Five ‘Beautiful Me’ Photos

Yesterday Hollie had another great post, this one was about ‘Personal Beauty’. It is apparently ‘a thing’ on Facebook, where you tag 5 pictures of yourself where you feel beautiful … then tag others to get them involved, and so on.

She posted some cool pictures of herself in a variety of settings, but also decided not to set it up as an ‘award’ circle. Here is what she said:

Anyways on facebook if you are “tagged” the instructions say to find 5 photos of yourself that you feel beautiful.

Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. In a society where we are constantly told to look like this, or that or change ourselves…it’s important to remember that every person is beautiful. As cliché as that sounds, it’s true. Each and every person has five photos they feel beautiful in.

While she didn’t do nominations she encouraged everyone to join in – so here we go! I have a couple of comments after the pictures:

Here is a fun picture of Lisa and I on our honeymoon on Antigua (not currently ‘lost at sea’ 🙂 ). Most pictures we took ourselves, but I was glad we got some pictures taken like this:


This is soon after Christopher was born, when we had ‘two kids under two’ … back in Massachusetts, with our cat TJ on the top of the sofa. Great memories.

Daddy and the boys

I love this picture, because we were really in Rochester for college visits, but it was my birthday and Lisa and the boys worked really hard to make me feel special. It worked.


At the end of the PA Grand Canyon Marathon – there are very few times I will look at picture and NOT pick out the many flaws, but instead just think – wow, you look awesome. And I am at the same weight and fitness level now, still looking and feel great … which makes me happy.


Lisa and I on a date this summer … and we have been so fortunate to have the time (and money) to get in lots of together and alone time.

Running History - Summer  20131

As I said in my comment on Hollie’s post, I feel that the pictures you choose say a lot about yourself and your values. Looking at these now, I am not surprised – my priorities are Lisa, my family, and running.

So I challenge YOU to post five photos of yourself and share the link!

31 thoughts on “Five ‘Beautiful Me’ Photos

  1. Loved this! You are a beautiful person and so is your family. I know what you mean about looking at a pic and either picking apart pieces of you that you don’t like or thinking you wished certain parts of you now looked like then. Fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Sarah! We were going through pictures this past weekend and Lisa was playing the ‘comparitive analysis’ game with her body, which is never a good thing!

  2. Great pictures of such a gorgeous family! I love seeing pics of you and Lisa and the boys altogether. They each look exactly like you both. Genetics are fun. 🙂

    • That is actually part of the fun – I pulled a dozen pictures from my WordPress media library then cut down quickly to 5 … didn’t give myself too much time to think.

  3. These are great photos. You have a beautiful family. Since my son was born I have made a serious effort to be in more pictures. On our recent vacation I even encouraged him to take photos of me at some of the attractions. It’s still difficult not to pick out the negatives or roll my eyes in disgust when looking at the photos. Instead I try to remember that they are for my son to remember the wonderful times we’ve shared.

    • Thanks Aimee – I think having smartphones has really helped – for many years when the kids were little it seemed like I was a single dad with a mystery paparazzi photographer following me around! haha

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