility are at risk if the state has a legal environment hostile to the life and livelihood of its employees.

It is interesting to me that increasingly it is not our rights or freedoms that determine policy … but our money.

13. Netflix Paying Comcast for Priority Access

Look, we’ve known this was coming – the idea of pushing more speed and bandwidth to those who pay more is not new, and not going away. The consequences are pretty clear in terms of changing the power structure and limiting choice, content and access … but I will just point people to the latest Ctrl-Alt-Del comic, which is WAY to NSFW to post here!

14. Unreleased WWII Anzio Battle Photos

This is from last month, but I just saw it today – Life held back these pictures to ‘keep morale high’, but they were released for the 70th anniversary of the operation. Cool pictures from Life!

15. Time to Get the Band Back Together!

OK, not really, but fiddling around with MIDI files in Digital Performer, while done to get things into Garageband, has in fact made me want to piece together my digital studio again. And since the kids aren’t using most of the old stuff … I can actually do it!

16. More Random Facts About Me – with so many of the Q&A posts for people lately including ‘random facts’, I decided to do it as well. Here goes …

– I am a gadget-head. Perhaps not surprising, but I have had some sort of ‘digital appendage for more than 20 years now. My favorite remains the HP 200LX … which has been useless for years because it didn’t even have a field for email in the contact file!

– Being an old-school participant on USENET (before the web) and web forums, so I value a good debate … which is basically the antithesis of what happens on blogs.

– I still prefer physical keyboards and if I am in proximity of my iPad when I get a text, that I will wait and reply when I can use the real keyboard!

– My two favorite pens (I used to have a real love of good pens) were stolen. The Fisher Space Pen Paul Masalsky gave me in high school I had until ~1989 at the Fraternity conference in St. Louis. I had it clipped on my notebook when looking around at headquarters, and when I left I realized it was gone. No chance it had fallen out. My Montblanc fountain pen was stolen from work at Shipley. I kept the case with ink refills in my desk drawer, and one day I came in and the case was there – but not the pen.

– Again probably not surprisingly, I can remember all sorts of numbers. Things like childhood phone number are easy, but main numbers of every place I have worked, apartments and old houses, childhood friends, and so on … not all of them, but they will randomly come to me. This is in direct contrast with how quickly I just add people to my contact list and never learn their numbers.

OK, so now it is Thursday so I am adding my link to Amanda’s site, and here is the logo for her linkup:


And that is all for now … what is wandering through YOUR mind this Wednesday?!?