Some Days Are Just Meant to Be Rest Days


We have known for more than a week that today was going to be bitterly cold with brutal wind chills. As a result, I have been planning a rest day. I know some people were thinking ‘I wonder if Mike will be out in this weather’? I mean, I have run with very strong winds, and was even out running when the air temperature was -12 with no wind … so I can see it as a legitimate question.

But the answer is ‘no’!

I run outside because I love to run outside. I have been a New Englander since birth, and loving the seasons means dealing with some bitter cold. As I have said many times, my hands get cold easily and I hate that – and it has been worse the last 6 years since my Thyroid ‘died’. That is a big reason I was so excited about the Under Armour Coldgear Infrared gloves I got from a ‘Secret Santa’ and part of the reason I wrote the ‘keeping warm vs. not getting cold’ post – they didn’t warm my hands immediately, but I didn’t get too cold and my hands slowly got warmer.

Running in the cold isn’t a ‘macho thing’ for me, and for those who know me well that prospect would be laughable. I have never been a ‘guy’s guy’ in the traditional sense, so I have never felt the need to do something to appear tough. SO when I run in sub-zero wind chills, I make sure that I have all of the proper gear to keep myself safe, and if I ever feel discomfort I make sure my runs are routed to allow me a ‘quick exit’.

So I tailored my workouts to allow for a rest day today, running more than 20 miles in the last couple of days and more than 100 since my last real rest day. And today I fully rested – as in sleeping in and relaxing, and not even rushing too much to get to work. The boys had the day off – every school in the area was closed due to the dangerous wind chills – so there was no rush getting them going.

The weather is going to warm up more slowly than originally indicated, with the forecast indicating about a -10 wind chill tomorrow morning. I will be out there running, fully geared up and ready! Because to quote Monty Python … I may be an idiot but I’m no fool!

Everyone who does anything outdoors today, please be safe!