Quickie Five for Friday – More Random Stuff!

Warm Morning Run1

I am still finishing up my summary from last weekend – not so much because it is so long (it is), but rather that I am trying to be careful about many of the things I say. In many ways – not to be too melodramatic, preachy, not too many personal details about others and so on. But neither do I want to be generic and vague … and I chose to do 15 points for the 150th anniversary – and rework every one! So it is taking longer than planned – and I am still working on my ‘Liebster Award’ post (and I got another nom from Abby this week, yay!). Maybe one of them will finish today, maybe not – so in the mean time I figured I would put out a quickie ‘Five Things Friday’ … here we go!

1. Running Is Great Exploring

This was something that was very clear to me this past weekend but I hadn’t really thought about before. In years past, when I traveled I would just get there, and try to go running around the hotel while there. But since I got ‘serious’ about running in 2012 everything has changed – even in August 2012 when I went to Park City, Utah I researched running around the resort before I left. I had my routes all planned when I headed to Coronado, CA a year ago, and when work travel took me to Kentucky weekly last year I chose the hotel with the best running routes rather than the best internet or rooms!

So naturally heading to Troy, NY last weekend … I checked out routes and planned a couple of run paths for myself. And the great thing it – it makes even the old seem new seeing it on a run.

2. I have more ‘Facebook Stalkers’ than I realized

My running was a frequent topic of conversation last weekend, with several people – including some younger alumni I only knew through the Facebook group – commenting on enjoying my mid-winter ‘eye-cicle’ exploits, weekly distances, and so on. It was very interesting to me to hear those things – because I think it would be boring reading ‘still sub-zero, still not happy about it, still ran my 6.75mi anyway’ again and again! 🙂

Then returning home, I had a number of comments at work as I was in meetings with people I haven’t seen since projects a couple of years ago, and also from other friends. It is very motivating and inspirational to me to have someone say that me getting out there regardless of weather inspires them to try to exercise more.

3. The Non-normal Nature of Running ~60 miles / Week Was Reinforced

Again, I think the story of me running >3000 miles last year is boring – I just ran between 50-70 miles every week all year long. Thing is, I had runners telling me that isn’t normal – you normally ebb and flow, train for a race then back off … not just keep on going, and not at our age.

I guess it is just another weird thing about me – and I show no signs of stopping, since returning home the weather has been warmer (40F+) and I have really enjoyed my runs! So I’m up over 50 miles despite taking Sunday off. Apparently this isn’t a normal thing. Thing is … I really don’t care! Normal is over-rated!

4. Sometimes Technology is a Pain

I have talked about my love of the Magellan Echo – rather than having its own GPS it uses the iPhone GPS, and is a very flexible display and controller. Well, this week it got a firmware update that changed around some functionality, improved the display and added stop-watch capabilities for non-GPS activities.

But for me it turned it into a self-rebooting wrist-band. At first it would just shut down the display and I could reboot it, but now it just tries to connect to the phone and shuts down again … and again. It is a reminder of the limitations of technology.

At the same time I have been working on re-establishing my old music studio. It has been going pretty well, but most of my stuff is from the 90’s and early 2000s … and is more limited and specific in connectivity. Working with this stuff is a trip down memory lane – when there was a definite ‘learning curve’ before you could get functionality out of your technology.


5. The Lives We Take Into Our Homes Matter

Yesterday I posted a picture of our cat Dolly, and talked about how much we’ve worked with her in the 3.5 years we’ve had her. She is over 9 years old, and had a pretty rough life – but when we took her and realized we weren’t just ‘watching her for a bit’, she became part of our ‘pack’. The picture above shows the rest of the crew (except for the fish) – our two Norfolk Terriers that we actually bought from a breeder due to allergies, and our ‘cancer kitty’ Leo, who is 13 and we decided not to treat with chemo, etc because it would mess up his quality of life … and he is still the terror of the neighborhood. Even our fish have a story – where Lisa was working they got two new fish and one teacher was going to let them die as part of an experiment – but Lisa said ‘no way’ – and we had two fish! Then I won her one at the NY State Fair, and we have added more and some have died as fish will do.

The point is – when you bring a living creature into your home, it is your responsibility to give it the best possible life. I don’t believe in ‘pets as gifts’ for that very reason – too often kids gets kittens or puppies for Christmas, bunnies for Easter …and the shelter ends up with a mess a few months later.

Happy Friday!

23 thoughts on “Quickie Five for Friday – More Random Stuff!

  1. I agree normal is over-rated, sometime you just have to go your own way and take that road less traveled. It is not always the easiest way or what is right for others, but it is what you want and chose to do with your life.

    I missed reading your blog this week and look forward to seeing more posts again.

    • Thanks Harold – and I agree that for many the pressure to ‘do what is expected’ can be an issue, but we recognize that taking our own path is all we can do …

      And you have been on fire! Been loving all your posts, but seem to keep falling further and further behind! I hope I’m reading the April summary from today before June! 😀

      • 🙂 You are a busy man and sometimes the blogging takes the backseat or finds its way into the trunk for a little while. I slowed down a little with the dreaded hammie strain or at least complaining. I can run slow, but no speed playing, oh well at least I can still run. I have a feeling that you are keeping your mileage up too. 🙂

      • I constantly worry about you ending up injured again … was very worried a few weeks back after the shoe cycling. Ugh! It sucks having those barriers – but we do what we can.

        Yeah, my busy-ness has meant slowing down on blogging – but not on running! 🙂

    • I am fully confident you’ll build back up to that level! And it is really cool that once you are running longer daily distances you do hit a certain ‘zone’ as you discussed in your post this week. I’ve done at least 8.5 every day this week, and that cleansing power along with the joy of warmer temperatures has made me really happy!

  2. Normal is completely overrated. Small anecdote: eating carrots with my 9 year old daughter, she’s eating the carrot like an ear of corn, sidewise nibbling along like a typewriter roller, leaving a nice orange stripe across her whole face. We were joking that we should invest in carrot farms and then get celebrities to do that for commercials like Got Milk and start a whole new carrot craze in America. The beautiful moment was when she leaned in all close and whispered into my ear “once everybody else started eating carrots like corn, i’d switch back, i don’t want to do it like everybody else”.

    My heart melted, she already understands that normal is overrated just days after her 9th birthday. My dream is that she’ll retain that sense of self through the teen years when the “cool kids” try to suck the will to live out of you.

    • I love that story with your daughter – I have one son who is influenced by ‘the norm’ and the other who resists ‘normal’. I think it can get to be too much in both cases, and definitely think that the goal should be to figure out and do what you actually want regardless of others!

      Oh – and I hope the marathon went well for you! Can’t wait to read about it!

  3. Although it’s kind of strange, I really do love Facebook for that reason. It’s so great to learn about what gets people fired up, and still maintain some kind of connection even when it’s not possible to really keep up with hundreds of friends by phone. That said, I realize the drawbacks, too, especially for kids forming their social confidence. Not that you even asked about this, just thought I’d ramble on!

    • No rambling – it is so very true! I definitely use social media heavily, though have many friends who won’t touch it, and some who I basically communicate through their wives. Whatever world, I suppose 😉

      As for kids, it is a tough balancing act, as we see in too many bad Lifetime movies! They all carry a bit of truth though … there is almost a requirement in high school to be engaged, which makes bullying harder to avoid.

      Always love hearing your insights!

  4. Hello, friend! First off, I love the running selfie 😀 And yes, technology is absolutely a pain. I have pretty much given up on getting a signal on my garmin (then again, I’m not doing any running right now, so it might just be bitter). When I was in NYC and started running seriously, I used RunKeeper, and then Nike+, and then got a Garmin. I have had frustrations with all. When my phone was stolen last week, I probably would have freaked out were I not a blogger and therefore had online and computer back ups. But it is scary how much we both need and abhor tech. The classic double edged sword.
    With regards to normal, I personally don’t think it exists. I say seek guidance, but do you. You create your own normal. If I spent all of my time fretting about what people considered normal, and how I compare, I would crawl up in a ball. And then I would unball and say “well, good. I specifically didn’t want to be them either.” As long as you take care of yourself, your family, and your responsibilities, run on.

    • Thanks for the comment! I totally agree that ‘creating your own normal’ should be the goal! I have definitely hit the point where I don’t care very much about what others think about stuff … oh well!

      And as someone who has been a techie since the late 70s and my first computer, I have done it all – but sometimes I just want stuff to work! 🙂

      And I still think it is crappy that someone stole your phone! Hate that!

      • Sometimes it takes the not great (whether people or our health) to remind us of how lucky we are, and what great lives we do have. Plus I got a cool phone out of the deal, haha.

      • I posted briefly about it in my recap of the day, but I haven’t delved deeply into it yet–I made the switch from the iPhone to the HTC M8 One. I really, really like it so far–I am still exploring its capabilities, but thus far, I quite like it. And the camera is excellent.

      • I have a good friend who got the HTC after her Nokia 928 died … and she is loving it! The ability to vary depth of field through the camera is just stunning!

  5. But 50 miles in a week IS normal. It’s your normal. Just because it’s not someone else’s normal doesn’t mean it’s abnormal. 🙂 I agree with all those folks that found you inspiring through your winter running! You certainly inspired a lot of the people that read your blog, including me!

    Running is really great exploring. Because I’ve had to start racking up those longer distances, I’ve been rerouting myself to check out neighborhoods that I normally wouldn’t travel through or places I haven’t been in a long time.

    Your pet family is adorable. Both of our guys are rescues, though not with as difficult a story as Dolly. I got my cat Oskar just after Halloween in 2005. All his brothers and sisters had been adopted already, but they had to keep him on lockdown because he is black and black cats + Halloween = no go for animal rescues. While my timing was good, it horrifies me that they have to worry about such a thing.

    • Thanks Lauren – I really love all of this. It is funny getting different perspectives on so many things through running!

      It just amazes me seeing other people who have run marathons and ask about my mileage and being taken aback … maybe because I am older, because I was so fat before, or whatever … ? Just interesting.

      And we had planned to adopt from rescues, but the allergies between my wife and younger son brought us down to just a few possible breeds. It is so sad that so many animals suffer and end up destroyed because people treat them like trash. 😦

  6. I think its great that you were able to inspire others by your posts on Facebook. I know that when I occasionally post something on facebook about a race or long run, I get tons of comments and “likes”, as well as people I see that week talking about it. I think as runners on social media we are exposed to all these other runners who are sort of like us, running and working out every day. Within my personal social media circle, its not as common.
    As for whether or not your running is “normal” its all about whats normal to you! Some people run 100 miles a week and that is normal for them. Maybe the most common weekly mileage for distance runners is 30-40 miles per week (I have no idea if thats true, just using an example) but it certainly doesn’t mean its normal to do that! You have been running well for years with no injuries or burnout, so obviously you are doing something right (for you)!

    • Thanks Lisa! I agree … and I think that posting a lot about our running can also be polarizing. I know I have seen people I USED to be friends with but who obviously un-friended me at some point. But hey, just like I will only tolerate so much politics and other stuff from those who are not ‘close’, I know others don’t really want to hear about workouts constantly. Sorry, not sorry!

  7. So behind on blogs, so get ready for a comment flurry from me. 🙂 I love that last point- The Lives We Take Into Our Homes Matter. Coming home from vacation last week, I was almost as excited to see my dogs as I was my husband. Our older dog is a bit more aloof while the younger is the “love hound”, but I’m reminded every time I come back from a trip that the older dog missed me-he just stays closer to my side. Anyone who says pets don’t have personality is crazy!

    • I remember some people who said that once we had kids our pets (we had one cat at the time) wouldn’t matter and we might even get rid of them. As it turns out they were full of other incorrect and non-helpful information and advice as well! haha …

      Our crazy pets are always up to something interesting … sadly (for the neighborhood wildlife) our 13-year old cancer-ridden been through 27 lives already cat is on a brutal killing spree … ugh!

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