Video Review – iPad Air Keyboard Cases

Belkin Ultimate

Something a bit different – I wanted to do a video entry, and have had a number of people at work and out and about asking me about my keyboard case for iPad Air and also about external keyboards for tablets in general … so I knew I had a topic!

Here are the products I mentioned:
Apple Bluetooth Keyboard ($64.99 on Amazon)
Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad ($49.99 on Amazon)
Belkin Slim Style (currently $57.28 at Amazon)
Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air ($146 at Amazon)
Kensington KeyFolio for iPad Air (reg $99, sale $59 now at Amazon)
Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case ($120 on Amazon)

A couple of notes:
– Some of these are personal purchases, a couple are samples for reviews elsewhere, and a couple more are things sent along from friends after they reviewed them.
– I didn’t check the prices on several until AFTER I did the review. So I had no idea about the relative pricing, to that the Apple keyboard is the same price I paid several years ago whereas the Logitech keyboard is now $30 less than I paid a couple of years ago!

Here is the video round-up!

Poo-Pouri: The Best YouTube Commercial You’ll Watch This Year


Judie was writing up a Lenovo review for Gear Diary and while waiting for the product video to load a commercial came on, and rather than skipping as most of us do … she watched it, and shared with us one of the funniest commercials I’ve seen. It is funnier still because it is for a REAL product!

Here is the original commercial:

Amazingly enough there is a blooper reel as well. Check it out:

Here is the back-story video for the company:

There is even an interview with the Scottish-born student-actress Bethany Woodruff from a Utah new station (she is a student at BYU):

And as noted, this is a REAL product … check out their site!