Five Things Monday – 9/30/2013

Since I’ve decided to try to focus on this blog again … I might as well get going with one of those popular ‘5 Things Friday’ posts. Except that it sort of drifted into Saturday … and then skipped Sunday! So I will try to get back to doing this on Fridays, but here goes …

1. Not Hating the Taper:

When I did my taper for the Grand Canyon Marathon, I really drove myself nuts. I think it was a sign I was trying to be too serious, but whatever it was I was ‘doing it wrong’. I am still tapering, but doing it in a way that works for me. We’ll see how it worked on October 6th I guess!

2. Crazy Busy Times:

Over the next couple of weeks we are just nuts … as noted by how this drifted so much! Last Friday Danny had friends over for his birthday, then Saturday was Homecoming football game and dance (and Dad’s shuttle service from 10AM to midnight).

Sunday we went Apple picking at Reisingers and then wandered the shops in Watkins Glen before heading to TGIFridays for a burger for lunch/dinner. Today is Lisa’s birthday, Wednesday is Danny’s birthday, Saturday the boys have a marching band competition way up in Victor (Rochester), Sunday is the Wineglass … and then the following Thursday we head out on our Boston / NYC road trip college tour!

3. Compression Socks & health

One thing I talked about with my doctor in recent visits was varicose veins. The concern is about the potential for one of them to throw a clot, which is bad. đŸ™‚ She suggested compression socks, which is something I was already thinking about … so now I need to buy a set for running. I should really get more of the high dress socks for work, I find they have a great effect.

4. Change in ‘Family Time’:

Lisa and I have always enjoyed time together, and we seem to be heavily into that phase where family time is limited and tough to really put together! Yesterday it was a scramble to get the boys going apple picking with the Homecoming dance the night before, and then when we got home they were exhausted and had a mad scramble of getting homework done …

But Saturday night Lisa and I went to see Don Jon after she got off work, and while neither of us thought much of the movie, there is just nothing like being together. Lisa even mentioned we would have been better off apple picking with just the two of us … more fun, less stress. Ah the joy of high school kids!

5. Busy times at work:

I am thrilled to be on a new project at work for a couple of reasons … first because it keeps me off the shuttle to Kentucky, and also because it is an exciting project that is very important. I have been lucky to get involved with so many critical projects.

OK, that is enough for now! Hope everyone has a great week!

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