Throwback Thursday: Generations

My beautiful picture

I thought for this week it would be fun to step back through the generations – actually, a couple of these pictures were in draft ‘TBT’s and looking for something for today I saw pictures of my parents and grandparents, and in each one iPhoto tried to tag someone as me … so this idea was born. The idea was to trace from my boys to me to my dad to his dad. I would love to go further, but I don’t have any pictures beyond that.

The picture at the top is from Christmas 1998. I always loved reading stories to the boys – and it was more like ‘reading with’ them even at an early age. They had a great curiosity for books which continues today. The book is ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’, Danny is just over 2 years old and Chris is 10 months … and they are both just so darn cute.

My beautiful picture

This picture is from the summer of 1969 – I know that as I have pictures with my sister Karen as a very little baby close to this one. John is on the left and I’m on the right – he would be almost 6 and I was just 3 years old. This is another picture from the house on Page St. in North Stoughton … where a warehouse in an industrial park sits now.

My beautiful picture

Stepping back a few more years, before house and kids! I love this picture of my parents at Christmas – my dad has a classic early 60s thin tie. I don’t have exact info, but I think this is from my mom’s parent’s house, as the one clearly at my dad’s parents has my mom in a different dress.

My beautiful picture

This is the one of a very few pictures I have of my grandparents on my father’s side together, and sadly the slide I scanned already had faded to the point it is here.

My grandmother died at 54 in 1975, and although I was only 9 years old when she died, I still have memories of her being alive and of visiting her in the hospital. My grandfather died in 1983, and was my closest grandparent. He gave me a great pair of boots that lasted for years, and also a four-album set of Wagner’s orchestral music. He was just a wonderful person and it was sad to see him fade away due to colon cancer.

It is funny as I have these nostalgic thoughts – he also drove my mother crazy with some of his stuff. He would come over on Sundays, and always bring Swedish braid bread with him. He would back into the driveway, and I’m sure there were other things that prompted my mom to say that the day my dad started backing into the driveway she would shoot him!

This was a very different time, as everyone on both sides of the family was within a 10 mile radius (now everyone is in a different state!). I love those early Christmas pictures, because EVERYONE is in them, even some people I never got to meet becuase they died before I was born. Same for the picture set that included the one with my brother – it was a family gathering with lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and so on from both sides.

I would love to hear any ‘generational’ family stories you have to share!

Have a great Thursday, and I hope it is warmer wherever you are today (when I left for my run this morning it was -2F)!

9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Generations

  1. One of my favorite family memories is from my great-grandfather’s 90th birthday. I must have been about 6, I think? I remember it fondly because I thought it was so fun that my great-grandfather challenged all my cousins and I to hang spoons on our noses and see who could hold it the longest, but now looking back it’s really amazing that we had SUCH a large family gathering with 4 generations!

  2. There are great pictures! When I was home over the holidays my mother was doing a family picture project and it’s amazing to see our photos! I need to remember to have her digitize the ones that aren’t so they don’t fade any more than they already have!

  3. I LOVE old photos like this! Chris looks so much like you did when you were little.
    I think large families are so interesting. I come from a pretty small family so we don’t have any photos with loads of cousins and such in them. I only have 5 cousins and haven’t seen two of them since I was probably 9 years old.

    • The funny thing is that if you saw him sitting with Lisa you would say the same – and overall he looks more like her and Danny more like me. But each is a blend, and Lisa and I have many similar charactaristics, so we have people note that all the time!

      This generation we are all small families – I have two siblings, Lisa has one. In a bizarre coincidence, each of the four families has 2 kids. Lisa’s dad was one of 12 … and that is just nuts in terms of family size!

  4. I know my Mom tells stories about when they would go visit HER grandparents and great grandparents. My Grandma came from a really large family, and all their kids had kids, so there were always cousins to play with. My cousins and I never really had that close bond, although as we’re growing into adults it seems to be easier to talk to everyone.

    I’ve talked in the past about how close I was to my Grandpa, and I remember the Summer I lived with them like it was yesterday, though it was nearly 25 years ago!

  5. I can feel the memories seeping through this blog post. You’re not much older than me and I have fond memories of those Christmas pictures. All of my grandparents have passed, but I was really only close with my grandparents on my dad side who lived close to us. Since my dad was an only child, my brother and I were their only grandchildren. When I moved away from Detroit when I was 25 I didn’t get home as much as I’d like…and I was a cocky 25 year old. I very much regret not communicating with them more while they were still alive. Feeling nostalgic…

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