Sunday Runday – Weekly Summary and Airia First-Run Impressions


Happy Sunday! Hope everyone has had a great week. This week has been wild and crazy in our house – it started with Chris breaking his foot, then a very productive weekend of yard work, a couple of late nights talking about various things like “the future” (always a topic with high school kids) and so on.

So proud of my kids as always this week – Chris has been a trooper and continues to do great things all over the place, and Danny got back his SAT scores which were just astoundingly good. It is funny – for me math was higher than english, for him it is the opposite. Not a surprise at all, just interesting.

He is also off on the ‘junior class trip’ to Hershey Park, which is about a 3.5 hour drive from here. We were getting annoyed because we never saw any papers, never heard anything official … just paid for it. So on Thursday morning I said ‘no info, no trip’.

But as I was syncing my Garmin I did a quick search and found the application to the board of education – which had all of the necessary details. After school he took a picture of the document on my screen and posted it on Instagram … and got dozens of likes and ‘OMG I really needed this’ comments. Turns out the thing really WAS a disorganized mess! Fortunately it all turned out fine!

In the picture above you see my ‘summer runner’ gear – light hat and UV protection sunglasses, also a nice cheese and veggie omelette that fueled my Saturday long run – and the fruit (and chia) smoothie between the run and yard work. It was grapes, orange, pineapple and some cranberry juice. It was awesome.

My Running Summary

Another transition week – but instead of frost, one morning it was 66F and humid at 4AM! After that it cooled off, but never below 45F in the morning, so the gloves have been packed away at this point! After reading all of the folks complaining about a total lack of spring as their temperatures jumped to the 90s this week – I’m sorry that you are dealing with that … but with the brutal winter we had, I am not sorry for this incredible weather run we have now. You never know how long it will last, so I am savoring it while I can!

Sunday: Lisa was off and we got SO MUCH yard work done!
Monday: 15.5 miles
Tuesday: 9.5 miles
Wednesday: 10.5 miles
Thursday: 8.75 miles
Friday: 6.25 miles after work
Saturday 14.5 miles on my favorite ‘airport loop’.

Very happy with the week – a great 65 miles. I am also at ‘Day 6’ of my Running Streak. Lisa and I were up really late Thursday night chatting and I was ready to toss the streak, but was able to get home early on Friday, so I grabbed a quick run before starting dinner.

As I said last week, loving my runs lately – every. single. one. Weather can be such a huge factor, and I really let a couple of frosty mornings bog me down, and I wasn’t switching up my routine – last week changed that, and this week really worked well as a result.

Airia RUnning Shoes First Run

I had mentioned getting a test pair of Airia running shoes, and this past week I have done a few runs. Still not up to even the 10k mileage they talk about for a real evaluation, I have done between 4 – 5 miles total. Here are a few thoughts:

– Lightweight
– Drains and dries quickly (one run in rain)
– Comfortable
– You can FEEL it change your stride … if you let it.

– Strap across toe is in a lousy place. Bugs me on one foot, no blister yet … but it will. This strap is exacerbated by the construction of the angle making it a pivot point.
– No evidence, but I worry how the shoes would react on uneven terrain.

Overall I am impressed by these shoes – as I note in the video below, from the very start I can FEEL the changes in my calves, bottoms of my feet and quads. That is the reason I have been very careful with easing into these (very unlike me – normally I just try new shoes on a long run and hope it all works out).

Are these for you? Too early to tell – they are very specialized, and I would still consider them ‘proof of concept’. But I also wouldn’t dismiss them, either. They are an innovative shoe with loads of interesting engineering concepts applied.

I made a quick ‘first run’ video – and looking at it I see my stride is quite ‘deliberate’ and my arms look higher and tighter … which gets back to how ‘funky’ I found the feel. I have loosened up since then, but keep the pace slow as I try to work with the shoes. Check it out!

So how was YOUR week in running? Weather – great or crap? Any cool new tech to report?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Runday – Weekly Summary and Airia First-Run Impressions

  1. 65 miles in one week blows my mind! I will get there one day 🙂

    The weather here is hot hot hot! But I will take it over the crazy winter, and just force myself to wake up early and run.

    (PS- Don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but it won’t let me watch your video.. it says it is private)

    • Thanks for the comments – pretty great week for me, and right where I like to be at this point! Just love these runs.

      And thanks for the tip on the video – it got uploaded as private for some reason, had no clue … all set now!

  2. Mike – I remember as a teacher, how these things get thrown their way and if you are not organized, it quickly goes to you know where in a handbasket. Sounds like that is what happened there – oh well you got things taken care of.

    I tried to watch the video but the setting is to private? Might need to change that :-). If a strap across the toes box bothers you, I have a feeling that it would be a no go for me right off. Nice concept though, something to watch more and see how you like them later on.

    Weather is just turning nice, we still had a few nights in the 30’s this week, but for the most part it has been pretty close to perfect running weather and I even did 3.0 miles this morning :-).

    • Just saw your post come through email about the 3 miler, this is encouraging!

      I will have to check my iMovie settings because I generally have things go up as public, so I had to manually tweak it on YouTube. Ugh.

  3. First time I’ve heard your voice! The movie setting that you changed works now. Do you shave your legs? I have a pair of Mizuno’s barefoot equivalent shoes (they’re not actually running shoes, designed more for walking/errands) and it’s the same kind of laces — won’t stay tied for anything. Even double knots come loose sometimes!

    • hehe – no I don’t shave my legs, but from being very overweight I developed areas at the bottom of my legs where no hair grows, and my calves aren’t too hairy. Shaving for band-aid application, however … that took some getting used to 🙂

      And yeah on the laces – I think MissZippy had a whole post about that, and it is so true. I had nice lock-laces on my previous New Balance, but to fit those makes them too short for anything else, guess I need to cough up the $7 for more at some point!

    • Thanks Aimee! He is doing very well just a week later, so fortunately his normal ‘fast healing’ seems to be in full force! Lucky kid, really.

  4. Fun video, what camera do you use? The quality looked very crisp.

    One thing I notice as the weather warms up, also the sun is coming up earlier, so I’m able to hit the road earlier. It has been weird to adjust. This winter was the first winter I seriously ran through, and I didn’t notice but I started sleeping in later, waiting for the sun to come up to I could see the ice before a run, and also to cope with the fatigue levels of marathon training. Now I’m trying to wake up earlier to beat the heat and not entirely liking it, although I still consider myself a relative morning person.

    In a week or two I’m sure my body’s clock will be reset but for now those first few minutes after waking up are cranky.

    • I am not sure of the model, but we got my older son a nice Canon mid0-range video camera for his birthday last fall – he is actually taking a college level film class that is a collaboration between the high school, BOCES and the local community college , and is contemplating it for a major. The Canon takes pretty great video, which is great. I have taken to borrowing it rather than using my phone or old Flip camera!

      That is interesting on the time – I always get up at the same time regardless, so I see the darkness come and go.

    • Yeah – pretty big week, been ramping up naturally from low 50s over the last month or so. But given how tired I have ended up, I need to either back off or adjust my fuel / hydration 🙂

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