WiAW – Loads of Food Plus Recipe Sharing “No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Recovery Cake”

Happy Wednesday – how is your week going? In our house it is the week between the 11-hour days of marching band camp and the start of school. So for some bizarre reason I decided to do a ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ post. I never thought I would do one of these … but I wanted to share a ‘food day in the life’ … well, OK – I wanted to share a favorite recovery food recipe and the post looked really sparse! Haha – enjoy!

WIAW - Assorted4

My incredibly typical breakfast: pear, Greek yogurt, prunes, and peanut butter tortilla wraps (or peanut butter toast)

WIAW - Assorted1

Lunch at work seems to consist of brought-in or catered meetings more often than not. This week we have a visitor helping us with an important run, so for a meeting we had Panera Bread – salad and a veggie wrap.

WIAW - Assorted3

Make-your-own pizza is a fave – this is from last week, but was awesome!

WIAW - Assorted2

Happy endings? My red wine and Lisa’s Martini!

Recipe Sharing

Also, I have a great recipe I want to share – it is for a recovery treat I have enjoyed since I first found it two years ago. I can’t find the blog that referred to it, but the original recipe is here.

Here is the finished product:

WIAW - PB Recovery Bar1

8oz whipping cream
16oz good quality milk chocolate
8oz Graham Crackers
8oz peanut butter
(optional 1/2 cup confectionary sugar, 2 tbsp butter)

1. Bring cream just to a boil in a small saucepan.

2. Bash or chop chocolate into small chunks and place in a bowl. Add hot cream and stand for 5 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, line a loaf pan with parchment (or waxed) paper.

4. Stir cream and chocolate until smooth and well combined. Pour enough melted chocolate into the base of the cake to cover the bottom.

(Optional 4a. microwave the butter for 20 second to melt, stir in peanut butter to thin, and then slowly combine in the confectionary sugar to make a fudge).

5. Place a layer of Graham Crackers on top. Cover with peanut butter (or peanut butter fudge).

6. Repeat until you go through most of the chocolate.

7. Add a final layer of Graham Crackers. Drizzle remaining chocolate over the top.

8. Refrigerate (or freeze) for at least 8 hours, or longer if possible.

9. Slice thin – as you might expect this is super-rich and filling!

The original recipe offers some variations:
– Dairy Free: Replace cream with almond milk or rice milk or coconut milk. Also replace milk chocolate with dark.
– Dark Chocolate: Go for it and replace milk for dark chocolate (you might want to drizzle some honey for sweetness)
– Sweet & Salty: add some sea salt flakes on top of the peanut butter layer.

What is YOUR favorite decadent recovery food?