Throwback Thursday – The Wonders of Snow and the ‘Digital Shoebox


As much of the eastern seaboard is getting whacked with a powerful storm, leaving ice on some of my Texan friends as well as shutting down power for my relatives in Georgia and parents in South Carolina, there seemed to be an easy theme: snow.

When we lived in Townsend, Massachusetts for almost 15 years, there was one constant: snow. Before we moved there I remember talking with my father about a guy he worked with at Motorola who lived out there and it was constant snow. The joke was that whenever there was snow in the forecast … it would hit Townsend!

And when we moved there … it was no joke! Here is a basic summary:
– We would get a minimum of one storn dumping 3 FEET of snow each year
– We would get at least SIX storms resulting in more than a foot of snow.

The picture at top is one of those storms. We took the picture NOT because it was a remarkable amount of snow … but because Chris LOVES water. When we had a pool he would stay in for hours, and long after Danny headed inside we would be watching him out playing in the snow! This is his first year off the ski team due to other trips during the winter.

As you can see, this picture is almost exactly 8 years old, which we reflect on as he turns 16 next week! Where did the years go?

Speaking of where the years went … how about a picture of our house in Stoughton MA from the Blizzard of ’78?!? That shut down everything for quite a while!


Now that we are in Corning NY, you might think we are in another snow belt. I mean, looking at the 5 snowiest cities in America right now, there is Erie PA, then Buffalo, Syracuse, Grand Rapids MI amd Rochester NY. So four of the five snowiest cities wrap around us geographically … but we are nowhere close!

We have seen incredible cold, but not much snow. Our biggest storm this year was only 8″ or so, and I have only shoveled a few other times with a few inches each. The current story is only supposed to dump a couple of inches here.


The Digital Shoebox

In the title I talk about the ‘digital shoebox’ … what does that mean? Well, let me ask – do you have piles of old developed photos around your house? We do – and years ago Lisa bought some ‘photo boxes’, which are basically shoebox sized storage containers with a spot to label the contents. So we have several of those … and normal photo albums, and Creative Memories scrapbooks Lisa has done of special times and events.

Looking through those boxes is like an instant time-sink: you open up a box looking for something specific and the next thing you know you are in a different box just browsing through the memories!

Well, I have said before I have been on the ‘digital train’ for a very long time, about as long as reasonably possible … so I have accumulated thousands of digital camera pictures from pre-MP days up to the present super-hih res images. During that time we have gone from pre-iPhoto Mac laptops to PC running Adobe software and them Picasa, and now back to the Mac and iPhoto … and our image collection is A MESS!

The top picture was from an external storage drive, was taken with a cool Sony point-and-shoot that had a 3X optical zoom and 3.2MP sensor – not bad in its day.

But once I dove into that particular ‘shoebox’, I got lost for a while, browsing Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, First Communion, soccer, baseball, a California trip, and on and on. At the same time I was thinking ‘what a mess’ I was just totally glued to experiencing the images and memories again.

How do YOU store and organize your prints? How about your digital images?

And if you are in the path of the storm – stay safe and keep off the roads if possible!

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – The Wonders of Snow and the ‘Digital Shoebox

  1. Erie, PA – Ugh! Represent. I have to say though I really don’t mind the snow so much as I do the TERRIBLE cold. It’s miserable when it just hurts to go outside. I will be happy if I never see these temperatures again in my life!

    • Exactly – Like said in a different comment, the fact that I ran today and it was 30 degrees warmer than yesterday … and it was still just 15F today! I get all sorts of comments on my Instagram pics of sub-zero runs … basically that I am insane πŸ™‚

      Look at it this way – THIS is the type of winter that will mark the course of any future discussions you and Wes might have if you need to move! πŸ™‚

  2. I think I’d like to experience one snowfall this year, but that’s not going to happen in my parts. It’s in the low 70’s all week. Makes me wonder what kind of summer we will have. Like a cool, marine layer/overcast summer? hmmm My photos are a huge mess too. I have them on several different drives, websites, FB, etc. I do have photo albums of my college years and beyond until things went digital that I treasure.

    • When I was scanning old slides from my parents it was dismaying the state many of them were in – they DO deteriorate over time. I know it is only a matter of time until many of the photo prints do the same. Digital is nice … if you can actually manage them!

      Yeah, I don’t see snow headed your way any time soon πŸ™‚ I think you’ll have to travel to find it!

  3. We were just going through my actual photo shoebox a few weekends ago-that’s the exact response I had too-what a mess, I can’t look away! Jeff hadn’t seen photo evidence of my days as a professional wrestler in training so I had to find him proof. He now thinks I’m the most BA wife in existence, and I can’t argue with that. πŸ™‚

  4. I’m working from home because we are getting dumped on right now…but I can’t say it’s the worse thing in the world, at least I have a warm home to stay in! I take a TON of photos, more so now that we have our son. We shoot with a digital DSLR camera with a wi-fi card, so it automatically uploads our pictures to a secure folder on our computer network and is organized by date and then I will organize it by event if we did something special. The pics we take on our phones automatically upload to our google+ accounts and are sorted by date too. It makes things easier to find, that’s for sure!

    • Having kids definitely ramps up the picture taking – I know I find things pre-kids that I can’t believe we never even took ANY pictures (of course, digital makes a difference there as well) … I mean, it seems I can’t go for a run without taking a picture of some sort at this point, let alone a weekend away!

      Great system for storage and organization!

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